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Divorce and Sponsor's obligation...please need help

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  • Divorce and Sponsor's obligation...please need help

    I am going through a divorce from my US Citizen husband. I am a British Citizen. Married 6 yrs.
    During our marriage he controlled everything especially money, not allowing me to have any money even though I worked for our business.
    These past 3 months since the filing of the divorce, I have had to live on charity donations for food for me and my son.
    He refuses to let me have money, and says that he doesn't have any. (lies). He is also saying we never married, which of course I can prove. The thing is, if I don't get any spousal support of income from the business, what am I supposed to do? I am not entitled to government assistance as I have not been in the US for 5 yrs.
    I was told by someone that you can sue your sponsor. Is this right? Does anyone know about this and how this can stand in court? Does an affadavit of support a legal contract in a court?
    He has already told my lawyers that he is going to call USCIS and have himself removed as my sponsor and already making allegations that I used him to get into the US.
    I need to get myself another job, but need transport to find one. I also need money to open a bank account. Please could someone give me some legal immigration help here? thank you
    God Bless America - God Bless Immigrants - God Bless Poor Misguided Souls Too

    National Domestic Violence Hotline:
    1.800.799.SAFE (7233) 1.800.787.

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    Hello sprnt girl

    sorry to hear of your hard times. A few questions need to be answered for you to get help here. But One nagging question from me is that you were married six years, and never filed for your citizenship based on 3years of marriage?????

    1. Is your son a child of this marriage? If so, file child support for your son and spousal support for yourself.

    2. He cannot remove himself for sponsorship. the I-864 remains in place along with the co sponser that financially qualified . Yes there have been some instances where the 864 has been upheld, and sponser put on the hook. search this site and google.

    3. Whats this nonsense about not being married?

    4. There are church groups and organizations out there to help you with transportation and jobs. many social services available. again... google or ask in the community.

    5. Is your husbands business a sole proprietor or a corporation? What is your status in this business, as you say you worked it?


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      I have been married just over 6 yrs(2001). I didn't get my K3/K4 visa until 2003. I moved over permantly in 2003 and only got my 10 yr Green a year ago. Reasons: 9/11 caused delays, immigration back logs, and finally husband didn't send some paperwork they requested in timely manner (a way to hold something over my head in case I left him).

      1. No my son is not his
      3. He is claiming on the divorce papers that we never had a civil marriage, and claiming common law. Our marriage took place in England, and he is hoping that the courts here will not know that it is legal or not.
      4. The church is helping me, and domestic violence. I have rang many places like you are stating, and unfortunately there is no transportation help (I live in rural area) and without necessary documentation to prove income some organisations can't help.
      Most of these organizations only give you a one off donation or allow to give you something once a month (like food).
      I can't live on charity through the whole divorce.

      5. Husband has a corporation, he is sole owner. We both ran it but he wouldn't put my name on it (like every other asset we have). I was only paid for a few months as an employee (which he took my money back of course). I basically worked unpaid for these past 4 yrs. 3 of which I was entitled to work for money). Our marital income was the profits from the business.

      I am in need of medical treatment that my STBX refused to let me have.
      God Bless America - God Bless Immigrants - God Bless Poor Misguided Souls Too

      National Domestic Violence Hotline:
      1.800.799.SAFE (7233) 1.800.787.


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        I would like to and assets were all purchased during marriage. Hence why our marriage date and legality is very important in this divorce.
        God Bless America - God Bless Immigrants - God Bless Poor Misguided Souls Too

        National Domestic Violence Hotline:
        1.800.799.SAFE (7233) 1.800.787.


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          Obviously another scam artist who attempts to misapply our laws to get cash. LADY this guy owes you NOTHING; NADA; ZIPPO !! You obviously have no morals because you have a son through yet another man.

          The sponsor's obligation is to the GOVERNMENT, not to you. If the government has to feed your fat sorry a**,then the goveernment MAY sue your sponsor for any money you received. This obligation theoretically lasts until you work 40 quarters, become a US CItizen or until you leave the country. If you do not get any government benefits then he is not obligated to pay anything. In fact, no sponsor has ever been sued for the obligation by the government. In no case is the obligation of support to you directly; it is a contract between the USC and the government.

          He sounds like he played his cards right and saw through your scam. Good for him !!

          Another scammer bites the dust !


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            Sprint_girl 07, please ignore SON OF VILLAGE IDIOT. He's just the local, sadly to say, village idiot that we have all learned to ignore and overlook. As you can see by his failed attempt to spell properly, he's just a stupid person. Again, we all take pity on him. Thanks for your understanding with the local Son of Village Idiot.


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              Hereare YOUR words: "UK is actually a far better place to live in, free medical, free housing, free benefits etc etc"

              1. If UK is so much better, why don't you go back?

              2. So they have free medical, housing, etcc...? How is that possible? Do Doctors and Nurses not get paid? Do landlords let people live in their units free of charge? I doubt this very much. It is certainly NOT free !The US personal tax rate is about 29 % whereas UK is about 35 % and I think anyone in UK hears that housing is free would laugh at you. London is one of the most expensive places in the world to live.

