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    I was wondering if the USCIS has gather evidence on their own to see the validity of the marriage? Do they run credit reports, call banks, etc. Or do they have to base their decision on the proof we provide?

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    I was wondering if the USCIS has gather evidence on their own to see the validity of the marriage? Do they run credit reports, call banks, etc. Or do they have to base their decision on the proof we provide?


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      Can someone give a quick response. Thanks.


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        Hi luvjonalyn, thanks for your response. I am not concerned about love in our marriage, my wife and I had been dating for 3.5 years before deciding to get married. We met in college and have been in love since. The only thing that concerns me is that fact that we havent been living together because after marriage she had to finish her school, which she finish 2 weeks ago. Now she has a job, and so do I, we will be moving in together. That is the only reason I asked this question. Also, this was the reason we dont have many legal documents. But as soon as we move in we will have lease, we already have phone bills, bank account, she is part owner of my car and is on my auto insurance, we have pics from over 4 years. We will have more documents once our jobs start and we put each other as spouses. So, hope this is enough for them to see our love and committment.


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          dont worry if u ogt that much stuff u will be fine ,but dont try to hide thingsin front og\f them tell them the truth , you nwill get approved.
          good luck


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            Thanks user1, your response is very comforting.


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              I have another question. When do they check about the legal entry into the US? I know that the interview is to see if the marriage is in good faith or not, but does that mean that they have accepted all other documents presented to them for the adjustment of status? Or does that mean that they will approve the I130 and then allow you to adjust status? The only reason I ask is because I came with my mother on her passport in 1989. That passport is lost/stolen. Obviously we didnt return as we were supposed to according to the visitor visa. I dont have my mothers passport which had my name endorsed and our visa. What we do have is the I94 paper which was given to us upon our arrival. Now the I94 are electronic or printed on the passport. We have the I94 for 1989, which at that time was a piece of paper. That document was just recently founded by my family and has helped us prove our legal entry, but is that sufficient for the USCIS?


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                I need to correct you guys.
                Number one,Not even INS is allowed to check your credit,wihtout your consent.Otherwise you can go after them,from a legal point of you.Regardless what your status is.

                2ndly, INS has no time,to call places verify things.Imagine that? they recieve thousands of forms every single day.So you honestly think they call places?
                And 2ndly, INS never ask you to show specific documents to proof the marriage is real.Because one could make the argument,having a joint account here and there does not proof the marriage is real at all.Its all in the eye of the viewer.Besides,if the marriage is really entered in a shame way,having joint insurance and what not can be done by anyone.Doesn't proof **** really.Therefore INS asks you to provide whatever you think can establish your marriage is real and love.
                I mean imagine, you can be married for 3 years and your wife was a student during those years and you were the only one working and have no health insurance and had no car,nothing.
                So you can not have a joint car insurance,cause u never had a car, or health insurance.Maybe you 2 lived at the parents house etc...
                I mean, I personally think,to prove if the marriage was real.Is basically if you proof you 2 live or lived together and lets say the marriage/relationship was 3 years old.And you have pictures literally,how you 2 live and grow and what not...Pictures speak a thousand words.
                I photo copied my pictures...and I honestly copied almost every single picsture we have and took from the past 5 years.People are telling me "man,just by looking at the pics,you can see the marriage was real and you guys truly are/were a union". . .
                And the other thing is, not in every state you can have a joint utility.I am from a midewest state,and when I got here and got married,there was no chance for me to be on the account with NO Credit my wife was the one who had the account.I was on the account mentioned to make changes,but not on the bill itself.

                Pictures during your marriage is on of the most important things.Thats my opinion...if you show over 100 pics through the year,and pictures from vacation and places you went and what not.Shows alot.

                Like I said,when i went to my marriage interview.We had no joint utility bill,no joint lease.All we had was pictures...and r credit cards,in which I am or was an authorized user under the same account.The officer,just asked us,who is this and that on the pic,because of she interested.And I wanted to tell her why I am not on the utility bill,and the apt lease.But she was not interested and was looking through are pics.But I still told her "hey I have no credit,therefore I could not be on the list,because that would have disadvanage my wife application...and same with utility.She was cool...

                Now,I am divorce...and all the utility bills were still on my wifes name.Because we never bothered thinking about that.Because we did not know,we would have a divorce and stuff like that might be good to show joint stuff.

                But like I said,the avarage family in the US, do no have joint utility bill or joint bank accounts.

                You would think,to proof the marriage is real,you would only need to look at the couple and how they are and were together.
                I mean material things don't proof in my eyes ****,but I guess INS does.


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                  Not even INS is allowed to check your credit,wihtout your consent.
                  This is not true, anyone with a "legitimate business need" can gain access to your credit history without your permission.


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                    Thanks HBKHBK for your response. I am wondering about my I94 situation mentioned above. Do you or anyone else reading this have any experience in that matter?


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                      It depends who is handling your case,they do not run credict report,they call if the do not believe you.


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