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JulieCelik you don't have a clue !!!! Here are the FACTS instead of your opinion

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    Sorry, can't resist...
    why not use the ole "toilet paper principle"?

    Only need to use a few sheets to do the job, otherwise you simply clog the toilet!! Had to get the plunger out to read this thread.


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      "It didn't actually take much work to sort through your garbage and translate all your nonsense and make it all understandable to average readers."

      You call that post understandable??

      "As to your "contradicting yourself" b/s, first of all I am not afraid of appearances, because I ONLY care of the essence."

      Me too.

      "Second, I am hereby exposing your tricks and deciets,"

      Again, how are you doing so if you don't provide any examples?? My "deceit"? What part of my observation of our current situation is "deceitful"?

      "I am not disputing/replying to all the nonsense that you put up here."

      You're just putting up your own nonsense.

      "Obviously you see how reasonable, rational my statements/posts are ,"

      That's a joke!! Not judging by your previous post! All you've done thus far is prove you're a fan of the old ad hominems..

      "....and it is also obvious that you can't take them. Perhaps you are a disguised Acelaw or Michael who also logs on as SKS, for understandable reasons.Or just one of their disguised supporters."

      I support acelaw!! geez, read some old threads.....

      "It is not even multiple personality disorder, it is simply called a deceit."

      Care to elaborate?? Where have I been "deceitful"? Oh, forgot, just another baseless attack...

      "So, your best bet is to make all my statements to appear unreasonable (sophist as you are),"

      If you attack me without providing examples, then your statements are in fact unfounded and unreasonable.....

      "Thus, you ignore the whole context,"

      Care to elaborate??

      "...instead you focus on individual sentences, bring them up against each other and meanwhile you construct "twisting bridges" of misinterpretations/misrepresentations between them and thus make it APPEAR as if my statements contradicted themselves."

      Care to elaborate?? Or just more allegations?

      "Even when you say you agree with me, you say so to discredit me,"

      So, now you're a mind reader!! I do not say I agree with you to discredit you, only to agree with you!!

      "..since, you say, I called you unintelligent all that you say/agree with must be the same."

      Wrong. Look at my previous postings the past few months. You didn't exist, yet if you read you'll see that we do in fact agree on several things. Thus, this is an unfounded allegation and I do not say I agree with you for any reason other than the fact that we actually do.

      "Anyway, this is an old game (or you call it an ART, perhaps), some two if not three or more millenias old."

      Not as old as your ad hominem attacks and slinging mud in a failed attempt to discredit me!

      "And I am not into it."

      Sure, you use your tactics very should seek work on a political compaign..

      "I could concentrate my mental energy and focus myself on playing these petty,little word games and in the end you would be struggling in my nets, but it is not my goal at all."

      Mr/Mrs high and mighty now huh? Sounds funny judging from your last post about me.

      "I strongly beleive that ESSENTIAL things exist on their own and have no need for me to waste my time in catching you or other "sophists" in the nets of "word game" or demagougery."

      Sure. Just make baseless allegations and attack my intelligence. Nah, that isn't petty huh?

      "1. We need to be less emotional, less bigoted and extreme in deciding/contemplating a matter."

      That has been my contention the entire time......

      "2. Once we can look at the issue without unnesessary passion, we could then find better/feasible/acceptable to majority solutions."

      I agree......and not to discredit either.

      "And here is what you propose: Give LPR to Illegals here and seal borders."

      Not exactly. I'm not in to "giving" anything, only to allow them to adjust here but must go through the same steps, ie: 245(i).

      "Well, do YOU SKS beleive it could be done with so much piblic opposition to Undocumented Immigrants now?"

      I didn't say now. Quite frankly NOTHING will get done NOW. Perhaps in 2-3 years....

      "Why even propose something that is obviously inflaming/aggravating to the majority?"

      Because it is the only feasible thing to do with them..........I don't see any massive deportations..

      "The only true reason to propose such an unfulfillable thing (grant AMNESTY and LPR to all illegals) would be to see it defeated.

