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    Sundevil+someone12+alibaba=racist biggots that hates all immigrants.

    I can take someone12 being racist and hatefull toward migrants, because his family were probably members of the KKK movement, but alibaba and sundevil have no say on this matter because they both are themseves, immigrants that migrated to this country looking for a piece of the American Dream.

    someone12, himself told us he took part in a few minute-men rallies.
    Minute-men = modern disguise version of KKK..Just wants everyone to be clear on that.

    Someone12 believes that there are too many mexicans in the US and that their true intentions is not to come here to work, but to invade us and take back southern states that were lost by the mexicans during the war.

    Someone12 parents , once believes that they were too many blacks in this country and they should all be deported to africa, just like they believes that all mexicans should be deported to mexico. Same ideology, different century, different year. GET IT?

    Now on sundevilusa- Lets not forget that this guy speaks badly of immigrant when he does not even have the right to vote in this country as of yet and is himself, an immigrant that pursued the american dreams like all those poor immigrants.

    The fact remains - you are not that different from the Jewish prisoners in a German concentration camp who ratted out their fellow inmates for a bowl of German soup and a friendly pat on the back. So, you are in good company! Congratulations!

    This above is what sundevilusa is all about. Why are you so angry at your own people that are just trying to do what you did..Why do you want your brothers and sisters deported for life with no hope in their home country whyle you get fat living the american dreams?
    Has those people ever took a job away from you? Maybe a mcdonal burger flipping job? or maybe an agricultural job that requires you to spend countless hours working under very hot weather?
    why are you so angry, what's your real agenda?


    • #62
      Really? Those two characters are both Arabs?? That means I was right on the money with my theory! )) Inferiority complex galore! Aliba even renounced his religion in favor of Christianity to distance himself from his roots! That is a sorry and disgusting spectacle to observe!

      Yes, AlIBABA is a despecable human being with a craptacular ideology..I guest his parents did not let him know that this country was built on immigrants backs and hard works...

      Alibaba and sundevilusa are both middle eastern men that wants to be badly accepted by white america, so this is why they denounces immigrants and tries to separate themseves from them.

      They both wants to please someone12 who is a white man with KKK family ties.


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        Albatross23: Is English your second language?


        • #64
          It must be nice that all people that commit crimes in America are all illegal immigrants.

          My question to you Someone12, what do you do when the person is legal? Oh, that is OK you are an American citizen, you DESERVE to be here.

          Your bleeding heart liberalism is great when applied to your own ideology. "It is okay, as long as you are legal to be here."

          I am sure that you have stopped at every stop sign, obeyed every traffic law and never done anything to break the law. It would be nice to live in your own world, where you solve all the problems.

          Problem solving to you, is name calling and personal attacks, since you do not have the capacity for debate.

          I expected higher from the people on this board, than to get into name calling and personal attacks.


          • #65
            Jenne--If someone is an illegal alien then by definition they don't belong here. Moreover, we've discussed how and why illegal presence and illegal working here are not comparabe to traffic tickets. Someone who's here illegally is commiting a crime every second of their time here by their very presence.

            If you expect more, well, it's worth noting that a lot of name calling is coming from illegal aliens themselves.


            • #66
              I am a legal immigrant. White with blue eyes. I am proud of my heritage and have no desire to be other than I am. I understand that I will never be a "born in America" American. This is okay with me - people asking me where I am from gives me a chance to share my differences with others. I am proud of my birth country. I am not sure if I will naturalize. I am here now but I don't know where I will be five years from now. It is a big world out there and it is beautiful to see.

              I have no anomosity against "illegals". I have seen too much pain and suffering among those who are less fortunate. It is easy to sit back and blame and judge - It just takes an inability to understand the plight of those who would like a better life. And they do not just come to the US.

              Both "legals" and "illegals" came to this country for basically the same reasons - those who are "legal" just fit into the pigeon holes better..."legality" doesn't make them better or worse than anybody else.

              When one reads or talks to those immigrants who came here through Ellis Island and other ports across the US,one can begin to understand why they stayed to eak out a living in slums and factories - and in many cases, their lives were not better - they just had hope that it could be better. This is the American heritage.

              "Legal" or "illegal" the hope remains the same.


