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    A takie glupie hiszpanskie lub puerto ricanskie chuje psuja Ameryke i za karty benefitowe kupuja papierosy lub alkohol lub handluja narkotykami - wyrzucic tych glupich brudasow z Ameryki. 90% puerto-rykanskich dzieci nie konczy szkoly sredniej poniewaz sa tak leniwe i glupie oraz maja wszy.


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      Maria's last posting demonstrates that syphilis has overtaken what little was left of her peanut-sized brain.


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        Sundevilusa- you need to learn how to articulate and pronounce english words properly..Your heavy accent is just discusting to the American public.

        Sundevilusa cant even speak proper english, but yet, he belittles immigrants that have a better grasp on the english language then him...I know undocumented immigrants that speaks english like they were born here, whyle you speak english like you just came here with an ugly arabic accent that makes Americans want to P U K E..

        Sundevilusa- You are a racist arabic moron and i feel like puking in your face when i hear your arabic accent.


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          We are all, sick and tired of someone12 racism toward immigrants.
          You dont have to be a rocket scientist to notice that this guy is an extremist racist Nazism fanatics that believes that the white race should be preserve and dominate the US population, this is why he's against all immigrants.
          This is why he calls the large mexican population in the US, a foreign army that is planning to invade us and we should deport every single mexican, legal or not.

          This message board was created so that immigrants)legal or not) could come and ask for help on how to become legal in the US, but we have A S S H O L E S like somone12,sundevilusa promoting the deportation of immigrants that wants answers on how to become legal and not have to leave the country.


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            Dear albatross23: please cut and paste ANY posting I have made that stated I did not want Mexicans nor any other culture to immigrate (legally) to the US.....I DEFY you to do so.
            Once again, for the learning impaired: illegal immigrants are not a race (they are a disease)


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              Someone12-I want everyone to be aware that you are a clown that shouldnt be taking seriously on any points you make on those message boards..You are a baffoons that has ridiculous views on immigration..WE, american people, are glad that extremist like yourself, does not represent the voice of the majority.

              The American public have shown again and again on national polls, that immigration is not an issue that they consider hurtfull to them or the country because they would never ever compete against those undocumented workers for jobs such as cleaning dishes or working in farms.

              This is why MCcain is not afraid to push his guest worker program even when he will be contending for the '08 presidency...MCcain knows that immigration will not be a huge factor on whether he wins or lose...Matter fact, the american public would applaud him for fixing our broken immigration system by protecting our southern borders and not be too extreme by deporting 11 million people..We are not nazi germany where we arrest a bunches of people and put them in concentration camps untill we deport them.


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                Like ive always said, if the American public supported such an extreme ideology against immigration, tancredo, j.d hayworth and the minute-men would not have any problem drawing thousands of americans to their rallies...Have you noticed that whenever they hold an anti-immigration rally, only a few dozen nazies and white-extremists shows up? They have almost no support on the immigration front.

                Whyle the Pro-immigration backers always draws a large crowd whenever they mobilize to make their voice heard.

                The only difference between the anti- immigrants and pro-immigrants groups is, that the anti-immigrants bashers are angrier and their scream are louder even when they are in the minority...They are just angry racist human beings that just wants to make other human being's life miserable..

                Someone12 and his racist extremist baffoons are very hatefull individuals that wants immigrants out of the country and they would blame everything thats wrong with america on migrants just to make a case to righteous kind hearted americans that migrants are evil and wants to harms us just like the 9/11 terrorists.


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                  SunDevilUSA just proved that he is right and that language is not his problem. It's a shame that some people doesn't know how to react properly to a conversation. Use vulgar language that it's not condoned by their own country. This people should be feeling the problems that most of the others feel. This people are the ones that even criticize legal residents! Incredible! It's impossible to chat with someone like this.
                  For SunDevilUSA: Don't pay attention to people that uses that kind of language or gives a bad image to a great country. I know! They will start using my name as yours. No problem! They will be ashamed!


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                    My 2 cent here. I agreewith a statement made earlier by marmaduk. Much frustration from legal immigrants comes from the fact that they went through the process legally and see other illegals beating the system or even getting GC before them.

                    In my experience with immigration, I have heard countless people saying 'We did it the right way and endured hell and we see illegals beating the system'. As my previous postings suggest, I'm pro immigration the right way. I don't beleive that foul languages should be used.

                    However I don't beleive that someone12 is racist. He fits the profile of the legal immmigrant I talked about with frustrations. He is an immigrant too and would be stupid to be racist which I didn't really capture. I'm not taking anyone's side but when it comes to immigration, it's a personal point of view by anyone. Some beleive that because they have been here a long time and finally want to turn legal that we should make it easy for them; well why did you commit the offense to start with. I'm sure you probably wanted a better life but does breaking the law make you 'a person of good moral character in the eyes of USCIS?'

                    Again there is not need for hate here but advice only. We can't tell someone to go away to their country if they come here to ask for help. What is done is done; and the best we can do is help another human and feel good about it.


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                      I agree with Ghost
                      Every one is entitled to an opinion. Some think Immigration is good for the country others think its not.
                      Everyone comes out with something to prove their point of view.
                      To all the immigrants Please dig out your roots How did you get here ?
                      Ok you came on family visa your brother or sister or father sponsored you.. How did they come here ???
                      For many someone might have sacrificed for the good of their coming generations.
                      May be its not immigrants fault, May be its the law. Law makers are trying to change the law. Why ? If immigration is Not important and If immigration laws don't end up getting the majority illegal then why are they changing it ?
                      or even talking about them.
                      Just a thought


                      • #86
                        Someone 12 is not an immigrant - I am a US citizen,born and raised in the US of A.
                        I am not against LEGAL immigration (from the beginning); I am only opposed to illegal immigration, in any form.
                        Last time I checked, illegal immigrants were (are) not a race; therefore, to label me or any other anti-illegal immigration person a racist or a Nazi is totally misguided...but then, illegal alien supporters have never been known for their intelligence, only their ignorance and ease of being duped.


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                          Just checking what the two biggest losers that I know are up to. Doing the only things they can, I see. That is barking and whining. SomeYawn12, get a life. SomeRabidUSA, stop using the word "feable". It doesn't exist!. Perhaps you mean "feeble". So long...


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                            It is interesting that this moron whknapp posts his own empty, useless whines, and when challenged to support his position, he can only respond with more name-calling but no substance, a sure indicator of a total loser who spends his free time playing with himself while watching reruns of "Walker."


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