      Exactly, which is why I'm against amnesties.

      "Anyway, SKS, I told you that I guarantee you will not succeed in your futile attempts to turn my statements upside down."

      You're right, I probably won't succeed in doing that because that is not what I'm doing!!

      "And I maintain so now."

      Uh, ok....whatever that means.

      "Do not hope to elicit my comments or replies on your "spin-game" statements."

      Of course, you'd rather attack me and take pot shots, then flee.......

      "I will always avoid getting into "cat-fight" with you, instead I will pull you by your neck from the dirty waters that you try to hide yourself into, and I will expose your little tricks as you keep using them."

      Please explain how my analysis of our current situation is wrong......

      Seeing as how I've exposed your tricks of ad hominem attacks and baseless acuasations, I pretty much got your number.....

      "So, while I refuse to reply/comment on your nonsense garbage, yet at the same time I keep pulling you out of the deep dirty waters that you would wish to hide your true self in."

      Still waiting for your examples after several times of me asking......

      "Good luck in firther helping me to expose your deceitful tricks"

      You're right. Maybe I should just completely attack your intelligence and make false allegatioins against you. Yeah, that's what I'll do, use your tricks. That should be fun to just throw nonsense out there like you.

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      [This message was edited by SKS on March 25, 2004 at 03:05 PM.]


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        Have to say E spins more then you !!! You are now #2 Buddy!!!!Try harder !!!Of course it all has little content.Looks as if he is practicing his typing skills , lots of words but ?????


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          I guess it depends on what facts you know, and what facts others know..also, how you interpret 'facts' aka 'information' is also a, your facts do very little to convince me or others who think like me, of anything you say...

          Well Julie feel free to post all the "positive" facts of this invasion of another country you can find ???USC would like to feel we are getting something for the 70 billion plus you costs us ????Tell us how overcrowded schools are good for our children, show us how bankrupt hospitals are good for us???Tell us how bringing back diseases that we wiped out long ago or never had is OK, we can always go to those hospitals that USE TO BE HERE for help RIGHT???? Tells us that these folks had to die at the hands of illegal aliens because your more deserving then they WERE??? After all you all have the right to decide life's issues for folks of another country !!!!!!!

          This is only part of the list too long for this web-site

          There is an enormous number of Americans who have been harmed by the criminals who pass through the nation's open borders. For that reason, this section can only provide a symbolic tribute to the many unnamed victims who have been killed, raped, robbed, crippled and otherwise personally violated.
          It is particularly shocking that even in post-911 America, the government still refuses to protect the people in the most basic ways from the world's terrorists and criminals who enter at will to do as they please. The borders remain a sieve while the human carnage from crime perpetrated from illegal aliens continues to mount. In another stunner of INS malfeasance, the agency often cannot even manage to deport dangerous criminal aliens when they reach the ends of their prison terms.

          "¢ The murder of Kris Eggle (see the separate page of collected articles), a park ranger in the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument in southern Arizona on August 9, 2002, was little noted by the media, although the press has paid considerable attention to the deaths of illegal aliens on the border. By contrast, Ranger Eggle was shot down by Mexican drug dealers who were using Organ Pipe as a route for their smuggling. Only 28 when he was murdered, Eggle was a valedictorian and an Eagle Scout who joined the National Park Service because he loved the outdoors. (Organ Pipe is considered to be the most dangerous of the national park system: 200,000 illegal aliens and 700,000 pounds of drugs were intercepted at the park in 2001.) The Eggle family is determined that his death will not be forgotten by working for real border control, including a Washington press conference with Tom Tancredo in the fall of 2002. The Eggles have a family website,, to inform interested parties about what they are doing.


