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  • Michael

    How long is the commute in the Long Island Railrodad from Pennstation on 34th Street to the last stop that is Hofstra?

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    How long is the commute in the Long Island Railrodad from Pennstation on 34th Street to the last stop that is Hofstra?


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      Hello Buddy !
      The train from Penn Station to Hempstead takes 53 minutes and I think there is a Hofstra shuttle bus from the train station. Come visit and I will show you around and you can sit in on a class with me. Classes start 6:10 Monday-Wednesday. Hofstra is the only PT program in NY that offfers a 3 night a week program and the only one that has a concentration in deportation law.


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        How much is the fare on a monthly basis? What time do the classes starts on the evening?


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          The monthly ticket is $169.00 and classes start at 6:10; I "work" 8-4 on school days, catch the 4:19 to West Hempstead, I get home by 5:15, leave for school by 5:55 and get there by 6:10. Mondays are 6:10-9:00 or 10:00, Tuesdays and Wednesdays 6:10-9:00. You can rent a room in my house until my mail order bride shows up. I expect to meet her in August and hopefully get her in time for Christmas.


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            Honestly, I think Pace is a better choice; better looking girls and building; not as many ethnics; but sit in on classes at each school you apply to; Apply to Fordham, Cordozo, Brooklyn, St Johns, Hofstra, Pace, NYLS and those NJ schools you mentioned; don't wait til last minute to apply to them; have NYLS as a safety school; what is your LSAT and GPA ??? I got 155 and I got into Hofstra, Pace and Stetson in FLorida.


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              I am applying to:

              Pace, St. Johns, Cardozo, New York Law, Fordham, Brooklyn Law, Rutgers (Newark, Setton Hall (Newark).

              I was lately thinking of applying to Hofstra as well.

              My GPA is 3.55 and I do not know my LSAT score yet... it will be released only in 3/7/05.

              Hofstra is a bit complicated unless I could work my schedule out with my employer.

              Thank you for the info.


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                Hofstra is a good "safety school" because it is a new program (the evening one that is) and not many people know about it; which is why I got in. It is a 2nd tier school if that means anything to anyone. But because it is a new program, it is not as well organized as St Johns or Pace. That is a good GPA; what were you tracking on the previous LSATS? You like my mail order bride idea? Think I can get her by Christmas?


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                  I will check Hofstra's application deadline and will decide, I am spending a lot of money with this applications they all want $60 bucks...

                  It is a good GPA taking into account that I worked full time... it could have been a 4.0 if my ex-wife would not have mess with me and the divorce proceedings...

                  I only took the LSAT once, and that was a week ago. I could not prepare very well, I hope I get a score good enough to get accepted.

                  There are so many women around in NYC that I would never do the mailbride order thing. I could get a phone # everytime I go out in NYC or NJ and that is much cheaper than what you will do, also I think you should not make the SAME mistake TWICE, just my 2 cents.

                  Take care.


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                    For the millionth time, I never married a mail order bride. Can you really get a girl 20 years younger than you in Manhattan???? I can get 10 numbers of women over 30 anytime. But they are bitter, nasty women with kids. Last year Hofstra waived the application fee; maybe they will waive it this year.

                    My mail order bride specs:
                    1. No older than 23
                    2. No former marriages
                    3. No kids
                    4. Blonde, long hair
                    5. Less than 110 pounds
                    6. Between 5'2" and 5'6"
                    7. College grad or student
                    8. Great dancer
                    9. Honest and Sincere
                    10. Wants to have children
                    11. Submissive
                    12. Domesticated
                    13. Willing to sign prenupital agreement giving her no rights in a divorce

                    FYI - I priced out a 2 week "regular" trip to St. Petersburg versus a mail order bride trip and I actually get a bigger discount with mail order bride trip


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                      I will apply to Hofstra as well since the fee is waived if I apply online. I think you could find a good woman in the US if you look with patience...but anyway good luck with your order.


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                        Michael, Excluding #10, you can just buy a "blow-up bride" and save all of that extra money!


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                          No American woman would ever sign a prenup; they are all brainwashed


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                            Do they have these blow up dolls in St. Petersburg ???? Thats where I will be August 3-15th.


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                              I am sure they do.....probably speak Grint too.


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