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he was cheating on me since the time I met him

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    How selfish, how devil is that? I cannot believe people can actually be that mean.

    I am incredibly disappointed in the way people can play the nice person but when things get serious you see a monster instead of a human being. I am single but trust me if I knew who you are, I would do everything possible to stay as far away from you as I can. YOU ARE MEAN.

    I cant believe it.


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      Kumna, so you think I should rather let him use me just like he had planned from the beginning?
      I am not a masochist. The things did not go wrong, the things were always wrong because he married me for the GC. If he was honest he should have told me this is what he needs, then maybe I would have helped him. Why to destroy someone's life ? why should I share my child with him? I am not selfish. I should let him go a long time ago and look, instead, I am still letting him to earn here so he can take it back with him.


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        and, Kumna, I gave him a chance... I talked to him, told him what his choices are. He PROMISED he will never contact this woman again. He did not for a week and then started again.
        What about consequences?
        None for his behavior?


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          Maybe you will find people to help you destroy his life.

          I am done with this posting.


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            Since your spouse has a conditional green card, allegations of immigration fraud are not enough, especially if USCIS considers they are from a spurned wife. As a matter of law, it is very difficult to get a judgment of fraud, any type of fraud that is, on a failure to honor future promises, unless there is proof that the person offering those promises knew at the time he or she had no intention of fulfilling them. In essence, his promise to be faithful would fall into that realm. If immigration fraud was his primary intent in the marriage, he would be either really foolish or incredibly secure with his bona fides to let the cat out of the bag until he had successfully removed conditions. If this is simply a suspicion on your part, I sense this will be a difficult case of fraud to prove.

            Alternatively, concrete proof that immigration fraud was commited would merit denial or revocation of permanent residency.
            The above is simply an opinion. Your mileage may vary. For immigration issues, please consult an immigration attorney.


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              well,cheating is part of the society ,so you have to get over it .don,t repay evil with evil (not worth it) just wish him the best and go on with your life ,ok.God will give u a good man like me oneday .cheers


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                Every person is entitled to his/her own decision. Just because someone is not as wishy-washy nor acting scared as yourself Kumna, won't automatically make them evil. Nor does seeking compensation/retribution for a wrongdoing that happens to them. Of course everyone differs on that.

                If you deadset on making it the worse for him, there's a couple way you can achieve this:
                1) Annulment. It'll depend on the marriage law in your states. He'll not have any basis to remove the condition on his GC. I'm not sure whether USCIS will treat this any different than a divorce though (I can't believe I've to defer to Michael....)
                2) Play along until its time to remove his condition and then skip town when it comes time for the interview part. Or delay tactic so the application to remove condition isn't sent out in time. Of course, there might not be any interview at all.

                If you simply wish to alert USCIS either by reporting him in person or sending correspondence of his so-called adultery/affairs, it might not be enough. As sappyconnifer already stated, there's a chance USCIS will consider you're nothing but an angry/scorned spouse, hell-bent on destroying the other party. It'll be much easier to use the pre-existing regulations for the 2yr anniversary to achieve your goals.

                Personally, I would think a father should have the privilege to see his children, unless he's a deadbeat dad or one that abuse/don't care about their well being. If he's not any of the above, are you willing to sacrifice your daughter future growing up not knowing her dad, in order to satisfy your desire?

                As a sidenote, funny thing you said that dunkman. Aren't you the one getting ready to marry a lady in welfare and support her and her children, and in turn she'll be supporting your GC application? Sure sounds fishy. All of this happen only after your F1 status was revoked and you turned illegal, and the asylum process failed as well too, iirc.


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                  sappyconifer, I am not spurned. I tried to forgive him, and I really did after the first time I found the evidence. The evidence included the things that this woman left behind in my house. It also includes secret correspondence that I was lucky to get ahold of. He knew her for years and he did not discontinue this relationship after getting together with me. Yes, I do have evidence. I gave him many chances to either leave me and still have the GC so I don't waste my life or leave the other "friendship" stay with me and be honest. He wanted to stay but then he started the same again. There are not just suspicions. I am not looking into destroying his life. But I don't think he deserves to stay over here so we have one more cheater in the country. Plus, how could he model honesty to our child if he has none?


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                    If what you say is true, this man is not worthy of your trust and you would certainly be better off with someone who will respect you and the commitment that marriage requires. Immigration regulations and the steps to procure permanent residency via a marriage-based petition only require that the initial intent (when entering the marriage) was bona fide. If you have proof that his intent was only to secure a green card at that time, then his long term legal presence in the United States may be placed in jeopardy.
                    The above is simply an opinion. Your mileage may vary. For immigration issues, please consult an immigration attorney.


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                      Yes, it is true. I can't be giving him unlimited chances because he will not learn to respect other people as well. Thanks, this is what I wanted to hear, I think I have enough proof to present to USCIS, I just wanted to know what the chances are. I'll take that from here then.


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                        Good for you Miram. YOu should go after him he used you as a door mat. He used you for all he could now he has to see the consequences of life. You are right I hope that **** get deported and you or you child never have to see that scum bag again!!!! DEPORT HIS ASSSS


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                          My problem is similiar to yours. I married a Liberian who has a wife and older kids in his country, a woman he identifes as wife in america and a common-law-wife and child. When he discovered I reported marriage fraud to immigrations, he began to threaten me. I reported the threats to police, who tryed to serve "protection order." The coward never came to he door. He was "no show" in family court.
                          I have been in contact with immigrations, so has my congressman. Immigrations is a big joke.
                          He should of been deported for 1992 charges of homicide by vehicle while driving under the influence and aggravated assault (5 year conviction) I reported him for social security/medicare fraud (operating home improvement busines) document fraud, welfare fraud and domestic violence. Several weeks ago, immigration said, they have to send for his file. I reported marriage fraud in January of this year and fllowed-up with documents,etc as proof. He received a notice In Oct,04 that the Philadelphia office will notify him when the marriage interview is scheduled. He changed his address and hired an attorney. Is it possible to have a marriage interview without american spouse. Will they review marriage fraud documents and other allegations. Why haven't they deported him for 1992 criminal charges.
                          We married 2000. We applied 4/01. He received CR6 9/02. In 2003, said, he married for green card to remain in america to bring here.

                          Advise is welcome.


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                            u women are all drama queens ,no life and emtional destressed .get over your marriage and repay with good not evil .


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                              drunkman......drama queen?


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