          "¢ In a particularly tragic example of government inattention to illegal aliens who have run amock, one of the snipers who terrorized the Washington DC area for three weeks in October 2002 was a foreign national who had been apprehended the previous year. As a stowaway, he was required by law to be immediately deported back to his home country. Instead, the INS overroad the Border Patrol's designation and released John Lee Malvo upon the unsuspecting American public. Had immigration law been followed by the INS, there would have been no two-man hit team and it is likely that there would have been no devastating series of murders. As columnist Michelle Malkin has observed, the INS releases dangerous alien criminals all the time.

          "¢ David Nadel was a familiar community activist in Berkeley, California, and owned the popular Ashkenaz dance club that featured eclectic music, such as zydeco, cajun, klezmer and the blues. In 1996, he was murdered in the club by an apparent Mexican illegal alien, Juan Rivera Perez, whom Nadel had earlier ejected for harassing other patrons. Perez was in Ashkenaz as part of an English as a Second Language program graduation party. Police believe Perez escaped to Mexico, which is famously unhelpful in extraditing violent criminals. Despite the outcry from law enforcement, victims and the press, our government does not insist on normal compliance in law enforcement from Mexican authorities.

          "¢ In another case of justice denied, the murderer of Phoenix high school student Tanee Natividad merely crossed the border into Mexico to escape law enforcement. A local television station was able to track down the murderer in a bar just a few miles across the border without much effort. Max LaMadrid has no reason to hide because the Mexican government actually helps violent criminals escape American justice. According to Arizona Attorney General Janet Napolitano, action by the Mexican supreme court making it more difficult to extradite criminals has "created an incentive for people to flee into Mexico as a safe harbor." At one time, Mexico would not extradite criminals who might be subject to the death penalty; the Mexican court recently extended this "protection" to any Mexican who might receive a life sentence, thereby giving a free pass to rapists, kidnappers and child molesters. In fact, the investigating reporter found 100 cases of violent criminals from the Phoenix area escaping into Mexico in just the last few years. Meanwhile, the grieving family of 16-year-old Tanee gets no justice "” like thousands of others in the southwest.

          "¢ At the left is shown Darlene Squires, the distraught mother of a disabled teenager, one of two girls who were raped on October 24, 2002, by three members of a Salvadoran street gang located in Somerville, Massachusetts. Aged 17 and 14, both victims are deaf and one has cerebral palsy. Mrs. Squires believed that the attacks were a retaliation against her family because her husband confronted the young men after they had harassed the Squires son. Later reports indicated the men arrested for the crime were illegal aliens.Law enforcement officials were concerned about increased violence from the MS-13 gang which was "believed to have originated in part with soldiers and their families who left El Salvador." Local residents estimate the gang has more than 100 members in their community. An update a few months after the Squires crime showed that the gang problem in the community has only gotten worse.

          "¢ The lives of many law enforcement officers have been lost at the criminal hands of violent illegal aliens. One such was David March, a Los Angeles County Sheriff who was killed when he pulled over a car for a routine traffic stop. The driver was a dangerous Mexican drug dealer, Armando Garcia, who had been deported twice and has a long history of violent crime. After shooting Sheriff March twice in the head, Garcia was able to escape and is believed to be in Mexico, where officials refuse to send him back for trial. Garcia is also wanted for two attempted murders. At least one member of Congress, Adam Schiff, has called for President Bush to insist that Mexico extradite violent felons. Furthermore, the Attorneys General for all 50 states wrote to Ashcroft and Secretary of State Colin Powell to demand action on the extradition issue.

          "¢ Compared with many on this page who suffered violent crime, Barbara Vidlak got off easy with just identity theft. Still, you wouldn't want her problems. The rip-off of her Social Security number by an illegal immigrant has caused Barbara's phone to be turned off, loss of health insurance for her two kids as well as extra money out of pocket from the 34-year-old Omaha resident for credit checks and other expenses, such as lost time at work. She also had to act as a detective to track down the culprit who has filled her life with turmoil and stress. The reporting on this crime is notable for its relentless sympathy for the perpetrator, even when the damage to the victim is obvious for all to see. Rather than note how illegal immigration is not a victimless crime, reporter Cindy Gonzalez quotes an "immigrant rights" advocate who says that "In some ways, both women are victims."

