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    session, kyl, corny are bunches of liars...i heard senator sessions say that if you persecuted people, you will be able for amnesty, if you a felon, you'll be able for amnesty etc etc its amazing are far those guys will lie to not see this bill pass...i hope all senators read the bill and not believe this p u n k despecable lies...those guys are discusting..i cant believs sessions is lying like that on TV..i cant stand those kind of people....this guy say that if you had been deported, then entered back then you are also eligible for amnesty..this guy doesnt know that current law prohibits anyone that re entered the country when they had been previously deported, can not apply for any kind of immigration benefit, unless the bill put wordings that changes the INA rules...this is discusting how this guy is lying on c-span.


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      Is the blond sitting on the left of f uck er Sessions is Alabamian too?


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        Ok, not everything that Mr. Sessions said was a lie. He did seem to have taken some provisions out of context, but he had a point on other issues. What he didn't mention was that, any guest worker program requires some degree of leniency to work, otherwise the simple fact that an alien entered illegally would be enough to ban the granting of any benefit, rendering the GWP itself completely mute.


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          everything that mr session spoke of, was a lie..this guy look throught the c-span TV camera and lied to the viewers about felons being able to apply..he even claim that known terrorist will be able to apply...this guy said dictators will be able to apply...this guy said that if you are illegal and just got out of jail for any type of crime, you will able to apply...this guy is a liar...all he wants to do is kill the bill, just like kyl.


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            Not everything he said was a lie, but a guest worker program needs to be flexible or it'd be nothing but a joke.
            Terrorists, "s.." offenders, serious criminals, serial offenders, polygamists and those who abuse children, drug dealers and addicts wouldn't qualify to begin with.


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              Houston, you are a biggot just like aliba, sundevil, jeff and many others, name me one thing that session said that is true?? name me one thing about felons, dictators, terrorist etc etc tec, being able to aplly for guest worker provision...i dont even think those individuals would stand a chance to ever get any kind of immigration benefit under current law that are on the book, as we speak...everything is you have any type of crime, the judge will bring it up..this guy said that felons will be able to apply, and he keep saying it over and over and someone that is watching c-span would think that what he's saying is true if that person doesnt have the facts.


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                One thing that's true. Illegals who entered after ordered removed will be able to apply. Simple as that. 212(a)(9) is waived non-applicable. Again, this is required under the guest worker program because simply put, illegals do not have a fixed address most of the time and their chances of receiving an NTA are slim to none.


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                  and I clearly said "Terrorists, s.. offenders, serious criminals, serial offenders, polygamists and those who abuse children, drug dealers and addicts wouldn't (e.g. WOULD NOT) qualify to begin with."


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                    seem like kyl has been successful in killing the haguel/martinez bill....democratic leaders refuses to allow kyl's amendment to be put on a vote because i suspect that all republicans will vote for it and this amendment will pass and fillubuster the bill..this amendment will slice at least 3 million out of the 11 million immigrants to apply for the guest worker provision whether they've been here 10 20 years....republicans leader also refuses to put aside kyl's amendment and let other bill be put on the floor for votes.

                    sound like the haguel/martinez bill is dead at the momment unless kyl decide to re word the text on his amendment...At the end of the day, kyl will get wha he wanted all along which was to delay the process to passage.


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                      where are you getting this information from?


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                        arent you watching c-span?? the senate had just adjourned for the day and there will be a cloture vote on the haguel/martinez bill, but i suspect that because harry reid refused to let kyl's amendment to be put for a straight vote, then republicans will all vote against cloture....If the bill receives 60 votes, then it will pass, if it fails to garner 60 votes, then it means that people are not satisfied with it and wants further talk....This will also mean that the bill will die if it does not get 60 votes because reid has said he will not let kyl's amendment on the, after the cloture vote on the haguel/martinez bill which will fail just like the kennedy/mccain bill because of the same reason..basicly, kyl refuses to modify his wordings whyle harry reid refuses to let him get a vote on the bill unless he modifies his wording, so this will go on a circle and no one will budge and the bill will much for nothing..this is all kyl's fault.

                        anyway, after the cloture is done on the haguel/martinez bill, which will not get 60 votes, bill frist will put his enforcement-only bill( basicly the house bill) for a cloture vote...i expect this bill To also fail to gain 60 votes, but im kind of afraid that republicans might be so upset at minority leader, harry reid, that they might all decide to vote for cloture on the house bill so they can pass something that protects the border.. lets do some math...there is 55 republicans on the senate if they all are angry at the democrats, then i guess all of them could vote for cloture on the enforcement-only bill, then have at least 5 democrats that never supported a guest worker permit, to break ranks and add to the 55 votes..i think there are at least 5 to 6 democrats that believe in enforcement-only, but there are also a lot of republicans that strongly opposes enforcement-only, but at this point, all republicans are blaming harry reid for the delay, whyle all democras are blaming kyl's for not waning to modify his bill so it could get voted on.



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                          Originally, Frist mentioned the cloture vote on the committee bill for today, and a vote on the amended Frist bill (Hagel/Martinez) for tomorrow. That's what I understand the plan has been since yesterday. As far as I know, that is still the plan....


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                            listen, i have been watching c-span since this morning so what i said is 100% true...haguel/martinez bill will be put on the floor for cloture tommorow morning at about 9:30am..Frist said that he expect the bill to not pass cloture because harry reid refused to let kyl's amendment to be voted on and be added to the haguel/martinez bill..Then frist proceeded in saying that after cloture for the martinez bill fails, he will put the enforcement-only bill for a cloture vote, but i also feel like this bill will also fail the cloture vote because i cant see mccain, graham, abarck to vote for the enforcement-only bill when they all have said that only comprehensive immigration bill will get their support.

                            What is happening is that all senate republicans are upset that harry reid is dictating what amendments should be added to any immigration bill and mccain has publicly said that the majority are the one that suppose to rule etc etc...seem like the bi partisan spirit of the senate is on life shock the associate press havent come out with the bad news as of yet


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                              the kennedy/mccain bill failed cloture vote earlier today because the republicans were upset that harry reid refused to let kyl's amendment on he floor for a vote, then they rallied around the haguel/martinez bill, but it now sounds like this bill will also fail cloture vote for the same exact reason cloture failed on the mccain/kennedy bill...i thought they had made comprmises to have kyl adjust his bill, but i guess not, from what ive understood, kyl dont want to change anything and kyl is telling media outlet that democrats refuses to let his amendment that denies felons from applying, on a vote...this is a big lie and i watched kyl on foxnews lie by telling the reporter hat democrats wants felons to be able to apply.


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                                The bill could still pass simply because it's more restrictive. The Senate opened a can of worms when it comes to the guest worker program. It will happen, either now or later.
                                Right now, the guest worker program is going to be balanced with the enforcement provisions, and could be restricted even more to please the House. If the guest worker program passes now it'll be the end of the story.
                                If the guest worker program is not considered now it'll turn into massive, unrestricted amnesty for not only 12 million but probably 20 million illegals, and that is exactly what the country does not want.
                                What some fail to understand is that the guest worker program has to be flexible when it comes to immigration violations, it is designed to deal with people with such violations in the first place.
                                The choice is simple, a restricted guest worker program now or massive amnesty later.


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