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Citizenship: Did not receive the interview letter!

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  • Citizenship: Did not receive the interview letter!

    I am currently over 30 days out of processing time for N-400. I live in Arlington (Virginia) which should belong to Washington DC local office although it is first send to Vermont.

    I submited my aplication last Novermber 17th, 2006. Currently they are processing December 23.
    So I was suppose to receive letter for my citizenship interview month ago. I haven't. THe immigration officer told me I am in the queue for interview and need to wait.
    But my processing time is passed and people with my dates already had interview and got the citizenship.
    Can anybody clarify the whole Vermont to Local Office (Washington DC) maze to me and what can I do?

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    I am in the same boat. All you can do is wait. I sumbitted mine in April 06. I called them once I was 30 days outside of regular processing time. They sent me a letter stating not to contact them for other 6 months, they were working my case. 6 months later tried the same letter again...Hang in there and good luck


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      how weird!!
      my aunt submitted her n400 form on july
      and received the biometrics in august and just had her interview in october and she is a citizen already!


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        Don't worry. Send them a letter asking about the status of your case, hopefully this will help. A friend of mine waited for 34 months for an interview despite visits at the office and many letters. The USCIS never explained the delay but he's gone through this and is a citizen now. That was the extreme case I've heard about. But don't let them forget you - above all write to them with a copy to USCIS Ombudsman - USCIS page for address.

        Good luck.


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