              3. Regardless if this guy is rich or poor; he could be a gazillionaire; who cares? Why should you be entitled to one penny of his money? You are divorced and his obligation to you is over. Let the man in peace and get your own life !!!

              You are free to do all the things you claimed he would not allow you to but you are still blaming him. Stop blaming other people for your failures.


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                WELL SAID SONOFMICHAEL !!!


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                  Its ok CKT 510 thank you

                  Son of michael.....just to point out the government does not always sue and its down to the agencies to get their money back.

                  Would you prefer I take taxpayers money rather then what is rightly mine anyway?

                  I agree with the new system, so many people marry just to get a green card and then sponge off the government for benefits.

                  We also have this problem in the UK, wish they did something similar too.

                  You obviously hate immigrants full stop. But please let me say something....did any of your ancestors immigrate here??

                  Just because the laws have changed on how to immigrate to this country over the years gives you no right to put immigrants down, and especially class all immigrants the same.

                  You actually remind me of my STBX.....full of himself and has no consideration for anyone...DO you think women should me on their knees worshiping you too?
                  God Bless America - God Bless Immigrants - God Bless Poor Misguided Souls Too

                  National Domestic Violence Hotline:
                  1.800.799.SAFE (7233) 1.800.787.


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                    Son of michael...its true what they say about you on here.

                    I didn't say I was going through a divorce.

                    Yes sorry I must correct myself, taxpayers pay for free national health in the UK. If you never worked in the UK..then you had it free on the taxpayers.
                    ALl children upto age 18 also get it free. No matter what the income.
                    Yes you get free housing in the UK if you are on low income or refugee etc
                    If you are on benefits, you don't pay rent, don't pay taxes, free milk if you have a baby, free dental etc

                    Yes I may go back, but it won't be just because of free medical etc

                    I came here because it was the only way at the time for both of us to live together in one county instead of flying back and forward. What kind of marriage was that?
                    I fell in love with him, not an American.
                    God Bless America - God Bless Immigrants - God Bless Poor Misguided Souls Too

                    National Domestic Violence Hotline:
                    1.800.799.SAFE (7233) 1.800.787.


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                      "I got you all beat ! When my scammer got her conditional green card, her boyfriend rigged the natural gas heating system to blow up the house while I was asleep !! Fortunately, it just caused a fire and the insurance company paid for a brand new heating system !!! Counseling will not help men like us. I got my "revenge" or "justice". It helped a little but not completely. People like us have become traumatized for life. You never get over it but you learn to move on and bury the pain deep inside." WRITTEN BY SON OF STUPID

                      Her boyfriend was right about you! Too bad your such a stupid loser, SON OF STUPID!! Ha, ha!!!! LIVE YOUR MISERABLE SAD LIFE! Ha,ha!!!!! Thanks for sharing your STUPIDITY WITH US!!!


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                        Once again; NOTHING is free; SOMEONE has to pay for it. I am glad that I do not live in a society where I have to pay for another able bodies person "free" medical and housing because if they aren't paying for it, then I am. Your "vision"of free does not comport with any notion of values I have ever seen. And if it is such a great place, why don't you go back and leave this man alone?

                        You are entitled to nothing from another human being. Nothing is free; you have to WORK for it. You have this idea that things are "free"but the truth is someone has to work to get things. Getting married does not entitle you to anything. You have to WORK to get things. He is not stopping you from buying a car, getting a job and moving on. Leave him alone already and stop blaming other people for your problems. Nothing is free; not in the UK and not in the US. Stop looking for a free ride and get a job !

                        And yes, women should be on their knees worshipping me.


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                          If you are entitled to spousal support depends on the law of the state you live in.
                          Under certain circumstances you can get spousal support even if the state you live in does not have the spousal support clause.
                          Either way, you don't have to wait for the divorce to be finalized, you can go to court and get a preliminary order for that.
                          If you are in need of medical care, most states have free health clinics for low-income families. If you live in a small town, go to the local hospital and explain you situation, they will help you.
                          If you need medicine, find a CVS pharmacy, they will help to get free or the least expensive medicine.
                          Also, there is a program called Partnership for prescriptions, they will provide free or low cost prescriptions.

                          For you question, if you can sue your spouse claiming the affidavit of support, No you can't, just the government can, but you can sue him through a civil court.

                          Good luck!


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                            SON OF VILLAGE IDIOT, I worship on my knees your ex-wife and her boyfriend for making you so miserable!!! Ha,ha...


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                              She is entitled to NOTHING either morally or legally in any state. Many Foreign women and some American women falsely believe being married for one day "entitles" them to "free"goodies and alimony. Alimony is rarely, if ever, given in most states anymore and ONLY for long term (20 years +) of marriage. Courts recognize that able bodies people should enjoy the fruits of their own labor and not that of others. This woman is looking for a free ride; plain and simple. Her entire mind set is "free free free - no work for me". Lets send this welfare leach to another country where she can free load off of others, not in the USA !


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