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Illegals cannot vote!! But we can!!

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    Someone12 and Pegasus are IDIOTS!
    Antifascist1 I admire you


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      Must be another illegal. we don't like illegals. So catch out!! LOL


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        You"ll be surprised! I am a citizen.


        • #64
          You may be a citizen on paper. But you are not a citizen from the HEART!!!


          • #65
            Did you ever speed at least a mile over the speed limit?
            If answer is YES, then you are CRIMINAL!!
            You should be jailed, lynched, broiled, pulverized - in short punished in the most severe ways - since it's the most monstrous CRIME on Earth imaginable - to speed a car on highway a mile above the limit!

            On top of all you are a HYPOCRIT - being such a monstrous CRIMINAL yourself you have audacity to chastice others for doing what you yourself did - violating a Civil traffic regulation that renders you a CRIMINAL!!

            You are a BIG DISGRACE to US CITIZENS and you have ILLEGAL HEART !!!


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              But you are not a citizen from the HEART!!!
              It will not prohibit him/her from voting.


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                How long it's been since last amnesty?
                20 years.
                What is the voting eligibility age?
                18 years.
                Every year great deal of USCs born to illegals will reach the voting eligibility age and the numbers will keep growing for the next 20 years at least (even if Congress repeals birthright citizenship law in near future, still those who are born up to until it's enactment will be on line to reach their 18th birthday and be eligible to vote then).

                So, just children of illegals alone are formidable army of voters you shouldn't discount for coming decades.
                Then you have changing demographics and also ever changing landscape of politics..

                Only complete fools (and there are many of those) will believe that treating illegals inhumanely tomorrow won't have price to pay day after tomorrow.


                • #68
                  Though you may say that you agree with above, yet it appears to me that your perception and vision of entire picture notably differs from that of mine.

                  1. There are always "waves" in America - been so since 1789.
                  One of current "waves" is anti-immigrant.
                  Someday it will be "anti-something-else".. it could some day be "pro-immigrant", than some time later "anti-immigrant" again..
                  These are CYCLES.

                  2. Harsh anti-immigrant laws may result in tens of thousands of harsh consequences but due to absence of resourses such laws will not achieve the ultimate goal of eliminating or significantly reducing the illegal population.
                  Instead, it is likely to turn the tide in opposite way - once media reports of TOO MANY stories of broken USC/LPR families, businessess and etc.

                  Not "HUGE WAVES" but just a SINGLE WAVE/CHANGE IN DIRECTION OF TIDE.
                  Notice the difference between two statements, absorb it.

                  3. US will evolve the way it's potential cumulative Energy allows it.
                  As of now it's Energy is greater than that of any other power on Earth.
                  China is rising but it will take it decades before it catches up with US.

                  The "new tough" on immigration is nothing but an irrational waste of resources (done rationally it could be an effective use of resources) and unfortunately, it seems to me, that as a Young Nation Americans tend to do such "irrational" things from time to time (as many young teenagers are likely to do).

                  But, as Churchill famously said, the best thing about Americans is that in the end they do the right thing, it's just that they want to try everything else before.



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                    Hey AF1 I have to say that I agree with u on a lot of points. Finally someone that THINKS before he talks.


                    • #70
                      AF1 Smokes TUBESTEAK!!! LOL LOL


                      • #71
                        I don't smoke tubesteak - I am tubesteak !

                        Now, would you mind to proceed with your argument as to what I said that you disagree with ?


                        • #72
                          AF1, You have smoked so much TUBESTEAK,that you think that you are one!! LOL LOL


                          • #73
                            I take your reply as an admission of your failure to argue your point on merits

                            I didn't misunderstand what you meant by "WAVES", but disputed certain misconceptions you implied.


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