          "¢ Eighteen-year-old Tricia Taylor of Detroit was in court in December 2002 to hear the plea of the illegal alien who caused her to lose both legs above the knees. Jose Carcamo was driving under the influence (.08 percent blood alcohol level) and speeding when he drove over a curb and smashed Taylor into a wall. One report stated that Carcamo has had 17 violations since 1995. Another noted that he was drag racing at the time of the crash. It is agreed that the car was travelling between 50 and 75 miles per hour on a street posted for 25 mph. Taylor's companion Noah Menard suffered a fractured skull and collarbone, as well as requiring eight pins to reconstruct his mangled elbow. The INS had twice begun deportation proceeding against Carcamo to return him to El Salvador, but regrettably did not follow through. Carcamo will be out of jail in a few years, but Tricia Taylor faces a lifetime of pain and disability because of another failure of the INS to remove a dangerous alien. Incidentally, drinking to excess and then driving is celebrated in Hispanic cultures rather than condemned.
          Sentencing Update: On January 13, 2003 Jose Carcamo was sentenced to 3-5 years in prison. Four months after the crash, Tricia Taylor still must take pain medication, antibiotics, anti-depressants and sleeping pills. Chronic bone infection means she may yet lose more of her right leg. Carcamo sent a note of apology to Taylor and Menard, but misspelled the names. She responded, "It hurts me every time I see him. He acts like he's sorry, but you'd think he would know our names." She is not forgiving, either: "I have my whole life with no legs ... I'm only 18. He gets no forgiveness."

          "¢ Another American stymied in the pursuit of justice for a murdered child is Ron Cornell, shown here with a car-hood portrait of his murdered son Joey. His son's killer, Gonzalo Villalobos, escaped to Mexico and, like so many others, is being protected by the Mexican government's refusal to extradite. At one point, Villalobos' whereabouts in El Salvador were known precisely, but there is no extradition cooperation with that nation either. (After the devastation of Hurricane Mitch in 1998, the United States sent $110 million in disaster relief aid to El Salvador.) This article includes a rogues gallery of mug shots of fugitives safe in Mexico.

          "¢ In June 2002, these four residents of Whidbey Island in Washington were the shooting victims of a Jamaican national who was evidently frustrated that he had ruined his plans to get a green card through marriage to an American woman. Preston Dean "Hugh" Douglas angered his girlfriend Holly Swartz because he had sexually abused her seven-year-old daughter. When Holly moved herself and her child into her mother's house, Douglas reacted by shooting Holly, her mother Marjorie Monnett (the mother of eight children), Marjorie's son Bruce and Bruce's girlfriend Sierra Klug. Holly and Marjorie were killed, and Bruce and Sierra survived. Douglas shot and killed himself. Reportedly Douglas was in the country illegally, although he was working as a bouncer at a local Chinese restaurant.

          "¢ On the day after New Years 2003, six-year-old Jose Soto was riding his bike around the parking lot near his parents' apartment house when he was struck and severely injured by a man backing out in a red truck. Witnesses were shocked when the man stopped and pulled the child from under the truck and roughly threw him aside before speeding off. At this writing, Jose is in critical condition in a Houston hospital and the perpetrator is believed to be on his way to Mexico, if not already there. The man's name was released a few days later: Jose Ines Morales. As noted above, once a criminal reaches Mexico, he has effectively eluded the law permanently, since America's southern neighbor refuses to extradite, as a matter of policy, criminals who may be punished according to the severity of their crimes.

