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    As we head into the home stretch, the final day, of this action, we have noticed a pattern in the email correspondence coming to us. Basically, people want to know (1) Why are we selling? and (2) What is being sold? Here are the answers to these questions.

    (1) Why are we selling?

    As we said before "ILW.COM has increasingly focused on its print publishing business in US immigration law (from practically nothing to 12 titles in 2 years). As our only non-US property, Immigration Canada is not a good fit for us any more." We estimate that we have spent over $10,000 on Immigration Canada in the last four years (including the pre-launch period). It is unlikely that this auction will realize our expenses, so we will end up losing money on this sale. However, we do not believe that just shutting it down is the best way to serve the readers of Immigration Canada - instead, leaving them in the hands of someone who will make use of the list appears the preferable course of action.

    (2) What is being sold?

    The best way to approach this is with a (true) anecdote. A lady member of our team subscribed (personally) last year to a magazine called "Budget Living". She received it for a number of months, and then it stopped coming for a couple of months. Then, she started receiving a magazine called "Shop, Etc". What happened was that "Shop, Etc" magazine acquired "Budget Living" and folded its list into its database (see ). Typically, when periodicals are acquired, the most valuable asset is the mailing list which the acquirer typically merges into its own mailing list. Occasionally, the brand name is also kept alive (as a sub-script), to keep the association and the goodwill (e.g., in the car context, Datsun-Nissan). It is very seldom that the archived content is used by periodical acquirers (it is otherwise, of course, for acquirers of TV and movie libraries), but it is customarily included in the sale. So, the best way to understand what we are selling is (a) a squeaky-clean email list, one of the largest in Canadian immigration law; (b) a relationship with the readers (c) the archived content. Since the likely acquirer may very well be a Canadian immigration law firm, it is unlikely that the archived content will be retained by the acquirer - who would want the name of other attorneys on their own website? Most likely, the acquirer will merge the email list with their own, and will become over-night the largest force in internet marketing in Canadian immigration. Also, please remember that included in the sale is a link from our home page for 6 months, and redirection of traffic from the old URL for 6 months. As we have said before, the home page link alone has significant traffic and branding value. The reason we are throwing this into the pot, is because we want the acquirer to have the comfort of knowing that we are interested in their making good use of the asset after it is acquired.

    It appears that many people bidding are new to eBay auctions (as, indeed, are we). For those bidding, or seriously considering bidding, we remind them that the real action in eBay auctions is typically in the last few hours, and they should plan on being at their computers on Friday: 9.15am-11:45amPT/12.15pm-2:45pmET. It is common to lose the bidding for a few dollars if people get distracted toward the end of the sale or forget to hit "refresh", or especially for newbies, get involved so late in the sale that they do not "get into the flow" of it until it is too late. We encourage those seriously interested to pay close attention to this auction over these final 24 hours.

    To visit the auction click here.


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      I do not care for Canada but I would like to buy; I think $1.50 is a reasonable price. I can do a better job than you monkeys can. Please transfer the domain name over to my godaddy account. Thank you.


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        <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by iperson:
        That's called shill bidding Penetrating.
        It's against the rules and can get the seller suspended or NARU (no longer a registered user). </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

        That is what I suspect in this particular auction I miss the super moderator Michael


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          Super moderator Michael is watching over us; I am the medium for his spirit


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            UPDATE OCT 13TH APPROX 9:30AM ET: 377 viewers, 16 watchers, 23 bids. Last bid $685

            Here are answers to the frequently asked questions by potential bidders in correspondence with us.

            1) The mailing list will be provided in a comma delimited or excel or any other commonly used format preferred by the buyer.

            2) Content will be provided in a zip file containing around 60 files. The page content in each file will be between the html tags: "&lt;!--Begin Page Content" and "&lt;!---End Page Content---&gt;".

            3) The link on the home page will have the text such as "For Information About Immigration to Canada See Here". We are open to any reasonable alternate phrasings.

            4) If the buyer wants to extend their presence on our homepage beyond the six months included in the auction, we are open to the concept. We will negotiate a mutually acceptable price for continued presence separate from the auction.


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              FINAL UPDATE OCT 13TH APPROX 12:00PM ET: 396 viewers, 15 watchers, 31 bids. Last bid $1,225

              With only a couple of hours to go before the auction closes, we are locking this thread. We will reopen it for a final wrap up after the auction is over.

              If someone needs to contact us before the auction is over, please send an email to


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                UPDATE: AUCTION HAS ENDED 415 viewers, 15 watchers, 45 bids. Sold for $2,650


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