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Illegals cannot vote!! But we can!!

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    Obviously you are yet another trailer-dwelling village idiot that believes illegals should be rewarded for breaking the law....


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      AF1--You really should drop the speeding example. The Supreme Court itself just ruled that an illegal alien who has been deported and re-entered this country before the 1996 law is still eligible for automatic deportation BECAUSE HIS VIOLATION OF THE LAW IS ONGOING. If you're here illegally, you're committing an illegal act each and every second of every day. Anyone who speeds that much would be in prison, and without a driver's license.


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        I never ever in any of my posts stated that illegals should be "rewarded" for "breaking the law".

        But you and other village geniuses keep saying that all illegals are criminals by virtue of not having a legal immigration status in US.

        I state that such claim is false.

        1. Per existing LAW civil immigration law violation is NOT considered the same as CRIMINAL law violation.
        Hence, you can't say "illegals are criminals because they are here illegally".

        2. If you still say they are all criminals - in a sense that anyone who violates any, including civil law, is a criminal - then you must also admit that you yourself are criminal too. Unless you are retarted and never drove a car in highway traffic at least a mile in excess of speed limit.


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          Supreme Court Ruling was in case of illlegal alien ordered deported who re-entered after deportation.
          It's in itself a crime.
          But are you saying that 12-20 million illegal aliens all were ordered deported and re-entered after deportation?
          If you say so - then you are making ridiculously false statement worthless of consideration.
          If you know that most of 12-20 million illegals never were deported nor re-entered after deportation, then you know that Supreme Court ruling is irrelevant to subject of labeling all illegal aliens as criminals by virtue of simple immigration status violation.

          ...Anyone who speeds that much would be in prison, and without a driver's license..
          This is obviously a FALSE statement.
          Open any CAR magazine, spend $60-$100 and buy a radar gun.
          Next, go park your car at the shoulder of any major highway and measure the speed of by-passing cars.
          It's most certain that great majority of them will be going 5-10 miles above the speed limit.
          Repeat that procedure every morning, during rush hours.
          If you have great memory you may recognize a lot of cars whose drivers keep doing the same violation every morning.
          You may also notice that none of them are being taken to prison or losing a DL.

          This being said, according to your and Someone12s logic, all those morning rush-hour drivers are CRIMINALS who must be put in jail and deprived of DL.

          If you disagree with latter statement - then you are applying a double standard by dubbing as "CRIMINALS" civil immigration regulations violators , yet refusing to say the same about morning-rush drivers.

          If you agree that both are CRIMINALS, then why not just as vehemently lead a fight against morning-rush hour traffic speeders?
          Per statistical info tens of thousands of people die in traffic accidents, perhaps many among those due to minor speeding violations. Hardly can anyone claim that Mexican illegal immigrants murder just as many people by accident or cause as many deaths by virtue of their illegal status as number of people being murdered in traffic accidents.

          So, why aren't you at least as vehemently opposed to minor traffic violations as you are opposed to immigration violations?

          Let's see what is the difference between those two groups of VIOLATORS that may cause double standard in your treatment of them?

          Uh, here is the ONLY difference: most of morning rush-hour traffic law violators are USCs , just like yourself, but most of civil immigration law violators are Mexicans !

          Hence you are biased against Mexicans and word "CRIME" is just an excuse to hide your racist/ethnocentric motives.




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            AF1--Justice Souter, in his opinion in the case, noted that the illegal act continued beyond the enactment of the 1996 law. While re-entering after deportation is itself breaking the law, it doesn't end with the entry itself.

            I didn't say illegal presence was a CRIMINAL act, but it is illegal nevertheless, and even minor infractions get more severe penalties if done often enough. If one person gets caught speeding many, many times, the penalties are stiffer--or aren't you familiar with our points system? Add other little actions such as DUI, and they're even tougher, including possible jail time.

            Furthermore, AF1, the prescribed remedy (note, I do not say Penalty) for illegal immigration is deportation, no matter where the illegal alien is from (with the interesting exception of Cuba). Much as you seem enamoured of your speeding example, speeders who are U.S. citizens or legally present in this country have a right to be here. Illegal aliens do not. I expect illegal aliens to be deported, just as I want and expect speeders to pay the fines and penalties prescribed for them.


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              You still pretend not to get the point:

              1. The act of re-entering US after deportation is a CRIME.
              I am not here to argue that crime is not a crime.
              Supreme Court ruling in above case is irrelevant to subject of labeling all illegal aliens as CRIMINALS because the ruling does not apply to great majority of illegals.

              2. The act of civil immigration law violation (no matter how long one stays illegally) is still an act of civil immigration law violation and NOT A CRIME.
              Wheteher you stay one hour or twenty years illegally, you don't become a CRIMINAL by virtue of being in US illegally.

              3. If you are not racially/culturally biased against Mexicans and other Immigrant Minorities but only care for Law, then why don't you just as vehemently lead the fight/campaign against minor traffic law violations? (Such as daily rush-hour speedings by tens of millions of car drivers all over the US highways)


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                this tiresome "argument" that somehow relates illegal immigration/scamming of benefits/illegal employment as the same as traffic tickets only demonstrates that Antifacist1's IQ is somewhere around 80 (which is the maximum allowed to live in a trailer park).
                Sorry nitwit, but there is NO correlation between running a red light and stealing benefits and ignoring the soveriegnty of the United States of America.


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                  Sorry village genius, but there is more correlation between violation of CIVIL Traffic LAWS and CIVIL Immigration LAWS than there is correlation between violation of CIVIL Immigration LAWS and CRIMINAL LAWS.


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                    well then, VI, why is it that illegals get deported when they run a red light? Shouldn't they just have to pay a fine and stay? Ooops....better look up the rules before opening your uninformed mouth.
                    One does not need a visa to drive; one needs a visa to be admitted to the US (except for VW countries). No one checks your driving record when you are entering the US...but anyone with an immigration violation is turned back at the border, instead of paying a fine.....guess you better call the folks at the border and give them your enlightened opinion on how they should be caryying out their duties.....I am sure that they would appreciate your expert advice.


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                      Deportation per se, VG, is not a punishment for CRIME but is a logical outcome of CIVIL administrative proceedings under many INA statutes.

                      Who said that all the penalties and outcomes of all CIVIL violations are the same or must be the same in order to be defined as CIVIL?
                      This would be like saying that rape isn't crime unless punishment for it is equal to that for thievery.

                      In fact both are crimes, just as civil immigration and traffic violations are not.


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                        so committing fraud to get a visa is a civil violation? Odd....the penalty (punishment) is a permanent bar to receiving a visa for the rest of one's many red lights does one have to run to receive a comparable punishment?
                        Running a red light and getting caught results in a punishment....a fine or suspended driving license, an increase in insurance rates....or do you consider such actions not punishments, but rewards??


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                          Dummy, committing a fraud is a crime.

                          But a getting visa to come to US and later overstaying under changed circumstances is not a fraud - it is an overstay per se, as defined by related statutes.
                          Even though there is a 10 year bar to be re-admitted if one overstays for more than 365 days, still it doesn't turn the statute from Civil into Criminal.


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                            Antifacist, You keep making a fool of yourself and talking in circles!! Typical idiot comments!!


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                              Good logic AF1!


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                                Attention Trailer Dwellers: antifascist1 needs some additional roommates....all you "civily violating aliens" are invited to live with him. He will feed you, let you watch "Walker, Texas Ranger" reruns and swill beer at his Airstream rent, no utilities...just bring your expired visa or receipt from your coyote -- not to worry -he cannot contact the authorities since he doesn't know how to use the phone.


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