          "¢ Sister Helen Chaska was murdered in late summer 2002 by being strangled with her rosary beads "” the beads were found imbedded in her neck. She was also raped, as was another nun who accompanied Sister Helen during walking prayers. Both women were in Klamath Falls, Oregon, doing missionary work when the crimes occurred. Her accused murderer is Maximiliano Esparza, who is in the United States illegally, and was convicted in 1988 of robbery and kidnapping in Los Angeles. He was sentenced to six years in prison, was released in 1992 and was on probation until 1995. By law, this man should have been deported to Mexico after his release in 1992. Instead, the INS allowed him to remain in the United States and commit even more heinous crimes. In this article, Michelle Malkin notes the Esparza crime and other examples of INS standard procedure of "catch and release" in violation of law.
          Sentencing Update: On April 8, 2003, Esparza was sentenced to life in prison without parole. The sentence was a deal worked out with the prosecution to avoid a trial with the possibility of the death penalty. Klamath County District Attorney Ed Caleb said that he wanted to avoid forcing the other nun who had been attacked to testify. In addition, Caleb sent a bill to the Mexican consulate for the cost of investigating and prosecuting the case. Not much chance of getting any money, but it is a reasonable gesture.

          "¢ It has been a decade since Oregon State Police Trooper Bret Clodfelter was murdered by an illegal alien, but the crime has not been forgotten. Trooper Clodfelter of Klamath Falls had arrested three Mexican men for being drunk and disorderly, then offered them a ride and was murdered for his generosity. The prosecuter sought the death penalty, but one dissenting juror meant Francisco Manzo-Hernandez got life in prison instead. To add to the tragedy, Clodfelter's widow Rene committed suicide a year after her husband was murdered. The couple had been married just over a month when the murder occurred.

          "¢ Officer Sheila Herring was lost to a bullet from an illegal alien in an early morning altercation at a Norfolk bar on January 16. The accused man, Mario Roberto Keen, a citizen of Jamaica, had reportedly shot a man in the bar after which the police were called. When several officers arrived, Keen opened fire and shot Officer Herring who died later in surgery. Keen was shot and killed at the scene. He had been sentenced to five years in prison in 1990 for selling cocaine and was later deported. Keen attempted to re-enter the United States in New York in 1997, but was reportedly barred from entering. It is not known when Keen succeeded in entering the U.S. But back to Sheila Herring: from all accounts she was an excellent police officer and loved her job.


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            "But one thing is for certain: We've got to respect people who are in our country. We've got to treat them with decency. And when the system is broke, we need to reform it. (Applause.) "

            White House
            President George W Bush

            Opening New Markets for America's Small Businesses
            Remarks by the President to the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
            Renaissance Hotel
            Washington, D.C.

            2:45 P.M. EST


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              ACELAW, keep up your "hate 'em, kick 'em!" campaign.
              I don't think you will go too far with that attitude.



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                Have to say E spins more then you !!! You are now #2 Buddy!!!!Try harder !!!Of course it all has little content.Looks as if he is practicing his typing skills , lots of words but ?????"

                Gee wiz, I thought you were bad acelaw until I met this fella........

                This guy is not only one heck of a spin master, he is one of those guys who read a philosophy book in college and now thinks he knows everything!

                See there, we can agree on some things!


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                  SKS posts [writes]:


                  Have to say E spins more then you !!! You are now #2 Buddy!!!!Try harder !!!Of course it all has little content.Looks as if he is practicing his typing skills , lots of words but ?????"

                  Gee wiz, I thought you were bad acelaw until I met this fella........

                  This guy is not only one **** of a spin master, he is one of those guys who read a philosophy book in college and now thinks he knows everything!

                  See there, we can agree on some things!
                  [end of post]

                  Translation [ SKS really means to say ] :


                  Have to say E spins more then you !!! You are now #2 Buddy!!!!Try harder !!!Of course it all has little content.Looks as if he is practicing his typing skills , lots of words but ?????"

                  Gee wiz, E. thought you were bad acelaw until he met this fella, SKS........

                  I am not only one **** of a spin master, I am one of those guys who study rhetoric and dialectics in college and now think I know everything!

                  See there, we can agree on some things!"
                  [end of true meaning]


                  I AGREE


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                    "See there, we can agree on some things!"
                    [end of true meaning]
                    I AGREE"

                    Nice spin.......come on, you can do better than that.

                    Still waiting E...........

