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  • question about oath.

    I just mailed a N400 for my husband yesterday to the vermont center. We live in PA. The interview will eventually be in Philly. My question is does anyone know if Philadelphia is a place that offers the oath the same day as the interview. I realize that i'm a bit of a ways off, but love to know whats coming. Thx for any help.

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    No Lisa, you are probably looking at 2 or 3 months for the oath ceremony after having the N-400 interview in Philly.
    Philly was my old USCIS office before I moved to VT. Apart from always wanting to move here in the first place, another big reason for moving was because I compared Phily's processing time to Vermont's and it was a h-e-l-l of a lot faster. I applied in PA in October 2004, moved to Vermont in November 2004, then my case was transfered to Vermont in December 2004, Fingerprinted december 2004, Name check and FBI check cleared Feb 1st, interview Feb 15th and Oath ceremony this coming friday (March 11th). Had I stayed in PA, I truely believe that I would have had to wait until early next year for my interview if I was lucky. Anyway, I couldn't ask for better service from the people in Saint Albans and moving to VT was the best decision I have made up to this point in my life so far.


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      Oh yeah try this website if you want to read about people N-400 experiences!!!!!!!!!


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        Thank you very much for the heads up. I'm really worried now because in reading alot of posts I realized that they changed the format on the pics to send in and now fear a even longer wait. I'm glad things worked out for you. The past five years of working through this process was never made easy by the office I went to. Always always something..I'm sure you know the drill. I guess because I'm eight months pregnant I just want my life in order and all of the sudden I'm trying very hard to get all my ducks in a row..Nesting ya know..


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          Just out of curiousity, why has the immigration process taken you 5 years upto now?

          I have a little idea of the stress you are going through especially with immigration. I remember the hassles my wife and I had when we first filed for my adjustment of status. She was 6 months pregnant with my twins and I'm sure that all the stress of trying to get all the immigration forms filed and numerous visits to the INS office ( as it was called back then), contributed a little to her giving birth to my angels 3 months early.

          As for the wrong photos, I'm not sure how the USCIS treats that. They may ignore it until your husband comes up for interview, at which point they would ask for them or they could send the application back and ask you to resubmit with the correct pics. I do know that when I filed for my N-400, I forgot to send in some additional documentation that was required but they didn't reject my application. They just told me to bring it to my interview.

          Good luck with the baby Lisa


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            They say you can submit for the removal of conditons on your permanent residence. Which I did.. problem was they took so long in processing it that when the 3 years was up and he could have applied for citizenship we didn't even have the condition removed yet. I was appalled at the length of time it took them. So finally when that came through I was in the process of our first baby and was so stressed out from all the things they put everyone through and the money was a hold up too that hes had his permanent status for a year now. We just submited the paperwork. I'm almost crazy trying to make sure I dot every T. Worried I will mess something up.. Then we met this couple whos husband was foreign. He did everything illegal. They got an attorney and waltzed through the process. He even spent time in immigration jails. I then thought "what am I worrying about"..ya know. but I still do.. Sorry to rattle on and on..but nice to talk to sommeone whos been there..Thx for your best wishes for our baby..


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              I know that you have already submitted the N-400 but please don't tell me that you waited until the conditions on his residency were removed before applying for his citizenship. I'm not sure if you knew this but he could have applied for his citizenship 2 years and 9 months from the date he first gained permanent residence even if the removal of his conditions were still pending.

              Well there is no point spilling over spilt milk now. If you don't get any answers to your questions about the N-400 here then you can email me the questions at If I don't know the answer, I'll forward it to someone who does.

              Well I have to say that your story about the illegal getting what I see as a free ride supports my less than cordial attitude towards illegals. People who legally immigrate to this country seem to have to jump through thousands of bureaucratic hoops to get residency and its frustrating to see people effectively by passing the law and getting rewarded for it.


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                My ooooo my ooooo my...No, I had no idea I could apply before the condition was removed. I think my jaw hit the keyboard when I read that one... In the beginning when calling the office for answers to my questions they would always give me three different answers on three different occassions..Frankley, I'm suprised we made it this far..hahah..Thank you for your email. I'm sure this process is going to take well over a year or so and I'm sure they will have me panic stricken numerous times and I will be begging for good knowledge and advice. Your kindness is sure appreciated.


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                  Yeah, immigration likes to give answers in the form of multiple choice. Everytime I contacted them, I was always given 3 different answers to the same question.
                  So how far do you guys live from the USCIS office in Philly? I used to live just south of York (near the maryland border) and everytime I needed to go to the USCIS in Philly to ask a question about my case, I had to take the day off work. By moving only 20 mins away from the USCIS here in vermont, I have been able to go in every couple of weeks to ask about my case. Granted this office is tiny in comparison to philly, but because I kept on going in to the St Albans office, I was able to get a cancellation date for my N-400 interview


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                    I live about 3 hours away. Which means I need to allow 4-5 incase of traffic or lord knows what.. Thats why I was hoping you could take the oath at the interview. It means a day off work for us too. Which means 3 trips like that..One for finger printing, interview and oath. How many times do they need your finger prints anyway. My husband is from Canada. Do you mind if I ask where you are from?


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                      Its amazing how things have changed since 9/11 because I was unaware until I filed my N-400 that the FBI background checks and name checks are only good for a year. Hence the reason why your husband has to go back to give his fingerprints. Now tell me, do you live anywhere near Harrisburg / York, Pa. The reason why I ask is because just before I moved to Vermont, I got my fingerprint appointment letter that stated that there was an Application Support Center in York where I could submit my fingerprints, so I didn't have to go to Philly.

                      If your husband wanted to get his citizenship faster then I would have suggested moving to another state where it is a lot quicker. However in your case, you are about to have a baby and I'm sure that you are settled where you are now. One of the biggest reasons why I took the risk of moving to vermont was to get my citizenship a lot sooner so that I could apply for federal jobs, in particular immigration.....oh and of course vermont is beautiful and close to Canada.

                      to answer your question, I'm from the UK


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                        Ahhhhh..I see about the finger prints then. I think I live about alittle over an hour from york. I live an hour from Harrisburg. I know its not far from there. Hopefully we can go there..I dread Philly something terrible. Moving really isn't an option. Other then the shear pleasure of never having to deal with immigration again and worrying is the only reason for wanting it. Unfortunately I was never a patient person. The good Lord just keeps on trying to teach me it.


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