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Kyl's amendments.

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    you need to understand that cornyn will also lie to get the american support to break the immigration bill..i also hate when someone like cornyn would lie like this.


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      The problem the Democrats have with Kyl's amendment is in the wording. Specifically the disqualification of anyone "SUBJECT TO" an order of removal. This includes Visa overstayers and those in removal proceedings depending on how it is interpreted.


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        If under the law, even petty theft (e.g. shoplifting a candy bar) means inadmissibly, do you really believe convicted felons will be able to remain?


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          Even the McCain/Kennedy bill disqualifies felons and those with 3 or more misdemeanors from the program. Kyl wanted to slip in the "SUBJECT TO" a final removal order into the language so he could disqualify an additional 1-2 million illegals.


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            Cornyn wants us to believe


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              Enought-you are right, kyl tried to install and hid very destructive wording,in the bill, so he could kill it..he thinks that no one will read the c-r-a-p that he's writting.

              you should also note that he tried hard to hid this particular wording under bunches of useless wordings that is already covered under current immigration law .this is a very dirty tactic and im ashame that he would try it..When senator durbin confronted him about the dirty language and asked him politely to change it, he refused and kept going on and on about felons etc etc all of those stuff are already in the book right now so, you know his intent was to hid the dirty wording...other lawmakers should not let kyl get a vote on any of his amendments, he's a sore loser and he's just upset because his guest worker provision was voted down


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                Kyl is such a liar and you could see his intend.

                The wording clearly says that anyone that is under removal proceeding will be disqualified..his will kill anyone that his currently going throught removal process, from adjusting their staus..this groups includes asylum seekers,green card holders and others.


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                  When someone is granted a visa it is under clear conditions including that you leave when you're supposed to or face removal. This is where visa ovestayers are on the hook so to say. Overstaying is "subject to" removal for not complying with the agreement between the grantee and the U.S.A. Illegals who sneak across the border don't have such an agreement and are not "SUBJECT TO" a removal order until they get caught.


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                    ENOUGHT-this is exactly what he tried to do..he attempted to slip this garbage pass us...Im glad durbin saw it...I hope they dont let him put this kind of c r a p on the martinez/haguel bill...

                    If kyl succeed in putting his wording inside the bill, then this would disqualify anyone that overstayed..meaning the irish community and any european nationals that came here on visa or visa waiver, would automatically be disqualified....i havent heard any word on whether those vulgare wording are hoping that durbin is checking all his amendments since he tried dirty tactic before.


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                      Also, i have a loT of respect for mexican because they are hard workers, and love mexican girls,because they are very wild, BUT, i always said that crossing the border unseen and unchecked is 100 fold worst then coming to the US by plane, get checked for weapons by US officers, then overstays.

                      What kyl is telling us is that coming here with a visa/visa waiver, get screened by US officials,get your name on the US-visit data, is worst then coming here crossing the border and not have any contact with US and your name is not on the data, meaning the US doesn even know you are inside the country. authority...this is why his bill is flawed. Ireland nationals should get the same chance for amnesty as to the mexicans.

                      LEAVE NO MIGRANTS BEHIND PLEASE!!


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                        Yours is an interesting point of view. The majority of Americans don't see it that way. It doesn't matter how you get here initailly, if you are illegal you are illegal. Just because you are screened for weapons and are in the system by entering legally it doesn't change the fact that two violations are committed by both the overstayers and the border jumpers. Where as the border jumber 1) jumps the border illegally and 2) remains illegally in the U.S.A. the visa overstayer 1) reneges on terms of his visa and 2) remains illegally in the U.S.

                        The end doesn't justify the means. Now, I don't have anything against any nationality, but I am concerned with the fairness of any law. I concede that it's unrealistic to enforce our deportation laws on 12-20 million people, but the new laws and amnesty should apply to them both equally. Neither is better than the other. I think a major sticking point with visa overstayers is the fact that the 9/11 terrorists used this method and as you know this is touchy issue with all Americans.


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                          thats what im one should get special priviledge because both of those illegals immigrant broke the law but they just did it in 2 different ways..This is why kyl's amendment should not be allow to be put on the floor for a vote because people will vote for anything and it could pass..Kyl's is trying to eliminate as many people as possible from getting the amnesty.

                          I myserlf think the crossing the border is worst, bu this is my opinion...the reason for this is, a terrorist could cross the border with weapon and all kind of nukes, whyle at the airport, they at least get screen for those type of weapons...this is why it is worst, in my opinion, to cross the border, instead of coming here and getting screened.


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                            Kyl, COrnyn, Sessions are bad mo fu ck ers !


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                              watch c-span right now, Sessions is a bad kkk mo fu cke r !!


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                                The one problem with Sen. Kyl the Kyl amendment is that he has already expressed his intent (intent of Congress, one could argue) and the Courts are not blind to these facts. The statute must prevail, but when in conflict with the nature of the bill itself, it must be reconciled with the intent of Congress behind the bill. This has been done many, many times before.


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