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Los Angeles AOS Interview Yesterday

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  • Los Angeles AOS Interview Yesterday


    Just had our marriage based AOS interview yesterday at the Los Angeles office.... and am very happy to say that we got approved and got my I-551 stamp.

    It was a very quick, painless interview. We had waited for about an hour before being called in.
    Then we were taken into an office, sat down, was asked to swear etc.... Then after the usual questions he asked for our joint paperwork and taxes.... and that's it!!! Although we did have a large storage box full of paperwork dating back to 1999 ..... I think he was put off when he saw it :-) He didn't even ask to see our photo al***s. He then said we'll be receiving the answer in the mail..... we both gasped as we had already booked our flights! Then he said that we could return in the afternoon and get the results. So we did.... and after another hour of waiting he gave me back my passport with the stamp on it.

    Thanks to this forum we went well prepared and it payed off in the end. Good luck to everyone who is going to the interview soon.

    Now for the next step.. I-751... but will deal with that when we return from our trip.

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      Congratulations on this big step... (Many more to go)... BTW - how long between your marriage and the interview? Are you going to have to deal with an I-751 in a couple of years?

      People who are preparing for the AOS interview really need to relax and understand that under normal circumstances there is absolutley nothing to worry about. They are really more interested in the documented proof in your AOS application than the interview itself. Perhaps they might have some suspicions and want to catch you off guard but that is not usually the case.

      I think that most ajudicators only see the application at the time of the interview. They usually only ask one or two simple questions to be sure that you are legit and that is it... The wait is worse than the actual interview. Only on very rare occasions do they split you up and start asking 'tricky' questions... Usually it is a 'cakewalk'..

      So if any of you are stressing out over it all - just don't worry. Be prepared and go in with confidence...



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        I answered my own question by re-reading your post... Good luck with the I-751 process. You might as well start 'gathering' your proof in anticipation. I should point out that my I-751 contained EXACTLY the same documentation as my AOS filing... The only thing I did different was to add recent copies of the proof,

        In other words, I provided a Bank statement from the time of the marriage in 1999 and another one from 2002. I did this for all the docuemntation (ie: insurance, mortgage, utility bills, pics, etc, etc..)



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          We had applied in the first week of November ... so in total it took 7 months.

          One question... The stamp on my passport says
          Processed for I-551 temporary evidence of lawful admission for permanent residence.
          Valid until June 05
          Employment authorized
          Admitted until June 06

          My question is...... is my conditional green card valid until next year or the following??
          When do we apply for the I-751..... 3 months before our 2nd wedding anninversary or 3 months before the 2nd anniversary of the aos interview?



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            So in LA you get your GC after 7 months? wow! congrats.
            In that respect New York really S U C K S!!!!
            people who have applied since mid 2002!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! are still WAITING for their imterviews to be scheduled!


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              Kalla - A person should actually hope that the initial AOS interview IS DELAYED! You are in status while you wait and if that interview happens 2yrs after you got hitched - then you shave years off the GC process by avoiding having to file the I-751 at all!

              Nina77: The I-551 stamp in your passport is only good for 1 yr - in the meantime, you will actually get a GC in the mail that has the June 06 date on it and will be good until then. You will be able to use your GC and your passport to travel just fine... If for any chance your temp GC doesn't arrive in the mail before June 05, then you simply need to go back to your local district office and get your stamp renewed and perhaps an inquiry on where your plastic card is (the spouse does not need to go)...

              You can then apply 3 mos before that GC expires - so in your case you can file your I-751 in March of 2006 (or whatever 90 days prior to your interview date). So remember that it is 2 yrs from the date of the initial AOS interview - not the date of the marriage...

              Enjoy your trip and relax - everything seems to be moving along fine for you. Just remember to take your passport (obviously) that has the I-551 stamp with you when you travel. I also carry appropriate copies of the AOS application, etc when I travel (not the big package - just the essentials). BTW - I have traveled to a lot of internationl locations and re-entered the US from several different points with no issues - for all intense purposes, you are just like everyone else that has a GC (conditional or not).

              Enjoy your trip...



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                Well thank you so much for taking the time to respond with kindness and appropriate information.

                Will definately have a great time on my little island in the mediterranean... it's been too long (2 years).

                Again good luck to all of you who have the interview and thanks again for all the information you all give on this board. Without you guys we would have never managed to to this without a lawyer.


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                  Congratulations Nina!!!!!! I agree with ARQU, I rather prefer that the interview is delayed. I hope they will call us after my second year of marriage, which will be next Feb.


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                    Sweet Madame Belu


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