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I-130 - USCIS Fiasco- BronzeLady?

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    I think you should apologize for your comments to BrozeLady. Your concern about her contributions to this discussion forum is misleading. We owe a lot to BronzeLady, specially for her knowledge in the immigration system. What you said is baseless, immigration advice and help can come in many forms, that's why we have this discussion forum to seek and provide help. I believe any resource available should be available to where it's needed for the right people, and here we have lawyers, immigrants, individuals with good immigration experience and backgorund, addressing and sharing valuabale immigration information to understand, learn and analyze how the immigration system works together. BronzeLady's 500 posts were as good as anything the USCIS says to the immigrant community, in-fact - she should be paid for helping us.

    So stop lecturing us about a problem(s) that does not exist. I think your argument is irresponsible and disrespectful to all of us at discussion forum.


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      I have no doubt that you all believe "Bronzelady" to be helpful. The issue, however, is not whether people find this person's contributions to be helpful, but whether a serving CIS officer should be posting to a public immigration-related message board at all. This is no more appropriate than a serving EPA investigator advising participants in a chemical industry chat room or an FDA official advising pharmaceutical researchers on a health industry forum.

      The answer to the longstanding problem of immigration service inefficiency and incompetence - and it's not all just the fault of contractors - is not to have CIS personnel fanning out into the public, real or virtual, and giving legal and semi-legal advice and counsel that (i) may not always be legally correct and (ii) may not always comport with official CIS policy. The result is a chaos where every CIS officer goes off and becomes their own mini CIS Office of Public Affairs. It is not the province of individual Federal Government employees to implement their own private, unsanctioned remedy for the deficiencies of their agency. Additionally, as I stated earlier, the dispensing of such counsel by rogue CIS officers exposes the agency to all sorts of liability issues, should a member of the public rely upon such counsel to his or her detriment.

      If this woman at Federal Plaza is truly motivated by the desire to help prospective immigrants, then there is no better way for her to achieve this than to just do her job. She would actually accomplish more good by just spending all the time she spends answering questions on this site in attending to the poor people in the waiting room, or even adjudicating an extra stack of I-130s every day. If her goal is to reform CIS and improve the quality of assistance to prospective immigrants, then she should use her position and influence to lobby from within to improve the system.

      In any event, her participation on this site, though helpful to some, is manifestly not appropriate conduct for a government employee and would definitely not be sanctioned by the NY District Director, the DHS OIG, and CIS Public Affairs.


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        Why are you making such an issue out of this? BronzeLady is not dispensing legal advice - merely providing basic information that should be freely available from USCIS customer service - but never is. If she is willing to frequent this forum in her personal time, I won't see any reason why she should not do so. Every time she responds to a question she is assisting not only the person who posted it, but a great many others who are able to read the post. I certainly wouldn't consider this to be a "rogue" action. Infact it would be an excellent idea for the USCIS to have an official forum where questions could be answered by officers with knowledge, instead of having to hold the line forever to speak to a customer service rep who is reading off a script.
        Most of the people who frequent immigration forums do so from frustration because they cannot afford exorbitant legal fees and there is nowhere else to get assistance. At the same time, they know that what they receive is advice and shared experiences - not legal councel.


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          I haven't forgotten you I am still awaiting a repsonse on that issue. As for what is appropriate or not that is not for me to decide. I will say that a private citizen is not precluded from sharing general knowledge. However, if my general knowledge is unappreciated I will refrain from giving it.


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            Your general knowledge is a treasure for all of us, ignore this sara retard, she is obviuously a USC that does not need any immigration information at all that is why she post the non-sense that the post here.


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              What would we do without Bronzy!?


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                "Bronzelady" is perfectly free, of course, to say anything she likes on this or any other public forum. I only question the propriety of her doing so in light of the points I have made previously and her status as an employee of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. I have little doubt what the reactions of her superiors in New York and Washington will be when they are made aware of her online activity these many months.

                I would add that her "I'll just take my toys home and play by myself" response to the present exchange is a grotesque form of intellectual and emotional blackmail on all of you who have come to rely on her advice. She knows full well how desperately you need the information she provides and, as you see, sniffles, pouts, stomps her foot, and threatens to withdraw it as soon as even one person dares to challenge the propriety of her conduct. Of course, she just as desperately needs to hear you beg her for her "wisdom" - which, pathetically, you immediately do - and which adulation (for obvious reasons denied to her in her professional dealings with prospective immigrants) is probably the chief motivation for her contributions to this board.

                Interestingly, most of the times that Bronzelady posts to this forum she isn't "helping" anybody at all but simply posting to show off or intimidate. Instead of "help", what we usually get from her is a venting of some sort of rage over her own agency's failings, applicants' misperceptions of CIS procedures, or, not infrequently, direct abuse of the people who ask for her advice (e.g., sarcastically asking one questioner whether he actually knew how to read and another whether she was "really that stupid?"). This CIS drone is an abusive bully whose reign on this forum is, thankfully, soon going to end.


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                  Your psychological profile of me amuses me to no end. Good luck in all of your endeavors.


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                    Bronzelady, don't ever leave.

                    I don't know what sarah's problem is, is she jealous that someone sheds a little light for us, forgotten immigrants who are being abused by indifference of INS every day.


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                      You should be getting something in the mail shortly if you haven't already. Good luck.


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                        Would you kindly contact me at Please don't ever leave ILW, we love you here!


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                          Sarah_d, as you yourself stated "BronzeLady is perfectly free, of course, to say anything she likes on this or any other public forum" - as you are. The difference is that you are coming across as spiteful and petty, whereas despite your allegations, BronzeLady has assisted a great many people. She may not always tell us what we'd like to hear, but her advice is constructive. We don't know who you are or who you represent, but maybe your presence on this forum is even more inappropriate? Perhaps you should find yourself another hobby. Flinging insults and threats at BronzeLady may be fun for you, but it is starting to bore us.

                          BronzeLady, thank you again for your assistance - we back you all the way!


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