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    Actually, its legal immigrant like SunDevil that should have the most to gripe about. Not only he has already been subjected in uneven playing field WHILE undergoes the legal process to immigrate, he's also being subjected to one AFTER he's done with the quagmire of immigration.

    Why should legal immigrant that has to wait for decades to come to the US tolerates the illegals who jump across the border & make a mockery for everything they've to go through? Would someone answer that for a change?


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      Marmaduk: Thank you!


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        Thanks for the suggestion. I just rushed to the bookstore and bought the best English dictionary that I could afford. I think I just wasted my money, though, 'cause I couldn't find the word "FEABLE". I perfectly know what Aztlan means, and, to be honest, I couldn't care less about those daydreamers. Since I am not a paranoid idiot like you, I just don't worry about them. They'll never succeed, anyway. I was just trying to prove how easy is to make a rabid dog bark louder, which I accomplished with your help. Thanks, and, since I have to go, please keep defending us from those evil immigrants, specially if they come from south of the border and are dark-skinned. I know it's not easy being on this board, fighting for America, but there are other lunatics, I mean brave warriors such as SomeYawn12 you can turn to for help. Keep up the good work and do me a favor: get laid. You really seem to need it.


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          Maybe whknapp care to answer my question above then?


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            your legal status is not printed on your forehead so that all americans can see you're legal...Your skin's color and bad pronounciation of the english language will attract immigrant-bashers toward your way and you will feel the same discrimination that any undocumented migrant would feel.

            The fact is, sundevilusa is one of the few immigrants(legal or not) that i have witnessed bashing immigrants so violently..Even american citizen of immigrant family doesnt have anything bad to say about undocumented migrants because they know how hard it is for them in this country.

            Most legal immigrants support undocumented migrants because they were once, illegal and after the same dream..




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              Whknapp: If you could afford it, it sure can't be much of a dictionary.

              Why do you feel it necessary to play the race card? A person's ethnicity is of no consequence to me, so I can only assume that you're the closet racist.

              I do have a problem with the country of Mexico, but my issues are related to the actions and attitudes of that country. I oppose illegal immigration, most of which originates in Mexico. Although I understand why even Mexicans don't like their country, that doesn't give them the right - which they seems to believe that they have - to disregard America's sovereignty and rule-of-law.

              Obviously, you condone law breaking and criminality...just as you support those who challenge America's territorial integrity.

              You're pathetic.


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                So albatross, your argument to my question is that since legal immigrants are immigrants anyway...they should not be upset with illegals, regardless whatever the illegals are doing? Is that it?


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                  dear whknapp: in spite of not having your exalted permission to post a reply to your airheaded inquires, I will take a chance and repond anyway (tough $hit if you don't like it)..
                  as to questions #1, who cares? If you can't find the contact information for a group that you think is so important, you must really know absolutely nothing about it.
                  And for question #2, I hope never.
                  Since you know zilch about some alleged culture you think should rule the earth, you clearly know even less about illegal immigration.
                  You, like other uninformed, ignorant trailer-trash, equate racism with those who are against illegal aliens and illegal immigration.
                  A quick look at a phylum chart will show to almost anyone with an IQ above 70 (sorry that lets you out) there is no race labeled "illegal immigrant" - ergo, attempting to label anti-illegal alien supporters as 'racists'only reveals your pitifully low IQ and understanding of human culture.
                  Actually, illegal immigration is a disease, that needs eradicating.
                  Moreover, those adolescents like yourself that have to resort to profanity at the earliest possible moment in a discussion demonstrate their lack of culture and inability to form coherent thoughts. Congratulations! You scored perfect on the "Morons Who live in trailer parks" quiz.
                  If you were to stop taking Prozac ******ly, you might actually begin to understand the world around you.


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                    Whknapp: I was so busy challenging the stupid things that you say, and I forgot to thank you for being the originator of this post.

                    I am happy to be named in the title of a post with my friend, Someone12. Great minds think alike.


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                      The toilet worshipping section is now open.


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                        Dear Jenne: maybe you should start a relationship with whknapp....a perfect match...two totally ignorant and hopeless individuals....


