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Illegals cannot vote!! But we can!!

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    Boyan, Stop it u r not making sense!!! (quote by boyan) It is not the illegals fault??? Because we are not enforcing our borders??? Ok let me give u an example to shut your mouth!!! Leave your front door open when u go to work. When u come home and your TV is missing and all your best buy products,don't get mad!! But don't get mad at them it was not thier fault. The point is just because you leave your door open does not give me or an illegal to enter your house without PERMISSION!!!!


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      An excellent example, Pegasus. This whining clown boyan doesn't understand that illegals are not exempt from obeying our laws, no matter what their situation is (or was) in their country. That's their problem, not ours.
      If we don't protect what we have worked so hard to have and instead, hand it over without comlaint to a group of people who are too irresponsible and frankly too lazy to make things better in their own coutry, well, the middle class and the lower working middle class will be ruined.
      Illegals scam benefits, depress wages, bring diseases to our nation and we are supposed to reward this behavior? Why? So we can enjoy the benefits of $1 head of lettuce?
      Mow your grass, do your own laundry - it won't kill you.
      All these industries that claim they need illegals are just bee-essing us. Here is an interesting factoid: In spite of these outrageous claims made by businesses that "need" illegals, it took nearly 5 months last year (and part of this one) for only 33,000 H2b visas (unskilled workers) to be applied for and received....and this out of some 6-10 million illegals? What is wrong with this picture? Simple...those businesses don't really want to pay decent wages (which, in theory, the H2b requires) also means that the vast majority of illegals are NOT paying taxes (as claimed by greedy immigration attorneys who lobby for guest worker programs - which they will process for $2000 each!!) which means they are not paying their share of taxes in exchange for the school and medical benefits they are leeching off of us.
      They send billions back to their country every year....billions that should stay here in the US...billions while they skip out on hospital bills and the cost of public education...billions while they walk away from car wrecks that they cause without paying a dime.....enough....ship their sorry a$$e$ back to their country, along with their weeping whining supporters.


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        Someone12, I understand!! Your points are well put!! But these people like Boyan are not educated on this subject!! I am not saying that they are not educated. If boyan would look at both sides, I am sure then she will understand. Someone12, Get your friends and family to vote for the Right politician!!


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          Pegasus perfect example! Thank you!!! I never leave my door open because as you said someone will come and get my **** and I don't want this to happen. That's why I enforce my right to lock my door and stop the illegal behavior. Say I live in a bad neighborhood. One day I come to you and complain that someone took my TV cuz I left my door open with a sign infront "Nice TV inside but dont take it" you'll laugh at me and call me stupid right. And you'll be right cuz only an idiot will not protect his property. So here is what the US did – WE LEFT THE DOOR WIDE OPEN!!! Not for a day, week or month. FOR 20 YEARS DUDE. Twenty F____ing years. Shame on us! So we have to do something about it. Someone12 proposed to make them come forward admit they did something illegal make them apologize and buy their own tickets home. Great idea! I am 100% for it. Do you think it can be done though? Do you think honestly deep inside that we can do this? Do you really think 12 mil (or say even 5mil.) will come and say "I am here illegally, I WILL go back to the misery home, pay my own ticket and ow and I AM ALSO SORRY I did it." It WONT HAPPEN!!! I am not saying its a bad idea its just not a workable one. So we have to come up with something better. Something that can actually work.


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            Dear Boyan: I don't care if they do it or not...because, after one year, they are out of here! After one year (under my idea) if they come in contact with any law enforcement person, DHS, INS, CPB, you name it, they are gone...on the next plane out of here with NO possibility of any legal return...ever. It is the only way to kick their a$$e$ into gear and make them realize that they are required to play by the rules without exception....and no phony marriages will save them.
            To all you village idiots out there contemplating marrying one of these sorry irresponsible a-holes, just remember, all they want is a green card...nothing else. Don't fall prey to their BS. Most already have a spouse, kids or other family they are trying to scam to the US....don't be a part of their scheme. Tell them to eff off.
            We, American citizens, need to take control of our borders, our schools, our economy and protect them all against slimeball illegal aliens.


