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  • specter new immigration bill

    If some of you havent gotten the news yet, sen. specter has introduces a new immigrations bill which may very well be the main immigraion bill the senate will sent to the president desk so he could sign into law.

    Now- to no surprise- specter added a guest worker program into his bill which resembles to kyle/conyn's guest worker permit and it would allow undocumeneted migrants to exit the country first, just to apply for the permit.

    Althought it would not be good news for migrants if this bill is passed into law as it is first announced, BUT migrants can keep their hope on multiple reports that are flotting around which says that the new bill is only in his first draft and that specter is still reviewing it and might make some compromises with certain migrants to apply for the permit inside the US and not have to leave.

    Now the perfect way sen specter could go about it is use the year 2000 or maybe 2004 as the bar on whether migrants should have to leave to apply outside or stay inside the US and not be forced out to apply....I think it would be way to harsh to ask a migrant that have been living in the US for 10+ years to leave the states just to apply for the permit and come back...Also, the fact that it is unknown how long it will take to get back..If it is more then 2 3 months then it is very terrible because the person will need to provide for his/her family economicaly.

    Since president Bush started suggesting about enacting an immigration bill in 2004, there have been a large mexican rush toward the border in the hope to get inside the US before the new immigration bill is enacted, so specter putting a bar on who would have to exit and who would have to stay may depend on how long you been living inside the US..I have no problem with telling a migrant that just crossed the border, to exit the US if he wants to apply for the permit.

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    You are so F-ing phony..
    If your goal is to pretend to be an "immigrant", then at least have enough brains to do so convincingly.
    Your grammatical errors are phonier than one could imagine!
    You idiot don't understand that when foreigners make grammatical mistakes they follow certain recognizable patterns.

    Someone who knows enough to use "has" won't follow with "introduces". The one who writes "introduces" won't propably precede with "has" ("has introduces a new immigrations bill").

    And since when did you learn to write "guest" rather than "guess" worker?

    Now, I want everybody to know that this is a PHONY site and members here are mostly ill-spirited immigrant haters ( some even pretend to be "immigrants"), whose only objective is WITCH-HUNTING, is OPRESSION and inflicting as much HARM to IMMIGRANTS as they possibly could.


    Immigrants! Go to , there is a GREAT Immigration forum there !


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      And where is this bill? Where can we read it?


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        Chairman Specter's Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill (February 2006) :


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          I have to agree that this initiative will probably pass without much difficulty. Upon an initial and brief review of some controversial issues, the Specter bill seems to be a compromised version of the House bill with some sort of ineffective (?) guest worker program.
          While it still criminalizes unlawful presence, it does so in a very different way. Unlike the House bill, this particular legislation goes after serious criminals and other serial offenders. Although the issue remains, "retroactive application of a criminal statute is unconstitutional when the offender is not given warning that he or she might be subject to criminal prosecution".
          Rest assured, a guest worker program would be little more than some inapplicable statute and mute law.
          The bill does take into consideration several BIA decisions, like that in Choe, but trashes others of very important nature such as Arai, Battista, Cervantes, Hirsh and Michael.
          I do not understand how special consideration is given to "charities helping immigrants" based on their sole desire to aid those in need, and no consideration is given to immediate relatives who, by definition, help their families. This is ridiculous at best.
          A hidden detail. If passed, this bill will amend INA to read "come and apply, you'll get your benefits plus some criminal charges as a bonus". Isn't this nice?
          In short, this bill is nothing more than the House bill with several restrictions, actually, those restrictions are the ones I personally wanted to see implemented, so I have no material objections to the passage of this initiative other than my concerns for the integrity of the law and constitutional guidelines.


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            Houston, I note that you didn't read the Bill carefully.
            There is no provision to be interpreted as "come and apply, you'll get your benefits plus some criminal charges as a bonus".
            That is NOT true.
            Once applied, criminal background checks will be completed and UNLESS one is a CRIMINAL or a SECURITY THREAT, the DHS in their discretion can adjust the status of apllicant to that of temporary non-immigrant worker (PROVIDED applicant was in US since prior January,2004 and was NOT IN LEGAL STATUS ever since, and timely applies for the benefit new Section).

            I post extensively on forum on variety of topics and suggest you visit the mentioned site if you want thorough debate of this issue. I personally no longer engage in discussions on immigration topics on this FASCIST motivated forum.

            Best Regards,


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              As I said, for more thorough and intelligent debate I invite you to GREAT forum under
              There is no point of having discussion on this FASCIST dominated forum of

              This being said, very short answer to your post is:
              Sen. Specter is one of the most intelligent Senators the US Senate has, and I would refrain from suggesting that he is "pitching some wicked curveball".

