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my I-751 interview with no spouse

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  • my I-751 interview with no spouse

    I was APPROVED!!!!!!!! And I'm not even divorced yet!!! Can you believe that??? Aquila, John Doe, all you folks going through the same thing as DOES happen!!!

    I am totally exhausted, and excited and drained. I will post the details tomorrow, I still can't believe it myself.

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    I was APPROVED!!!!!!!! And I'm not even divorced yet!!! Can you believe that??? Aquila, John Doe, all you folks going through the same thing as DOES happen!!!

    I am totally exhausted, and excited and drained. I will post the details tomorrow, I still can't believe it myself.


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      Holy c r a p-ola!!! That is unbelievable. Way to go.

      Congratulations - you are one h e l l of a trooper. Anxious to hear all about it.

      Awesome news.


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        So happy for you and proud of you. You deserve it.


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          I came by to check your results, and its great you gave us the results.

          Waiting for the details tomorrow.


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            Icroxy Congrats!!!

            I am so happy 4U. This is unbelievable ..they must have granted this on the abuse waiver, otherwise I dont see how.. am anxious for the details. None the less be so thankful my dear. and I am again heartfelt glad for u and your daughter. Have a wonderful life here.


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              THANK YOU everyone for your replies. I know I am so thankful, excited, relieved, and all the other emotions. I'm still in disbelief myself. From everything I read and was told, I sure wasn't expecting this, but I'm far from complaining Here is what transpired.

              well, after getting lost I managed to get to the new building on time. We went through security. That is new, pretty much the same setup as the airport. Then went into the room marked appointments. We sat there for a while before being called in. It is a large room, but not many people.
              A lady came and called my name, then immediately called my daughters name. We had two different appointment times but called us in together.
              We were led into her office and she pulled out this huge file and started to go through it. She then asked me for my I.D. which I provided. Immediately asked about address, turns out she didn't have my new address, even after an AR-11, fax from senators office, and phone call. So, she updated it then in the computer. She asked where my plastic card was and I informed her back in March when I had to go to S.C for an extension they took the plastic and gave me the paper one I handed her. She then asked why I went all the way to S.C. and I told her I was informed Charlotte didn't do them. She said next time just make an info pass appointment. So, I guess they do them now
              She then asked where my spouse was. I told her in Florida somewhere and informed her we were no longer together. He had left the state in April/May. She asked if I was divorced and I informed her it had not been a year yet and I could not until the 14th, but I did have a copy of the divorce papers if she wished to have them. She looked at the big binder I had and asked me what other copies had I brought. So I started pulling. First I told her that the dates were not in order, nor where they for all years together. I gave her all receipts/bills with either name, but same address. I gave her a few photos I had, a mortgage statement, so forth. She asked if we owned our home, and I told her we did, but since he took off I've learned he had not paid for about a year so it was being foreclosed. She then asked why we were not together and I told her, briefly but detailed, if you know what I mean. I gave her a copy of the letter from the shelter. She asked what else I had, I gave herinsurance papers dating from 99 -04. Then gave her a paper that was mailed to me by an unknown person showing an application for my spouse's online matchmaking application dated a year ago. His DUI release paperwork and a picture of one of his ..... I'll say hobby . She continued to look through the paperwork again, then hers, then asked me my mothers and fathers first name, then asked me to spell them. She asked me how long I'd lived with my spouse and I told her from the moment I came to visit until I went to the shelter. She then asked me again why I had not divorce. I told her in this state you have to be apart one year, she said well it's close now. I said yes, but I'm not about to fudge dates to get it sooner, for anything. One year is the 14th, my attorney told me to do it on the 16th, so that is how I will proceed. I went to hand her the divorce papers and she told me she didn't need them. She looked at the joint I-751 again and asked me if my spouse had signed it, I said yes, back in 2001. She asked me about taxes, if we filed jointly. I said yes, we did, but 2003 taxes I have not done yet, she asked if I had 2002 and I said yes and gave her a copy.
              She then moved onto my daughter who had left ALL her I.D. in the car. The lady looked at me and said is this ***x? I said, oh yeah, that's her! My daughter did have her immigration card on her though. I told my daughter to give her her SSN number since she knows it out loud.
              Then I got told the cards will come in the mail. I said, so you're lifting our conditions? She said, Oh yes dear, You've been approved. Congratulations. She then wrote on the back of my existing paper card, Approved for I-751, date and her intitals. She then went on to say that if my current card expires before my new cards come in the mail then to infopass an appointment and get a renewal. She explained to me that now all I have to do is renew the cards every ten years, and then went on to tell me we could apply for citizenship in three years.
              I don't think I missed anything but if I did, I'll remember and post it later
              I'm still sitting here shaking my head in amazement. This was nothing I'd expected. At the most I wanted an extension, but wasn't counting on it really.
              Merry Christmas to me eh!!!!