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              Pro-Immigration politicians ??
              you kidding me ????
              Politicians don't disagree on keeping illegals here .. They only disagree on the path to citizenship ... guess why ???
              these politicians are working for corporations ... they don't want citizens .. they want second class residents with no rights so they can abuse them ... politicians will never deport them .. they want to keep them here as cheap labor ...
              Politicians did'nt care about minimum wage increase now did they ??? i can bet middle class did'nt call them to throw that bill

              I usually don't like Lou Dobbs but please read this article of his its soo true ...

              NEW YORK (CNN) -- Without much fanfare, the House of Representatives last week voted to give members of Congress yet another pay raise, as it has done almost every year for nearly a decade.

              For some reason, our elected officials decided against holding a news conference. Maybe that's because they didn't want to draw attention to the fact that they raise their own salaries almost every year while refusing to raise the pay of our lowest-paid workers.

              Corporate America, the Bush administration and the national economic orthodoxy with which they're in league have consistently argued against helping working men and women at the lowest end of the wage scale by raising the minimum wage. Big business groups like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce say it will harm the economy and eliminate jobs. As is so frequent with the faith-based economics that grips both political parties in Washington, such concerns have absolutely nothing to do with reality.

              For example, it's impossible to deny the national minimum wage of $5.15 is not enough for a family to live above the poverty line. The annual salary for workers earning the national minimum wage still leaves a family of three about $6,000 short of the poverty threshold.

              Raising the minimum wage to $7.50 would positively affect the lives of more than 8 million workers, including an estimated 760,000 single mothers and 1.8 million parents with children under 18. But even this 46 percent increase would get them only to the poverty line. Don't you think these families just might need that cost-of-living increase a bit more than our elected officials who are paid nearly $170,000 a year?

              With no Congressional action on raising the minimum wage since 1997, inflation has eroded wages. The minimum wage in the 21st century is $2 lower in real dollars than it was four decades ago and now stands at its lowest level since 1955, according to the Economic Policy Institute and Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

              Also, since the last time Congress increased the minimum wage for our lowest-paid workers, buying power has fallen by 25 percent. Yet over that time our elected representatives have given themselves eight pay raises totaling more than 23 percent.

              Raising the minimum wage isn't simply about the price of labor. It's also about our respect for labor. One of this country's greatest business innovators, Henry Ford, made history almost a century ago by raising the salaries of his production-line workers far beyond the prevailing wage. Ford not only paid his employees well enough to buy the products they built, but he kept his employees loyal and productive. That's also very good business.

              The myth that raising the minimum wage will lead to job cuts is just that: a myth. In fact, research suggests just the opposite. According to the Fiscal Policy Institute, since 1998, states with higher minimum wages experienced better job growth than states paying only the federal minimum wage. Among small retail businesses in those higher minimum-wage states, job growth was double the rest of the country.

              The House Appropriations Committee has passed a $2.10 increase as part of a spending bill, but the business lobby pressured the House leadership to hold up the measure.

              "I think it's disgraceful that we waited nine years to do this," says Rep. David Obey, a Democrat from Wisconsin. "We have seen gas prices go up by 140 percent since the minimum wage was increased. We have seen home heating oil go up by 120 percent. We have seen health care go up by almost 45 percent."

              This administration, our Republican-led Congress and the dominant corporate interests in this country want cheap labor. And to achieve that goal they're outsourcing middle-class jobs, importing illegal labor and cutting retirement and health-care benefits.

              It's time for the federal government to reverse the trend, to at least substantially raise the minimum wage in this country, and by doing so express how much we value all working Americans.