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                          Marmaduk: There is no point in attempting to have a sensible discussion with albatross23.

                          He will never answer your questions, or respond in a constructive manner.

                          When responding, it's better just to acknowledge that he's a moron...and don't waste much of your time and intelligence on someone with a third-grade education.


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                            totally ignorant and hopeless individuals
                            wow you just described yourself very well and i didn't even have to do it for you..


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                              Sundevil;Someone12;AliBA; Byasha; etc....These are people who support the atrocities committed by the American soldiers in Iraq and support the following news story. These are people who would spit on you if you were dying on the street. These are people who support the Nazi regieme - which had the same immigration policies.

                              Pray you are different....
                              Protests Brew Over Attempt to Deport a Woman

                              By NINA BERNSTEIN
                              Published: February 14, 2006

                              The treatment of a pregnant Chinese woman who miscarried twins last week after federal immigration officers in Philadelphia forcibly tried to deport her from New York has become a flash point for planned protest in the Chinese-American communities of both cities, lawyers and immigrant advocates said yesterday.

                              Richard Bortnick, a lawyer with the Philadelphia law firm of Cozen O'Connor, which is handling the woman's case without fee, said that protest rallies would be held today. He said he had appealed to senators in Pennsylvania and New York to help investigate the treatment of the woman, Zhenxing Jiang, 32, who has said that the officers manhandled her and ridiculed her pleas for medical help until it was too late.

                              While her husband and sons, 4 and 7, waited in the lobby of an immigration office, unaware of what was happening, Mr. Bortnick said, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers pushed Ms. Jiang into a minivan, bruised her and ***ped her abdomen against the backseat and drove her to Kennedy Airport.

                              He said the officers stopped to eat lunch themselves but gave the pregnant woman nothing to eat during her eight-hour ordeal and cursed her when she cried and told them she was in pain.

                              By the time they reached the airport, Ms. Jiang was suffering severe abdominal cramps and begging for help in a public waiting area, said John C. Liu, a New York city council member, who called the woman's treatment un-American. Someone called an ambulance, Mr. Liu said, and she was taken to Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, where Mr. Liu visited her after doctors found that the two fetuses she was carrying had died.

                              No one disputes that under immigration law, Ms. Jiang could have been deported at any time after 2002, when she exhausted her appeals on the denial of her application for political asylum on the ground of China's one-child policy.

                              But her husband's political asylum case is still pending on appeal, Mr. Bortnick said, and the couple, whose sons were born in the United States and are citizens, have worked legally and paid taxes as Chinese restaurant operators in Philadelphia for a decade.

                              Ms. Jiang had been allowed to report routinely for years to an immigration office in Philadelphia until last Tuesday, he added.

                              Ms. Jiang and many of the family's Chinese supporters say the authorities decided to deport her when they learned she was pregnant, to prevent her from giving birth to another United States citizen.

                              In a statement issued last week in response to a news release from Mr. Liu, immigration officials said Ms. Jiang's "arranged departure to China from J.F.K. International Airport was delayed for medical reasons that were addressed immediately by New York Fire Department emergency medical technicians."

                              It added: "Following her treatment at a New York hospital, Jiang was released from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody so she could further address her medical needs. Once she is cleared medically, efforts to effectuate her repatriation will resume."

                              Mr. Bortnick, who is filing a petition to delay her removal, said that when Ms. Jiang's husband, Tien Xiao Zhang, finally learned what had happened and went to the hospital, immigration officers instructed him that his wife should report to immigration headquarters yesterday. Instead, "she has gone missing," Mr. Bortnick said.


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                                my argument is, immigrants shouldnt bash fellow immigrants, legal or not...Now, we know that most undocumented migrants in this country arent terrorists and they are only here because of bad immigration laws and American businesses high demands for workers that would accept doing dirt jobs like wash dishes, clean hotel roons etc etc..most of those jobs are jobs that Americans refuses to do.

                                My problem with sundevil is, he's a pure hypocrit that think he has the right to have a say on whether those people should get deported.

                                He's not even a US citizen yet and does not have the right to vote as of yet, so lay low and stop bashing your own people.


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