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  • Las Vegas INS experiences?

    Just wondering if anyone out there has had / is having any experiences with the Las Vegas INS and how it is going?

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    Just wondering if anyone out there has had / is having any experiences with the Las Vegas INS and how it is going?


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      I have lots of experience with Las Vegas!!!! but not the INS! lol


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        All of our paperwork was filed by an attorney throught the LV INS. In 1999. Now at the time, I did not know that it took 90 days to get a work permit for my husband (canadian) so we kind of struggled. But looking back he did get the work authorization a little over 90 days from the date we filed. Our AOS interview was fine, very short and he was approved, they said that we would get the GC. We did.

        Now this was quite awhile back, but I believe that tehy told us wrong information(go figure) because after our AOS interview they told us we had to file advance parole in order to go to Canada, but if I remember correctly we already had the GC when our AP was approved, needless to say, we never left the country, looking back on it it was a stupid move, we should have left anyways.

        Other then that we filed the i-751 in 2003 and were called for interview. We had also sumitted an AR-11 during that time and never recieved the interview letter (until 3 days before interview), though we called and sent were told they received the ar-11. They approved it and my husband has his 10yr GC, we will be filling the N-400 at the end of the year.

        However overall I have never really had too many problems with the LV office, and back when I filed it used to be this nightmare!!! You had to go inside to stand in the line, there were no chairs, yuck yuck place to be, but now it seems a little better as they do not let everyone in unless you have a reason to be there. Anyways, what did you file and have you heard any news?


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          Ardiania: We filed 5 I-130's, 5 I-485 and one work authorization, all forms were received and signed for on April 28th. We have done that "stand in line" thing, and I agree "yuck!" I too am from Canada (British Columbia) married to a USC. I know that it is still very early to hear or receive anything from them in regards to the forms, guess I am just antsy to get things moving along, especially the work authorization, as my husband is the sole supporter of me and my/our 4 children.

          Zoid: Many many peeps can say the same thing,,,, If anyone would have asked me 2 1/2 yrs. ago, if me and my/our children would be living here, in a loud and clear voice my answer would have been,,,,,,,,,,,, **** NO,,,,,, VEGAS IS NO PLACE FOR KIDS,,,,,,, but answering now, it's not so bad.


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            Any ideas as to how long it should be till i receive or if i will receive EAD? And for that matter LOL, what the **** is EAD? (Sorry still trying to figure out the lingo and not appear uneducated in the immigration process)


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              It is work authorization. It takes 90 days. If you have not heard anything from them within 90 days then go ahead and you can go into the office.


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                Okay,,,,,, thank you so much, and once i get the authorization what is involved? finger prints? pictures? a card of some sort?


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                  You know I am not sure. I wish I could help you out, but I will ask my husband tonight, what he did after he was able to work and then I will let you know tomorrow. I know he had to get a ssn# and that took some time, but maybe someone else on the board know what comes with that.


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                    Sounds good to me,,,,,,,, and again, thank you so much for the input/information



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                      not that bad in Vegas, i filed for my 140, 485 and 765 last March 1, 2003, got my work authorization in April 10, 2003 and sent a letter that processing of adjustment of status will take 14 to 18 months. In april 24, i was fingerprinted then May 6, 2004 , i received a letter that my interview will be on May 24, 2004. So what I did is go to the INS doctors for my medical examintation and the clasrk county health district for my vaccination. So now, i am just preparing all the photocopies of my documents, joint bills etc., pictures and i hope everything is going to be okay on the 24th of May. Goodluck


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                        Grace: Just today me and my son (14) received our notice of action and made our appts. for finger printing and biomedics, we are going on the 15 of this month for that appt. Still waiting for work authorization. All forms were received April 27 at INS. So hopefully good things are yet to come,,,,,,, and congrats and good luck to you!!!!!!!!!!


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                          I had my interview today at Las Vegas Service Center at 1:00 pm, we were called 1:15, after taking my fingerprint went to the room, then asked for our IDs, affidavit of support, passport and W2s then he told us to wait for 10 to 15 mins in the waiting room, then after less than 10 mins. he called my name again, with the letter that I am approved and my passport stamped and just wait for the mail for the actual green card, and thats it. I have all my paperworks photocopied and didnt even asked us any questions, I guess with the background checks and everything they would know right away if it is a bonafide marriage or not. Ours is real.


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                            Congrats Grace! See, I don't think INS in Vegas is so bad, however there have been massive raids going on here recently.


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                              Congrats Grace, nice to see a happy ending to an immigration story on this board!!!!!!! I went for my biometrics and fingerprints last week,,,,,, now the EAD wait begins

                              Ardainia: Really? raids? haven't heard anything of them,,,,,


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