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I need an advice about my EAD - was returnd to the USCIS

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  • I need an advice about my EAD - was returnd to the USCIS

    My application for work permit was approved 2 month ago.
    My biometric was taken and the process was complete.

    The USCIS send my card to my residental address and I didnt received it.
    After few days I received an email that my card was returnd byu the USPS as undeliverible.

    I contact the USCIS and they told me to wait 30 days and I wait.
    After this 30 days I call again and they told me to wait another 30 days.

    Im really not sure how that can be like that , I really need the Work Permit to work and get my SSN.

    What is the next step after waiting 60 days - if I will not get my card ?
    Shoule I call USCIS again ?

    They told me there is nothing to do with the card until the center resend it to me.
    Buy my feeling is I will never get it.

    Someone ? any advice ?
    One more thing , they told me on the phone , There is no way to pick up the card or get a tep. one in the center.

    Thank you.

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    I'm in asylum case, and we have the same problem four years ago, we were waiting long time more then 8 months and nothing, after that my lawyer and we went to immigration directly and we had recived finally the work authorization cards. Ask you lawyer for help!


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      Thank you so much , you want to tell me they will never resend the card ?????????????/

      I really dont want to go the distc. office.

      Any other advice ? you want to tell me they will tell me the same thing ? each 30 days I need to wait for another 30 days ??????????

      Thank you


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        From my understanding, the district office wouldn't be able to issue you another EAD, since you technically have a valid one already. They can issue you an interim one only if the application is still pending.


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          hi! I have asked my lawyer about what to do if EAD wouldn't come. he said I would have to go to the district center and they would have to give it to me (if 90 days have passed). so here you go! don't sleep and go to the district office. good luck!


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            So I need just to wait until 90 days past and then go to the DISTC. OFFICE? I guess they wont help me early than 90 days right ?


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              Yes, after 90 days when you didn,t recieved the card go in the office, but with lawyer, I was first alone, didn,t recieved nothing, after my lawyer was with me and I had my card, after few months came another one from Nebraska.


              • #8
                I dont have a layer , do I need to get one just to get a work permit ???????????????? I T W A S A P P R O V E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                MY GOSH !


                • #9
                  no, you do not need a lawyer, just be assertive. and if you were approved go asap!


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                    Go ASAP to the District Office. They will not send out another card. If it was sent back, it was destroyed. go to the Dist. Office with your documentation.


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