                    For somebody that doesn't want to be petty, that sure doesn't make you look good.


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                        WOW he also reads minds too , you meant to say ?Get a clue E!!!


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                          Very special for Acelaw:
                          [copy-paste from ILW.COM homepage]

                          Foreign Affair

                          by Yvette Lopez-Cooper

                          After noting that there was nobody left to thank in New Zealand, the Academy Award winner for best actress, Charlize Theron, held her Oscar and tearfully exclaimed: "I'm going to thank everyone in South Africa - my home country - I'm bringing this home next week." As a teenager, Theron left her small town of Benoni in South Africa to pursue her dreams. Like so many other foreigners in the U.S. film industry, Charlize Theron has culturally enriched the United States.

                          A large proportion of the winners and nominees for the 76th Academy Awards came from many parts of the world. And that does not even include those in the category for Best Foreign Film. The New Zealand crew from "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" achieved an extraordinary milestone, winning every Oscar in the eleven categories for which it was nominated, including Best Director and Best Picture. Other Kiwis up for Academy Awards included Keisha Castle-Hughes for her performance in "Whale Rider". The 13 year-old was the youngest person ever nominated for the best actress.

                          In their acceptance speeches, Academy Award winners paid tribute to the immigrants in their lives. Winner of the Best Supporting Actress Award, Renie Zellweger thanked her "immigrant parents" for their support who are originally from Norway and Sweden. Moreover, many Academy Award nominated films were loaded with immigrant themes. The West African-born Djimon Hounsou was nominated for his role "In America," in which he played a man dying of AIDS who is befriended by the daughters of a family of undocumented Irish immigrants. While on the red carpet, Hounsou said that he hoped the film would serve as an educational tool for the entertainment industry, clearly referring to the lukewarm acceptance immigrants today are facing in the United States.

                          Similarly, in the film "House of Sand and Fog" the Iranian actress Shohreh Aghdashloo played the wife of an exiled Iranian colonel who tries to pursue the American dream. Aghdashloo, who was nominated for Best Supporting Actress, has a personal connection to her character as she herself fled from Iran after the 1979 revolution. Like Hounsou, Aghdashloo has said she hopes her film changes people's attitudes about immigrants. The British actor, Sir Ben Kingsley, was also nominated for Best Actor for his role in the critically acclaimed film.

                          Language barriers did not keep anyone away from the Oscar ceremonies. Best Supporting Actor nominee Ken Watanabe brought his own interpreter to the Oscars so he could speak Japanese at times. Watanabe, who lives in Tokyo and Los Angeles, was nominated for his dramatic samurai performance in "The Last Samurai." A French band performed the song "Belleville Rendez-vous," which was nominated for the Best Original Song. British singer-songwriters Sting and Elvis Costello were also up for the award. In the end, New Zealand's Fran Walsh, Canadian composer Howard Shore and British singer Annie Lennox took home the best-song Oscar for "Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King".

                          Australia and Brazil's influences were also felt on Sunday evening. Aussie Peter Weir was nominated for Best Director for "Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World." Fernando Meirelles was also nominated Best Director for his work in "City of God" which included a cast filled with native Brazilians.

                          Increasingly it has been recognized that the success of U.S. films in international markets is a critical factor in whether a film makes money or tanks. What we now have to recognize is the importance of foreigners working with U.S. partners in making those profits happen both at home and abroad. Strangely, with tighter immigration control, it is getting more difficult to bring these foreign workers into the U.S. Earlier this year, the former Buena Vista Social Club Cuban musician and Grammy nominee Ibrahim Ferrer was denied a visa to come into the U.S.

                          Amid a growing hostile international environment, it's refreshing to see ethnic diversity being recognized in the U.S. film industry. Foreigners in the film industry not only continue to shape our views of the world, but also provide necessary revenue for the U.S. Indeed, foreigner entertainers are just one more example of the colorful American mosaic. Perhaps, this is what Charlize Theron showed South Africans when she took home the gold statuette.


