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    You have to report traffic violations for N-400?

    Hubby has three misdemeanor fishing charges, Wal-mart gave him the wrong fishing license.

    He didn't listen to me and plead guilty. He had talked to a lawyer, but not an immigration lawyer. I told him to plead not guilty.

    Some states it would be violation, be here it is called misdemeanor.

    I thought I read 3 misdemeanor "charges" is calls for deportation?
    Formerly Josephine Schmo


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      Here is a post from Rete:

      I have to contradict this advice. It is advisable, IMHO, to go to court. Here in NYS, at least I have found from experience, if the officer who issued the ticket does not show up the offense is dismissed. No fines; no points. If he does, it might be argued down to a lower speed and fine. I had been stopped for going through a red light. When I started through it was yellow but the officer gave me a ticket for red regardless. I went to court, he did not show up, case dismissed. I was sorry about that because I had researched and documented the length of the yellow against the length of the crosswalk, traffic conditions and weather conditions at the time of the incident and was confident I would have won or at least have had my say.

      Having a ticket issued is cause to include it on the N-400. Having a ticket issued, and a decision rendered on guilt or innoence issued requires that you bring DMV and court records with you. In Jim's case that was the DMV report as well as the stub from traffic court saying what he was convicted of and fine issued and paid.

      For the record, Jim was told during the N-400 interview that if you had a number of tickets or issuances for traffic violations, it would indeed hinder your approval for naturalization. As the examiner said it shows your lack of moral character to continually disobey the law.



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        Thank you for that post. I doubt it that a future N-400 would be denied for an accident. Everyone can have an accident...of course if there was personal injury to a third party or speeding, driving while intoxicated then it could be a problem but not because of a stop sign...


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          I agree that it seems doubtful you would have your N-400 application denied because of a traffic violation. But, you could have your N-400 denied for not reporting traffic violations. So, make sure you report them!

          As for a DWI, you probably wouldn't get to file the N-400 because you would most likely be put in removal proceedings long before then...


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            Newark is more dangerous than Iraq !! The negroes there are out of control.


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              Be careful! they are cumming to get you, mikey!


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                I don't think they will take your GC on this visit unless they adjudicate you (photocopy it before you go for your records anyway).

                They didn't take my GC when I had my I-551 extention extended... But they did take my GC when I went in after I rec'd my approval letter.

                They also took my son's GC when I had to update his fingerprints at 14 yrs of age. They stamped our passports with a 1 yr I-551 when they did but as it stands now neither of us have an actual GC in our hands. That makes dealing with DMV difficult. They really don't like an I-551 stamp and will put an expiry date = to that of the I-551 stamp on any documents they issue.

                But anyway, definatley fight those charges. As I suspected - they piled them on. Carless driving and Running a red light are two seperate charges for the same violation or incident. They can't (well shouldn't) make that stick if you fight them. Perhaps the lights and the running a stop sign might have merit but the careless drving is definatley a pile on an see what sticks kind of charge. $500 bucks is money well spent if he is sucessful. You will recoup that easily in savings in insurance rate hikes if you win.

                Good luck....



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                  Man I was lucky last week, unfortunately I could not say the same about my best friend and roomate who got some ribs broken on the accident. I have had a couple of drinks but I was sober because I had them a while before driving and even make time to make sure that I had no alcohol on my blood however I know that I was not 100% to drive otherwise I would not have gotten onto that accident.

                  The police officer make me do the test of walking on a single line, moving a pen around so I could follow it only with my eyes, but as I said I was fine and pass it, thanks god I did not drink more otherwise I would be playing soccer back home already.

                  I got only one traffic ticket before, but I called the Judge and put some pressure on him telling him that I thought I was discriminated etc, and it was taken care of, I don't remember what they did to it if they delete it or it showed as if I paid it...and I don't think I have a copy of that ticket so I guess I should not report that one... the only thing I know is the date because it was given to me on the January 1, 2004 only 10 or 20 minutes on the new year.


                  I did not run on a red light, I did not have my lights on my car that is the ticket I got without points.

                  I think the careless driving means that, driving without lights on and not running on a stop sign. The think is that the car that hit me should have been coming at 15mph and I could tell that he was running at least at 35mph...

                  Anyway this story will keep my mind busy until the 19th when I will have to show up at USCIS...


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                    Aguila; If you do get arrested by BCIS or murdered by drug crazed negroes in Newark, we will miss you !


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                      Hi Sphyrapicus ,

                      You posted Rate's reply...exact scenario happened with me... I started going in yellow and still the cop gave me a ticket for passing the intersection in red ... well I paid may be 82 $ ... I don't remember it right now... I didnt go to court...I don't have any other tickets or accidents at all... what do u guys think ? is it going to cause me a trouble when I go for N 400...? I don't think so ... people get speeding tickets all the time ... so I must submit the record with my N 400 in future, right ? .. Pasha


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                        Yes, you need to submit the record for the N-400. But, as you say, I doubt it will have any bearing on your success.


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