              p.s. One more thing. She asked me if I was seeing (dating) anyone. I looked at her and said "hell no.. oops" I informed her in this state it is illegal to date until a divorce. Or one year, couldn't remember which. Plus I didn't wish to get involved with this over my head. Why hurt someone for no reason eh? Either way, my time is around the corner


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                wow, Congrats. I would have approved you if I was the one, your case sounds strong mainly coz you showed that your husband was reckless and to blame for the breakdown of your marriage i.e the online dating stuff, the foreclosure on the home and the letter from the shelter.

                That part about whether you are dating someone else, whats that about? In NC, its illegal to SLEEP with someone if still married, so even if you had said yes, I guess what she wanted to know.


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                  Hey John, thanks for the congrats. Way back I read somewhere it was illegal to date until a divorce so I kept that in mind. For the life of me now I can't locate that page. None the less, I didn't wish to include anyone in my life with the baggage I carried.
                  I am confident your outcome will be the same as mine. Good Luck
                  Now, onto my taxes


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                    Congrats again ircroxy. Great interview experience with a happy ending.

                    I'm not sure why the adjudicator told you that you have to wait 3 years to apply for citizenship.

                    If you sent in the I-751 in 2001, that implies you adjusted status in 1999. You should be close to the 5 years (minus 90 days) since you received your conditional green card to apply for citizenship now, aren't you? Certainly not 3 years from now as the adjudicator indicated.


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                      ooops, somewhere I've gotten the dates messed up.
                      Married May 99
                      AOS Jan 01
                      I-751 ? 03
                      extension March 04
                      Approval yesterday

                      I *think* I got it right now.


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                          CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! I was so happy to read your post today that it almost fell as I had received the approval myself! I was able to felt in my soul what you went through and what happen to you with USCIS is what you deserved. I am still surprised how she approved you... by law she could not have unless they are changing the standards to cover the loophole that does not allow to change the eligibility ground on an I-751 unless the divorce is finalized. Who cares, you are approved!!! and that is what matters!

                          God bless you, have happy holidays!


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                            Yes Michael I so very much agree with you. "HE" WILL get what's coming. *He* does like to fraud, and being the US citizen, he doesn't have to worry about it as much as the rest of us Law Abiding Immigrants who put up with the abuse of the not so law abiding citizens that we let into our hearts so trustingly. Two people may love one another so very much, but be incompatible living together. It's just human nature.
                            Having said that, my heart and mind is not bitter, nor does it feel *all* citizens are the same manipulative, destructive and cold hearted as the one I married. Just as I know deep down you do not feel all immigrants are the same as your ex.


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                              Aquila, thank you!! I know your approval is coming soon too... just be strong, patient and most of all, be honest with them. I really think that helped the decision, I wasn't willing to stretch the truth no matter how much it helped me. I went with what documentation I could gather, my strength, and determination to let the cards lay where they may. I'm not sure how the laws are layed out in regards to what they can and cannot do, but yesterday showed me not all i read still stands.
                              Oh, and another note, when I asked her about the photos you take, the new style, I mentioned they did not state in the letter about glasses, jewelry or other things they did in my last letter. I told her I made sure I didn't wear anything they told us not to last time, and she said that now they really don't bother much. They pretty much take what they get as long as it is the size and frontal view. We got ours done at the local CVS .. passport pictures, colored.


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