              • #67
                To the guy who hates immigrant you were not born in the US ineither way you are an LPR and if you are a citizen not born here you will have to answer citizen by naturalization , just as you wanted to be here someone else wants to be to , get a life.


                • #68
                  People whether they are here legal or not, it is not nice to say illegal aliens have you ever seen an alien, i thought an alien was a species from out of space, they are human being just like you and I because they are undocumented does not make them any less of a person. it is so insultive and mean to be always referring to people as illegal aliens because they do not have to required documents, americans go all over the world and no one calls them aliens, I know americans that live in my homeland that are well respected and well treated, and are called US citizens not aliens I think they should abolish that saying , just like they use to say Alien Registration Card now they say Permanent Residnce Card they should drop the Illegal Alien it is very demeaning.


                  • #69
                    how about "citizenship challanged"


                    • #70
                      dear albatross23 the hopeless idiot: please point to any posting of mine where I said I did not want Mexicans coming to the US - or any other culture. Find one.
                      All this blather about Nazis, camps, etc, is just eye-off-the-ball tactics because you (and other illegals or illegal alien supporters) have no rational, logical argument about why illegals should be rewarded instead of punished.
                      But then, it must be difficult to think when your head is so far up your a$$.


                      • #71
                        and from Jenne, the village idiot, more baloney about traffic laws and illegal aliens.
                        So tell us, what is the correlation between traffic signs and illegal aliens?
                        The two have nothing in common.
                        By your faulty logic, we should let all criminals out of prison; after all, there must be tons of Americans running traffic lights, ergo, bank robbers and murderers should be released as well. If you disagree, then you just defeated your own specious 'argument.'


                        • #72
                          Someone12 and SundevilUSA are Arabs and the are threat to US. Remember all terrorists came here legally and nobody was from Mexico.
                          Muslims should have no right to immigrate to the Western countries because they do not tolarate Western culture in their homeland.

                          Deport Someone12 and SunDevilUSA moslems please!

                          Someone12 and SunDevilUSa and AliBa please live my country United States for the hell you came from or you were born in.
                          America is for everybody who is welcomed here. 12 milions of undocumented working aliens are welcomed here unlike Someone12 and SunDevilUSa who are not welcomed in the USA.

                          --In case you missed my first post--
                          SunDevilUSA, you're just a rabid dog, barking at the wrong tree. You're an immigrant yourself, which makes you sound even more pathetic when you BARK so loud. I'm tired of your whining, go F U C K yourself. As for Someone12, you're just a ridiculous "patriotic" son of a B I T C H who deserves pity. Double your dose of Prozac pills inmediately, you sorry wacko. Both of you A S S H O L E S, do something useful, and please, please get a life!!!. Anyway, I shouldn't waste my time with worthless, pathetic losers like you. I have a couple of questions that I would like to ask to the FORUM MEMBERS, if anyone can help. The two losers that I mentioned before are excluded, since they have proved that they just vent their frustration here, so I don't give a flying f u c k about their opinions or answers. Number 1: I need an address to send a money order to support the Aztlan Rally. I have been studying the Aztecs for so long that I fell in love with that culture. If you two were no so ignorant and closed-minded, you could enjoy reading about that great civilization. It is truly amazing, believe me. 2) How long you think UNDOCUMENTED immigrants will have to wait to apply for their legalization under THIS YEAR'S amnesty?. Ooops, I'm sorry, I meant "Guest Worker Program", not amnesty.


                          • #73
                            Maria: you have only showed your absolute ignorance and lack of intelligence.....American citizens cannot be deported. Please re-read this again. You can be deported, and I would gladly drive you to the nearest airport and wave goodbye to you.
                            12 M illegals are NOT welcomed by any American citizen with an IQ above 90.You should read and study the polls. We don't want you or any other illegal visa cheats or border jumpers in MY country (please note: AMerica is not your country).
                            You have obviously spent far too much time en sus rodillas giving airstarts to anyone with 25c in their pocket.


                            • #74
                              American citizens cannot be deported
                              But the people like can loose your citizeship for that what you do and I can gain citizenship for identifying such criminal Moslem individials like you who hate America having American passport.


                              • #75
                                lo siento, tonta, sin embargo, no puedo perdir mi ciadania americana ni usted puede ser estadounidense por sus mentiras


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