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I-130 - USCIS Fiasco- BronzeLady?

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    BronzeLady, I am correct about my daughter's eligibility for AOS, aren't I?

    Maybe I should take yet another day off work to make the long trek to the Charlotte USCIS to see if I can find anyone there who will help. (I can't get a phone number for their office, for love or money.) I could hand in this person's application and try to get an assurance that he won't be penalised for the loss of time. I could then drop him a note advising him of what had happened. At the same time, perhaps I could get the Charlotte office to understand that an error was made with my daughter's application and that they have cost us a month of precious time. Maybe they would agree to review it and issue her work authorization within 3 months of when the application was first submitted. Pipe dreams? What do you think?


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      BronzeLady, were you able to find out what I would need to do to get Chicago or Charlotte to accept the filing?
      I called the customer service center yesterday, inspite of previous bad experiences. Got the usual script reader, but when I mentioned "breach of Privacy Act" he quickly transferred me to an immigration officer. The officer strongly recommended I go to the Charlotte office, and insist on seeing a supervisor. He said I should "stick to my guns" and not hand over the other person's application to anyone except a supervisor. He said it would also give us the opportunity to prove that an error had been made in rejecting of my daughter's AOS. He said INFOPASS went on line for Charlotte for the first time yesterday.


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        The USCIS says on their website that the "Case Status Online" tool is updated everyday. I have checked the receipt number my husband received for his Naturalization application. It still says "Your N400 Application for Naturalization has been received. We will mail you a decision as soon as processing is complete". Well, he was Naturalized over a month ago! Could this be the reason why the USCIS said my daughter's priority date isn't current? Do they just pull up the receipt number and ignore the copies of approval notices, Naturalization Certificate etc. that were included with her application for AOS. How long does it take them to update their files?


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          I've done all I can on this without the MSC number on the reject notice. If you give me the receipt number on the reject notice (it starts with MSC-04-***-***xx) I can go further. I checked the case status online with another receipt number to make sure that your personal information wouldn't be displayed with this won't. I would, however be able to get more information from CIS internal systems. The ball is in your court. Whatever you decide to do is okay.


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            Thanks BronzeLady, for taking the time and trouble. Do you need the full number or just the numbers where you have asterisks? I'll have to get the number when I get home from work. Do you think our local office will be able to do anything when we go there on Friday?


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              Yes, I need the full number. No, the local office will not be able to resolve it. I just saw an e-mail today indicating that MSC has a mechanism for resolving these issues so they should be sent back by mail (with a copy of the rejection notice) to MSC. I will tell you that so far it doesn't seem that this has helped but with a concrete example (i.e., your case) maybe we can get some action for you.


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                Thanks. I'll send you the number tonight.


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                  Can you e-mail me at: ? or is there anyway that I could reach you without making something public on this forum ?


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                    BronzeLady, the AOS rejection notice number is MSC-04-311-10487. There is a separate reject notice for the work authorization, but the notice basically just says it was rejected because the AOS was rejected. The applications were filed together in Charlotte and they sent it to Chicago.


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                      I will check it out tomorrow and let you know.


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                        Thanks BronzeLady. Have you been able to find out anything?


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                          "CIS internal systems"?? What in heaven's name is a serving DHS/CIS officer doing dispensing legal and semi-legal advice (almost 500 posts) on a public immigration message board? What about all the poor people sitting out in the waiting room while the CIS officer is fooling around on the Internet? Does CIS's public affairs office approve of this? Would the DHS Office of the Inspector General approve of it? Seems to me like CIS, or any government agency, wouldn't want rogue employees out dispensing advice to the public for all sorts of liability-related reasons. Isn't that why government agencies have public affairs offices in the first place?


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                            What a hell do you care!??? Bronzelady is one of the most valuable members of this site, and we appreciate her experience and words of wisdom on very delicate matters. Nobody ask you to read her replies, people with your attitute might move her to leave this board and then we the immigrants that need help and could not get proper answers through the 1-800 number will be losing a lot!

                            Please shut up!


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                              I second that !!!


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                                Sarah_d, I completedly agree with Aguila and ircroxy. We are grateful that BronzeLady is willing to share her knowledge with us, since official USCIS channels certainly aren't. And how do you know when she posts her replies? It could well be during her lunch hour or private time.

                                My husband, daughter and I have just wasted another full day, not to mention gas and almost 7 hours of driving trying to resolve our "issue". We followed the instructions of the customer service immigration officer - made an interview appointment through INFOPASS and travelled to Charlotte. Asked to see a supervisor as per the officer's instructions - blank looks, request ignored. At the correct time, we were called to the "window" for the "interview". Try explaining something complex to someone on the other side of a sheet of glass. The officer wes very courteous and equally unhelpful. The coversation went something like this:
                                1.Yes, your daughter is eligible to adjust status.
                                2. Yes, Chicago made a mistake, but they make them all the time as the applications are processed by contractors who know nothing about the laws. (BronzeLady has already told us this.)
                                3. No, there is nothing the officer can do to help. We must just re-file the application and hope that this time it goes to someone who knows what they are doing.
                                4. But won't they just reject it again when they see it has already been rejected? Maybe, but it is unlikely to go to the same person. Just remove the rejection notice.
                                5. But it has already been date stamped by them. That doesn't matter-they are used to having things refiled as they often wrongly reject them. Try highlighting some of the many facts we included in the cover letter.
                                6. Will we be able to retain the original receipt date? Oh no. It will be considered as if filed for the first time, and in any case we have to mail it to Charlotte for them to stamp and then mail on to Chicago.
                                7. But we're here at Charlotte. Why can't you accept it back and mail it to them explaining that you have verified that a mistake has been made? What - of course I can't do that. You have to mail it back to us.

                                Wonderful - another wasted day!

                                Then we got on to the other person's application that had been returned with ours. Turns out that there is nothing unusual in that - happens all the time. Contractors again. Sometimes they even get the medical exams mixed up! Also turns out that this file should never have been sent on to Chicago from Charlotte. It should have been processed there. We were assured that his paperwork will be sent to him. I said I would send him a note explaining what had happened, and that I had returned all his paperwork to the USCIS. I will also suggest that he try to follow up. Told that was fine - good idea.


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