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How can I quickly approved to work?

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  • How can I quickly approved to work?

    I have been married to a US Citizen for 19yrs. I am a Canadian Citizen. We moved to NC and have submitted I130's for me and our two kids. According to USCIS I will not be processed for 990 days. What can I do to be able to work in the meantime?

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    If your wife is a USC then she can petition for you immediately. You should have work authorization in about 90 after the paperwork is submitted.


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      I do not know if this matters, but the husband is the US Citizen and the wife is Canadian Citizen and two teenagers are Canadian born. What is the form number I use to petition for them to work before waiting the 990 days?

      Thank you in advance for your help and advice.


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        The citizen files a form I-130 for their spouse and children. He can include form I-485, and form I-765 and Form I-131. Form I-765 is the employment authorization request and it takes about 90 days to get the employment autorization.

        Wher are you getting 990 days from?


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          from the I130 confirmation letter(USCIS). Can I file the I485 by itself? or must it be filed with the I864 affidavit of support. The web site states a visa number must be available prior to filing I485.

          thank you


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            If a U.S. Citizen is filing for a spouse then they can file immediately. Include all the required supporting documents. The I-765 is the application for employment authorization.


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              "Immediate relatives of U.S. citizens are parents, spouses, and unmarried children under 21. (For instance, you can apply to adjust to permanent resident status at the same time that your U.S. citizen daughter files an application for you to become an immigrant."


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                the husband does not have the 3 years of tax returns to verify income to prove enough income to support the family (which there is enough income). is there any way around this to apply for the wife to work ASAP? thanks again for your advice


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                  Yes, get a co-sponsor which is basically any USC with enough income to meet the support guideline.


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                    Sugarpuff is right - you can file all forms immediately. You only have to show the tax forms at the interview for the 485 and that could be 3 years from now. Besides, I believe you only have to show 1 year of taxes now. The sooner you file the forms, the sooner she can get authorization to work.


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