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Immigration Law Question: marriage fraud

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  • Immigration Law Question: marriage fraud

    Hello all. I have both a question and a statement. First, my question is, how serious is the matter of marriage fraud? Now my statement. My fiancée received a petition for paternity in regards to a child from a relationship he had before me. This particuljar woman is married to a Romanian man who actually does not live with her. My fiancée broke things off with her 7 months into their relationship after he met her "husband" who gave her an envelope with $800 dollars in it. Apparently she married this man for her financial gain and his green card. So recently this woman filed with family court for child support. In her own written statement she declared herself as married, however, her husband did not reside with her during her pregnancy and on top of that she gave her child my fiancee's last name. Now my fiancée and I share a 9 year old child and within the last year and a half have reconnected. I guess when his ex heard this news it angered her and tortured her to the point of her ridiculous filings.On a side note my soon to be husband was diagnosed with bladder cancer years ago and has been documented as sterile for the past 3 years since he under went chemotherapy so this money hungry nutball is the least of my worries. However, her sham marriage is a concern. F

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    I may also add she receives state benefits such as food stamps, Medicaid and such. Also, how serious is this offense? Family court here in Delaware stated to her and my fiancée that they will investigate the matter. On top of that, Jim (fiancée) also spoke with ICE and gave them as much information as he could. She has done a lot of filing through court so will her own actions catch up with her? As a tax payer I don't appreciate marriage fraud. I don't pay so others can get a free ride.


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      The post has been deleted by the administrator for violating the discussion board rules.


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        Spam! Spam!


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          LOL, OldE1 moron got caught.

          But back to the discussion. Marriage fraud is serious and you need to report it to ICE and USCIS.


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            And in US, if she was married to someone but had a kid with someone else,the married guy is responsible for the child. A friend went to court for that kind of situation. Married guy was responsible for a kid that he didn't have with this woman


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              The post has been deleted by the administrator for violating the discussion board rules.


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