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    No one should kid themselves that all employers are interested in is the "best employee". It's the "best employee AT A PRICE THE EMPLOYER IS WILLING TO PAY".


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      THen you have employers who do not want to spend the money to retrain someone new to do the job. The alien on a non immigrant visa has been doing the job for the past 6 years and now the employer wants them aboard permanently

      There is a lot of motive out there to violate the PERM law. I can't imagine with the amount of motive there is to violate the law it is effective in preserving jobs for americans. IN the end the only ones who seem to benefit are the lawyers who file the silly forms.

      In the end the lawyers will be the only ones who benefit from ANY immigration law


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        Ok, I'm getting a general idea of what you are all saying. However, it is so frustrating to read all this when, as some of you have said, people get away with things that are not even qualified to say my level of qualification and experience.

        I would just like to hear your views:

        I've been offered a job. My prospective employers and I have got on well when I went for the interview, and the staff and I got on well. I really would like to work for them.

        If they are willing to wait till October 2007 for me to start, is my best option to wait till April 2007 and have them apply for an H1-B visa?

        According to the DOL ONET online database ( ) my job catagory is in demand.

        Would this somehow help my application?
        Any advice greatly appreciated


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          In my opinion your best option at this point is the H-1B.

          It is people in your position who, in my opinion, are the ones getting the short end of the stick when it comes to the amnesty in these new immigration laws,

          and it is you who are the only ones who can complain without being criticized by the rightous bleeding heart liberals. You see if I as a USC complain then I am painted a racist or xenophobe.


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            Thnak you for the advice. I totally understand the problems involved. all I want to do is work in the USA, pay my taxes and hopefully one day become a USC!


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              You are what they call a Vet Tech - and yes, they are in demand. If you have your certificate (which in America a Vet Tech is a two year "degree" similar to an x-ray tech, dental assistant, para educator, doctor's assistant etc) and the experience - your employer may be able to show you are the best for that job. Seeing as there is a demand for these jobs - there may not be an American with the same qualifications you have to do the job - particularly in your area.


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                yes, I am a Vet Tech in the USA. But would i qualify for an H-1B visa? It being only a 2 year associate degree? Or should I apply under my 12 years managerial experience in a veterinary hospital?


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