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    Welcome to America then. You'll find it out soon enough than its in a totally different league when compared to Australia with regard to racism. Well, maybe not that much different if you're from Sydney....if you're from Perth, now thats a different story.


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      Meekas where are you from?


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        Well im not accually from sydney and Im not from Perth Im out west in the middle of Austalia but have lived in Sydney and along the coast and up north in the Top End. Id have to say its very scary thought of comming to america based on your views of racism.


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          Are you asking me how many indigenous people are here in our country , quiet alot however racism is universal unfortunatly and its unfortunate that ignorant people choose to carry it with them.I beleive every man is equal every person has rights.Rights is a universal thing not a given thing its every ones right to be treated with dignity and equality its a shame that you have to make it so blatently obvious on a chat board when people come here for help.Im wondering do you know how many indigenous people are in your country today??And as i said fear leads to ignorance and intolerance.Racism is based on that...........


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            racism is lot in US you must have seen the true picture in New Orleans, LA


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              Opposition to illegal immigration doesn't necessarily have anything to do with racism. In fact, some of our larger groups of illegal aliens are Europeans--Irish, Polish, East European. "Illegal" is not a race.

              What opposition to illegal immigration does have everything to do with is respect for the law, and the welfare of the people who created this country. Contrary to what you think, most of those are people who were born here, not people who immigrated. In fact, our periods of greatest prosperity, such as prior to 1965, have been during periods of LOW immigration.

              You also can't ignore the fact that importing Third World immigrants who have little in the way of education or skills places tremendous financial and social costs on society. I would really hate to see the adoption of many Third World practices in this country, particularly those related to the treatment of women, for example.


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                Heh Aliba, you should've known its always only a matter of time before racism is thrown as an ammunition by proponent of illegals.

                Illegals are illegals, doesn't matter if they're yellow, white, brown, red or purple. The law applied to them uniformly, without regard to race or skin color or the language they're speaking,etc.

                As for Dannys wife's, in my book respect is something that you have to earned. Its not a right thats given nor bestowed on you upon birth or something to the likes. If someone comes out of the middle of nowhere and start uttering **** and pure garbage to my family, you can bet they'll receive "something" in return, but it won't be respect. Same with Meekas here.


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                  While you're dealing with racism, try dealing with the racism you find in nonwhite societies. It's there, although often times disguised, because many such tend to be racially homogeneous (which is the result of racially motivated policies). Try India's racism, for example, or China's.

                  As for New Orleans, the lack of response was not due to race per se, but to poverty. If you were white and poor, you got ignored as much as if you were Black and poor. The rate of poverty among Blacks is higher as a vestige of racism (access to schools and jobs) but it's come down a lot, and there's still a larger absolute number of whites living in poverty than other races. Then, too, we've imported a lot of poverty. The poverty figures you read about in the paper include a lot of immigrants, legal and illegal, who come to this country unskilled and uneducated. It's hardly fair to blame us for creating their poverty--they bring the roots of it with them.


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                    so as i said in prior post social constructionism is a root of rasism and poverty.


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                      And yes of course its there see what i dont get is why somone would post such discriminating racist statements on a board that is here to help illigal and non illegal aliens.I unerstand people bring values ideals beliefs and culture to a new country and that is fine but you can hardly blame them for wanting more is it not a societies obligation to support these people under extreme hardship.or even change there policies isnt that what Australian and American,English soilders are doing in Iraq.


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                        And i beg to differ with you marmaduk about respect every one deserves it ,dosnt matter where you live who you are what ever its a shame that you feel that you can only give that out to some individuals.Every has rights every one deserves respect and dignity.


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                          And what creates poverty???


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                            I treat most everyone in a civil & polite manners, but doesn't mean I have the slightest respect on the drug dealers nor the child-rapist nor the restaurant owner who work his employee for $2/hr for 80hrs/week just so he can afford the new bmw.
                            Do I always act like that? Of course not, I'll go beserk once in awhile (I'm human afterall) but
                            you seemed to assume the opposite is the norm and that I'll automatically denigrates someone. Assumption often lead to wrong conclusion.

                            Whats up with the slew of multiple post anyway?


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                              Well I beleive there is always a grey area never just black an white thing is with immigration its very grey the laws are grey but the greyness gives light to individual circumstances and unfortunatly its all left up to interpretation from the inividual which may not sometimes be a good choice. But as to earning respect hasnt there already got to be a judgment before the respect is earned.


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                                My question stil is this

                                What forces people to do them things?? Buy that car out of drug money slip across a boarder, rape that child, there are reasons for these things social reasons moral reasons many reasons its jsut not black and white as throwing some illegal out because hes jumpe the boarder.


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