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Kyl's amendments.

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    who ever said i was illegal?

    you must be imagining things you little biotch.


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      Finally Jean, it is the black community who are the biggest racists. Its a joke, can you imagine the hypocriscy of mass hysteria if they ever tried to introduce a "white History Month" in addition to the already established black history month. It is the members of the black community(and I won't use african american because most of you don't even have a clue where africa is or care about your african ancestry)who keep racism alive and well.


      • #93
        paddy, your last post shows that you are indeed, a pure racist, a biggot, your mom is a broke s l u t and your dad is an acoholic b a s t a r d that smokes crack...i knew it all along, and i wanted you to come out of the closet and reveil your true racism color to people on this board, and sadly, you are not alone..a biggot always shows his/her stripes....they are a lot of good white people, and there are even white people that will go out of their way to make black, lanito friends to prove to other they have nothing against non white people, but you paddy, you are a pure blood racist...

        you hate mexican, you hate african american, you hate chinese, you hate everything that is not should be ashame of yourself.

        all those minute-men are all racist and im not exaggerating, those guys are the kind of people that believe that america should stay white, and this is why they intend to patrol the borders with guns and knife..they are not just only against illegal immigration, but they also believe that legal immigration should be put to an halt because they are too many foreign born U.S citizens that speaks broken english according to them.


        • #94
          Jean, I'm not going to argue with you anymore because the battle lines have been drawn and no amount of back and forth verbal abuse is going to ever change opinion....mine or yours. So its pointless


          • #95
            paddy- everybody on this board knows that you are a racist B I T C H...I hope you burn in hell for your radical view...i dont see any differences between radical islam that believe that america should be destroy and american white extremist like yourself that believe that we should kick all those foreigner out of this country...both ideology is sickening and disturbing...its like hommosexuality is sickening, and extremist views like deporting all of them are plain ridiculous and sickening.

            people like you are worse then osama bin laden and the al quada group, its people like you that are the real terrorist, people like you that are giving america a bad name...people like you are the ones that should be deported somewhere...i despise people like and i would love to assault your B I T CH A S S for the sick of america.


            • #96
              whatever one cares what comes out of your uneducated mouth.


              • #97
                I hope god deals with you when you face'll have to answer to him why you are a racist biggot..god doesnt like fascism and racism toward anyone...You might not think those illegal are human but god will tell you that you are wrong..."give me your poor, give me your tired"..i can see you dont read the bible.


                • #98
                  your kids are little rats, paddy..hope you get curse for the rest of your life.


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