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                Boyan, You r so missing the point!!Those illegals know that they are breaking the law and they keep doin it!! It is illegal to enter our country without coming through a port of entry with proper documentation. So what B.S. do you have to say now. What stupid excuse will you justify thier illegal actions!!????? Better yet, don't reply just learn.


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                  Hi, my name is Daniel I live at Mexico city, Ive been reading what you have been posting and I wanted to share an opion.
                  I actually can understand waht are you saying, althought Mexico is not the best country of the world is no the worst. I know that we have money problems and I know why people decide to ilegally inmigrate to the USA.
                  I can understand why you are angry, I would also be angry if someone strange come at my country dosent pay any taxes and receive a better medical treatment! or have more rights than myself!
                  I must admit that it would be a good idea that if they are not legalize at least make them pay taxes (I mean you are given them a job and a house, at least they could pay you back some of that)
                  Now I read the idea of someone12 to make them report from time to time, that would be also a good idea to have some control.
                  Anyway that was what I wanted to say right now


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                    Daniel, Come to our country you are welcome this is not a mad racist that is writing this. Just come legally and you are welcome with open arms!! Thank you for understanding. If it were Americans running over the Mexican border, Well I would not be suprised if they started putting us in jail. The Mexican people have already shown to be selfish. They don't want anyone coming over thier border and coming to the USA. Well my my!! Sounds hypocritcal if you ask me!!


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                      Justifying ill treatment of immigrants by comparison to Mexico is like justifying murder and genocide of the same by comparison to Rwanda.

                      USA is NOT MEXICO NOR RWANDA !!
                      Don't you get that?


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                        Boyan, You r so missing the point!!Those illegals know that they are breaking the law and they keep doin it!! It is illegal to enter our country without coming through a port of entry with proper documentation. So what B.S. do you have to say now. What stupid excuse will you justify thier illegal actions!!????? Better yet, don't reply just learn.
                        It is far different if one comes illegally knowingly breaking the law, or if one comes under duress while illegal, or if one comes here at the age of 5 illegally. But based on your logic, all would be treated equally as "criminals." This is patently false. The only excuse I see is your lack of education while your emotions are sorely misplaced. HOwever, I am for enforcing the border, but not via the method of the wall. It will not work, even with 80000 troops stationed. There are other ways to help and that requires a far more sophisticated explanation than your craneal cavity can absorb.
                        "Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence." John Adams on Defense of the boston Massacre


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                          Illegal is illegal, no matter how you spell it nor rationalize it. We hear this nonsense time and again about how "they were forced to sneak across our borders.." or.."I had to lie to get the visa"...any responsible adult with an IQ over 80 knows the difference between right and wrong. Illegals are just scam artists, here to leech off American taxpayers.


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                            How sad you are someone12, you might has well call yourself german1943, maybe hitler...thats better. Since your at it why don't you go to Africa an steal away her people to build your country, which by the way is not yours, considering that your an immigrant yourself. Now i've lower myself to your level, and if i lived at such a level all the time i would just kill myself. keep your hatred to yourself,and stop manifesting more evil in this evil world.
                            Malakai, if this is the best you have then please go and kill yourself you f-u-c-k-i-n-g dumb-a-s-s. And just to correct you, the vast majority of people from Africa who ended up in slavery, were put there not by the americans and europeans stealing them but by their own f-u-c-k-i-n-g people. This is of course a fact that the modern day "african - I don't know where africa is" American chooses to ignore because it doesn't fit their image


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                              Malakai is just another uninformed j e r koff.


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                                Someone12, These smart A*S*S*E*S think they have the answer. They have all the excuses for these illegals. You said it right!!! Right is right. And wrong is wrong!! We are talking to a wall when it comes to these wackos. I am a good hearted person but enough is enough. They take advantage of every social service available!! This is fact!!! it is very obvious that this JEAN character is feeling the heat!! Getting desperate. Every post she posts she answers her own posts!! LOL LOL LOL


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