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    if you are a conditional greencard holder and u join the US army how does that work. I will still have to remove the conditions? I know also once u join u can file for citizenship through the army?
    anyone who faced the same or similar scenario plz advice...

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    if you are a conditional greencard holder and u join the US army how does that work. I will still have to remove the conditions? I know also once u join u can file for citizenship through the army?
    anyone who faced the same or similar scenario plz advice...


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      Call your local Army recruiter. If there is a way to help you with the conditions they will figure it out.

      I am a born citizen of the US but come from a military family. It can be a great life and for you there will be citizenship. I recommend the Military to everyone (both citizens and immigrants).


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        Conditional Green Card Holder:
        If you join the Armed Forces of the United States, your time outside of the US will count towards your two years of conditional green card. Which you have to met as per law. (this time will be 2 yaers).

        Naturalization through Services in the Armed Forces of the United States:
        SEC.328[8 U.S.C. 1439](a)A person who has served honorably at any time in the Armed Forces of the United States for a period or periods aggregating three years, and who, if separated from such services, was never separated except under honorable condition, may be naturalized without having resided,continuously immediately preceding the date of filing such person's application, in the United States for at least five years, and in the state or district of the Service in the US in which the application for naturalization is filed for at least three months, and without having been physically present in the United States for any specified period, if such application is filed while the applicant isstill in the service or within six months after the termination of such service.
        Hope this answers your question.


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          Thank u for ur answers. Native i love the country i have the qualifications and i am determined as i am a married man with kids.


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            You can also go to


            You can join that site without being in the military. They have discussion forums and I'm sure there are recruiters on that site.

            Good Luck


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              This is the forum for what you want there but you can't get to it until you join the site.



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                Yea, America is a great country, but, please don't join the military just for papers. It is getting pretty rough out there. After Irag then north Korea and so on. so please think twice, it takes more than that to be one of the greatest soldier in the world.


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                  Some interesting things you may want to know:

                  1. Non US Citizens cannot become an office no matter what your degree; however, after you get your citizenship you can apply for officer status.
                  2. You cannot join enlisted unless you have a GC.
                  3. Go to and you can chat with a recruiter online.
                  4. For your education, you need to be evaluated to determine your status.
                  5. The military cannot help you get a GC.
                  6. Any foreign national who serves in the US military will be automatically eligible for US citizenship.
                  7. Non US citizens cannot hold a security clearance and thus cannot serve aboard a submarine among other things.
                  8. They waive the $350 application fee.


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                    Lionround: You may want to Know:

                    As per Sec. 329 (2) at any time subsequent to enlistment or induction such person shall have been lawfully admitted to the United Stes for permanent residence. No period of service in the Armed Forecs shall be made the basis of a application for naturalization under this section


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                      I just love this country and willing to die for it if necessary. I am joining not because i want to be a citizen i am joining to advance my career and my experience and i feel that the US army can give me that!


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                        Once u join with a conditional greencard how does it work. Do i still have to file I-751 or i can file for citizenship directly after being 1 year in the service?


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                          Bushmaster, where are you? Tell them how it's going.

                          You can file anytime you are in active military service. There is no residence/physical presence requirement (other than being an LPR to enlist) when applying for the military expedited naturalization. However, the officer approving your naturalization can require an I-751 if you are a conditional resident.


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                            Old Man: Will appreciate if you refer to the section of law to support your post of June 21, 2005. Thanks


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                              Did you find more about your situation??? I am in the same boat. My I-751 is pending and I am in army. I m not sure if i am eligible or not.


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