              NOTE: President Bush said he doesn't support "AMNESTY", therefore allowing 11 mln. people to ADJUST TO LPR through and after gaining "Temporary Worker" status would be against what President proposed, additionally some members of the House would raise mighty hell over granting "AMNESTY" to illegals.

              As to grounds of admissibility, almost all subsections of 212(a) can be waived (under Specter Bill), except for CRIMINAL and SECURITY charges.
              The Bill also addresses "backlog elimination", by exempting the USC immediate relatives from numerical counting against 480.000 CAP reserved for other immigrant relatives, as well as significantly increasing the number of permanent work visas (I-140 GC) .

              Overall, this Bill reflects - in details - what President has spoken for and advocated all along.

              P.S. I strongly suggest all members interested in IMMIGRATION matters to visit GREAT forum under


              • #8
                What I mean by "wicked curveball" is that this bill manages border security in a very intelligent manner, it provides some level of reform and enhanced national security without any extravagant statutes.
                Sen. Specter has accomplished what many consider difficult or impossible by defining a starting point to sensible immigration reform.


                • #9
                  No doubt he is very intelligent Senator.
                  And I still wouldn't refer to his Bill as "wicked curveball" , no matter how you perceive it.

                  Not to compare Senator Specter, but would you say "God has thrown wicked curveball" after reading about Quantum Mechanics?

                  Or that "Lincoln threw wicked curveball" , because he had brilliant strategy during Civil War?

                  True intelligence deserves the praise of higher nature.

                  Best Regards,


                  • #10
                    Indeed, a solid piece of legislation. Sen. Specter has it right when it comes to a starting point for immigration reform.


                    • #11
                      Yes, he does.
                      Brilliant Senator, he knows what he does.


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                        BTW, Houston, why did you delete your post ( was # 7 on this thread) ?


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                          I have been reading very carefully the Specter bill, and I'm surprised by the comprehensive construction of each title and subtitle.
                          Here's some of the issues I consider important about this bill:
                          1. It handles retroactivity with care, avoiding violations of due process and unconstitutionality.
                          2. While penalizing unlawful presence it does not create new grounds for inadmissibility based on aggravated felonies. This is consistent with previous BIA decisions. This is the main issue with the House bill, completely avoided by the Specter legislation.
                          3. It promotes zero tolerance for criminal activity and illegal re-entry for those benefiting from the guest worker program. (no waivers available).
                          4. The bill promotes benefits for skilled professionals and those who possess a high-end degree. In other words, it favors selective immigration.

                          However, there's one particular point I believe needs clarification or better construction.

                          I would like to see some of the provisions that apply to the guest worker admissibility transported to section 212 in general. Family unity appears to be a great concern when dealing with guest workers but other immediate relatives are left aside. A "guest worker" cannot present more equity than a U.S. citizen or LPR (in route to becoming a citizen). This would be ridiculous, a person being granted mercy and compassion as a guest worker cannot present more equity before INA than a U.S. citizen, specially when the alien does not have any important skills other than being "hard working" and very little ties to the country in terms of property, social integration and american values. The Government cannot favor the interests of "guest workers" over those of U.S. citizens.


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                            Houston, perhaps you should read more about the background of this Bill.

                            1. Yes, you are correct in principle: it is unquestionable that equity of LPR and USC superceeds that of "Guest Worker".

                            But where do you see "other immediate relatives are left aside"?
                            In fact, Specter Bill would exempt USC Immediate Relatives from being counted against the 480.000 CAP reserved for other immigrant categories (thus, under current rate, more than 200.000 VISAS would be made awailable for other Immigrant Relative categories. 77% of total 480.000 would be allocated to spouses of LPR's).

                            2. Senator Specter is advocating granting temporary "Guest Worker" status to illegal workers present in US NOT BECAUSE he has a great affection for law-breakers instead of USC/LPRs (this is something that anti-Specter fanatics would claim).
                            Rather.. You should read his press releases and remarks on the issue.
                            Go to and do the search for "Senator Specter".

                            He is a GREAT and very EFFECTIVE Senator of BROADEST Mind !!

                            I hope he remains the Chairman of Judiciary for years to come.


                            • #15
                              The provisions regarding inadmissibility to deal with guest workers consider a waiver for most grounds except those of criminal nature. I understand this is done to grand these people a clean start and legal status.
                              But what about the immediate relatives of citizens and LPR's? They should be subject to the same level of consideration because, according to INA, they present the highest equity and ties to the country.


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