                          About The Author

                          Yvette Lopez-Cooper is a former Department of Justice attorney and practices immigration law in Southern California. She can be reached at:


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                            Diversity what a joke ,it left a long time ago !!!

                            Precedence: bulk

                            [FYI: The report summarized below is on line in its entirety at and contains information on the top immigrant sending countries for each of the 50 states and the top seven states of residence for each of the top 100 sending countries. -- Mark Krikorian]

                            Mexico, Latin America Comprise Growing Share of Foreign-Born

                            WASHINGTON (September 5, 2003) -- During the 1990s, the nation's immigrant population grew 11.3 million, faster than at any time in our history. One country -- Mexico -- and one region -- Spanish-speaking Latin America -- have come to dominate U.S. immigration.

                            A new report from the Center for Immigration Studies examines the changing composition of immigrants nationally and in each state. The findings show that diversity among the foreign born declined significantly in the 1990s, both nationally and at the state level. The report also finds that immigrants from some countries became more spread out in the 1990s, while the distribution of others changed little.

                            The report, entitled "Where Immigrants Live: An Examination of State Residency by Country in 1990 and 2000," contains detailed findings at both the national level and in all 50 states. It is on line at

                            Among the report's findings:

                            * In 1990, immigrants from the top sending country ­ Mexico ­ accounted for 22 percent of the total foreign born. By 2000, Mexican immigrants accounted for 30 percent of the total. Mexico alone accounted for 43 percent of the growth in the immigrant population between 1990 and 2000.

                            * In 39 states, the share of the immigrant population accounted for by the top sending country increased. The decline in diversity was most dramatic in Arkansas, North Carolina, Georgia, Indiana, Tennessee, Utah, Nebraska, and Alabama.

                            * Even in some states that had little diversity in 1990, the situation become even more pronounced during the decade. In Arizona, for example, immigrants from Mexico grew from 55 percent to 67 percent of the foreign born and in Texas, Mexicans increased from 59 to 65 percent of the total.

                            "In one sense today's immigration is more diverse than ever because people now arrive from every corner of the world," said Steven A. Camarota, the Center's Director of Research and coauthor of the report. "However, in another, and perhaps more important, sense it is less diverse. Allowing in so many people from one country and region of the world may significantly slow the assimilation process by creating the critical mass necessary for linguistic, cultural, and residential isolation."

                            * Looking at diversity by region of the world also shows a decline in diversity. One region -- Spanish-speaking Latin America -- accounted for more than 60 percent of the growth in the immigrant population in the 1990s.

                            * Declining diversity was due to very uneven growth in the size of different immigrant groups. For example, the number immigrants from Spanish-speaking Latin America increased by 7 million and those from East Asia rose by over 2 million. In contrast, the number from Europe increased by less than 700,000, and those from Sub-Saharan Africa increased by about 400,000.

                            * Immigrants from some countries became much more dispersed during the decade. For example, the concentration of immigrants from Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and El Salvador fell significantly during the decade.

                            * In contrast, immigrants from Cuba actually become more concentrated, while the concentration of immigrants from countries such as Iran, Colombia, Jamaica, and Haiti remained virtually unchanged in the 1990s.

                            DISCUSSION: This report uses the terms "immigrant" and "foreign born" synonymously. It should be remembered that in both the 1990 and 2000 censuses, roughly one-fifth of the immigrants are estimated to be illegal aliens, and among the Mexican-born population the proportion is about half. It is also important to note that this report does not directly address the costs or benefits created by declining immigrant diversity. Instead, we provide detailed statistics on the changing composition of the nation's immigrant population both at the national level and in all 50 states. It seems reasonable to assume that the changing nature of immigration must have some implications for the way immigrants integrate. The most serious potential problem with a larger and less-diverse immigrant population is that it may hinder the assimilation of immigrants. The English language and American culture are the means by which diverse groups communicate with each other and the larger society. But if one group dominates in an area, then this may reduce the need to Americanize.

                            Contact: Steven Camarota, (202) 466-8185,


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