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    We appreciate every suggestions that we get and will review all comments we receive.

    You can report problems to

    In regards to suspended users, within the last six months, we have suspended only six users out of over 1,000 members because of abuse of the board. If any specific indiviual have felt that they were wrongfully suspended, they should send an email to us at

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    We appreciate every suggestions that we get and will review all comments we receive.

    You can report problems to

    In regards to suspended users, within the last six months, we have suspended only six users out of over 1,000 members because of abuse of the board. If any specific indiviual have felt that they were wrongfully suspended, they should send an email to us at


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      Dear ILW Moderator,

      Thank you very much for your active participation over this board in lat 2-3 days .... Thanks for this website ... but one thing amazes me that if someone writes or asks you a question in post made by you then plz ...for god sake .... Do u really feel need to answer to that one ... ? here no offense intended ... but it will be great if you can reply quarries posted in your own thread .... Thanks a lot for understanding .... Have a Great day ... Pasha


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        Dear ILW Moderator:

        Could you please tell us what constitutes abuse?
        Sweet Madame Belu


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          Hey I'm sorry for raining on your parade mr Moderator but I would like you to explain how you suspend someone from this board because it obviously isn't working because that twat michael has got so many different aliases on this board that I have lost count.......most of which are pet names for his rubber women


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            LOL Paddy! Thank God, I thought I was going bonkers!

            Paddy, I wish you could become President!
            Sweet Madame Belu


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              In all due respect ILW Moderator, what's the use?

              Most of the emails to go unanswered. I happen to know that for a fact!!


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                I agree with swiss ...

                and thats why i dont understand but wouldnt it be a good idea if they make a column about suggestions and complains then all can see how sincere they are in replying to members' problems / difficulties ???? just a thought ... Pasha


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                  Dear ILW Moderator:

                  Let me have the opportunity to say-THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your quick, prompt and attentive response to my each and every email so far. I also appreciate your time, effort, attention and consideration to my queries that I've forwarded to you so far on various subjects. In an effort to improve the quality and integrity of this forum, I remember suggesting you three points in the last week of January in my last email, wherein I suggested the following three points-

                  [1] I requested to ban those members, who have been using more than one ID to post their reply. I did not know how you could have completely banned those members, but I knew for sure that you could have limited their imposter- activities at some extent. And I am happy to see that you are able to succeed in that at some extent, and I'm also glad to know that you are in the process of taking more restrictive steps in these regards as per your response to me.

                  [2] I also requested to adjust/modify the text-size of your forum, and make it available to visit directly from your Homepage since this forum had lost it track in this regard in the end of January. You did promise me thru email at that time that you were working on these issues, and eventually you were able to rectify this problem too few days later, which is highly appreciated.

                  [3] I also requested to nail this person down, who had been using very offensive languages in his/her each posts, specifically when his/her posts had nothing to do with immigration issues. And more importantly, this person was trying to make others believe that he/she could be someone else as imposter. I did not read his/her every post except 2-3, but I did receive numerous emails from many members telling me about the activities of this person. That is the prime reason for me for not visiting or participating on this site anymore since I've always been against offensive languages, silly-games and other inappropriate behaviors. As you may know, many good members have been driven away from this board because of these kinds of activities [especially-˜One Heart'], which could not be stopped in the past. I know that everyone has a right to participate in this site as per your discretion so long they behave in a civil manner, but I think you still did not make any progress to track this person who was behind all these offensive posts lately, even though you have assured me to do so. Therefore, I am deciding to say GOODBYE to this forum. But I wish you to forward this person to authority if you track this person down, so that s/he could be prosecuted for his behaviors, since I really got offended by his/her actions even though mostly posts of this person were not directed to me, but it made me look bad, which caused me to loose some good members here, who I thought were my friends.

                  This board is a very valuable to most of the members and guests, since it has been providing help to many people to resolve their immigration and sometime other issues in their lives. I've been so grateful and blessed to have known lots of good and kind hearted people such as Pasha, 4now, Still Learning, Me2, Josephine, Aguila, Maximum...etc, and others more from the past, especially 'One Heart'. In my views-people should not be judged or befriend based upon their nationalities, color of their skin or any other materialistic things. Personality of a person should be all matter. I appreciate those who stood besides me, and kept trust in me for either their problems, or for not believing on trashes thrown against me time to time, but who still believe to those trashes, then all I can say- Sorry and that I am far from a person who will ever think to disrespect anyone in any manner. I cannot change their mind about what they think about me, nor I can prove that I am not the one, but then they also cannot prove that I am someone else. But if someone can get any proof, even if it is circumstantial, then I would strongly suggest them to contact authority to have me prosecuted if they believe I had done something inappropriate in my behavior. At least this's the best they can do to this board. That's it. I've nothing more to say on this. It was my pleasure to be a member of this board. I wish good luck to everyone in their lives, and May God Always Bless Everyone!

                  Thanks again for your continuing efforts to preserve the integrity and quality of this board.

                  [This message was edited by SAMMY on February 28, 2004 at 02:25 PM.]


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                    Dear SAMMY,

                    All I have to say here in short that keep helping people with questions .... Wish u all the best...Pasha


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                      How many moderators do you have to monitor this board?


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                        It is just good to see you back even if its just for a minute doing a cameo. We have missed you and always will miss you. but I know wherever you are going and go.. it will be helping people b/c this is what you do best. Wish you wouldn't go.. but I do understand. But be a good angel and drop in on us from time to time just to keep watch over us.. Maybe I will catch glimpse of you passing by.

                        Best wishes 4now and 4ever


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                          ILW Moderator must suspend all fraudulent grints !!!


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                            Fraudulent grints play with innocent US Citizens. They must be deported to Somalia!!!


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                              wow I had no idea this board had moderator - I just assumed it didn't, since booob and the like are still around.


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