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Illegals cannot vote!! But we can!!

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  • Illegals cannot vote!! But we can!!

    American citizens will be voting out all pro-immigration politicians!!!!! We can control this issue,yes we can the American people are going to vote one by one to show our strength.

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    American citizens will be voting out all pro-immigration politicians!!!!! We can control this issue,yes we can the American people are going to vote one by one to show our strength.


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      How right you are....we will not tolerate rewarding dirtbag illegals (like Jean2005 and others like her on the lower rungs of the phylum scale)... wake up illegal scum....we, the American people, do NOT want you taking up space in our country since you have NO respect for our rules and laws. Go home.


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        How sad you are someone12, you might has well call yourself german1943, maybe hitler...thats better. Since your at it why don't you go to Africa an steal away her people to build your country, which by the way is not yours, considering that your an immigrant yourself. Now i've lower myself to your level, and if i lived at such a level all the time i would just kill myself. keep your hatred to yourself,and stop manifesting more evil in this evil world.


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          Malakai, I am lowering myself to your level. What are you trying to say??? You are either on the side of the law breaking ILLEGAL ALIENS or you are American!! So which are you?? Don't hijack my post with your B.S. I am a good person but enough is enough the American people are fed up with this B.S. DO YOU UNDERSTAND!!


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            Why do you say "we the American people". YOU DONT SPEAK FOR ME! How do you know that most Americans support your views? Actually most polls show the opposite. I cant say I approve the illegal behavior but its not their fault. Its OUR fault that we haven't secured out borders. Its like leaving the milk out open on the table and then complain why the cat drink it. We simply have to face the consequences for our ignorance of the problem that has persisted for the past 10 years. Also if you think that all the illegas will just grab their stuff, put it in a suitcase and buy a one way ticket to Mexico, well it will just not happen. PERIOD. Even if the government do something to crack down on illegals they still wont leave because it is better to be miserable in US than to be miserable in Mexico. Also some of them have a house here; children that are US citizens, some even own their own businesses. So the best thing to do is acknowledge the problem, face it and deal with it in the best way but make sure it doesn't happen again. I know it doesn't sound great but as I said above we have pay the price for our ignorance.


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              Boyan, Please don't show your stupidity!! You are comparing a cat to a ILLEGAL ALIEN. We also have banks without guards,does this mean we can rob banks and if we don't get caught it's ok??!!! Why don't u head south with the rest of them and stop showing your stupidity!! I hope I did not offend u.


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                U dont offend me. Please note though that I said I dont approve the illegal behavior. The bottom line is that we have ignored the problem for the past 10 years. The illegals have come here because they had no choice. Put yourself in their position - you have a family but you cant put food on the table. Here are your choices: let them starve or try to sneak thru the border knowing there are opportunities for a better life on the other side. Well if you ask me it is a no brainer. That however does not excuse the illegal behavior but on the other hand its also US fault for not enforcing the law and securing the borders. Let me give you another example: say you are homeless and you are starving to death. You don't remember your last meal. You now walk through the neighborhood and you find a golden ring on somebody's lawn. What would u do? Would you call the person and give him back the ring or you'd keep it and try to sell it?


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                  it's called the rule of law, nitwit. WE are a nation of laws, not of morons like you. It is not our fault that illegal dirtbags thumb their unwashed noses at our is their lack of responsibility and a willingness to leech off the hard work of the American taxpayers. I am far too responsible to rationalize illegal or immoral behavior, but obviously village idiots like boyan have no clue about what it means to be a responsible adult.
                  BUt really boyan, if you are so supportive of illegals, why not drop by the nearest 7-11 in your neighborhood (you know, around the corner from your trailerpark), round up a half dozen illegals, take 'em into your trailer, feed and clothe them, let 'em use your car (maybe they'll use it to rob a bank)....let's see how truly supportive your are, or whether you just spew meaningless, empty and unpatriotic words at people who understand far better than you what it means to be a responsible adult in a law abiding society.


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                    No comment.


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                      Boyan, U do not understand!! Wrong is wrong. U said that illegals don't have a choice!! This is a stupid statement. Everyone has choices. And don't believe that Mexico is poor. Yes the USA is much better off. I am tired of hearing excuses for these illegals. I want to hear them say that they are sorry and return home!!


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                        Dear Pegasus: pity poor boyan - another one of those submoronic illegal alien supporters. He, like so many others, keep coughing up the same mantra..."they couldn't help it, they had to sneak into our country, they are poor, etc..." -- well, here is a newsflsh, boyan the moron, the US of A cannot possibly absorb all the poor people in the world and provide them with jobs and adequate housing. Any attempt to do so would destroy our infrastructure and economy. Of course, you probably still think that it is "OK" for anyone to ignore our laws if they have an excuse....maybe you should pay a visit to a local prison and ask those residing there if they have excuses for robbing banks and stealing cars.
                        I strongly suggest you take Econ101 - and try to understand why we cannot reward criminal behavior on the part of illegal aliens.


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                          Hey I never said that US should take every poor person in. This is not possible and even if it was I dont support it since as you said that would destroy the economy. But we have laws that NEED TO BE ENFORCED in order to be respected. Now imagine this: say they close all prisons and people dont go to jail when they commit a crime. The law will still say "dont steal" its just that people wont get punished if they do so. In this case I tell you I'll rent one of those big U-hauls and I'm driving straight to Best-Buy with a gun. Now dont tell me that if I do that and I don't get punished you wont do the same.... So what I am saying is that the situation is that bad because we have not enforced our laws. You cant expect people to respect the law when we dont enforce it which on the other hand means that even we don't respect it. It is our fault that the situation is like this. Please understand that its not a 100% the illegals fault. They are the problem but they are not the reason. Also you cant hate people the way you guys do just because they want something better for themselves. Its human nature - you rather drive a BMW 7 than a Toyota Corolla right? It is normal to desire something better for you and your family and if there is no consequence for your actions ofcourse you'll do whatever it take to get it. The question is how do you deal with the situation – its not possible to deport them, they wont leave but you also dont want them to stay. So what do you do? Can you find a workable solution?


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                            We'd rather drive an American car


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                              which car we drive has nothing to do with illegal dirtbags. It is possible to deport them (illegals, not cars)...all we have do to is get in gear.
                              My solution? Simple: pass a law that requires every illegal to a) report to the nearest DHS office within one year of said law to 'check out' and b) buy themselves an airline ticket back to their own country. There, they will face a 2 year bar to readmission, afterwhich they can apply for whatever kind of visa they wish (still having to qualify for said visa) don't tell me they don't have the money....billions are sent to their countries each year in the form of remittances (used largely to finance drinking habits locally instead of starting businesses)...
                              This way, the illegals get one last chance to show they have some modicum of respect for our rules - and they pay the "fine" in the currency most dear to them.. time. No paltry $2000 fine which is silly.
                              Criminal aliens (those who have been robbing banks and stealing cars) are just toast....who needs 'em?
                              All those who don't report in and leave within one year of the passage of said law become deportable felons on day 366, subject to immediate arrest and immediate deportation if they encounter so much as a meter maid. They are booted and cannot come back, EVER (again, who needs 'em?) waivers, no phony marriages to some dumba$$ village idiot, no matter how many children they have produced in an effort to avoid deportation won't help/ They must obey our laws.
                              Plus side: the airlines get an infusion of cash and the American taxpayers aren't saddled with a huge bill.
                              Negative side: none.


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