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4now, tax question about a DBA

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    You're too bright to be called an idiot OR a toddler, sometimes things are exactly as they seem.


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      When everyone is popping this stupid insulting thread up with full of personal attacks then I must put my input before I leave .... As I e mailed swiss in reply when she wrote me about this thread .... That best way to ignore and not to continue on this thread anymore .... And I m not going to write anything in this thread ....Well things are still going on and on ....

      What can I say ? it doesn't take a rat's brain to figure it out who is swiss-nutt / bolt .... Well whatever .... And I really hate all these games with fake Ids ...first it all started with irritated 2 and now swissnutt .... I decided in past I should never reply in this thread .... And I pretty much know or at least I can guess who could this be possibly.

      But what I want to tell is this .... This is my request to swissnutt and swissnut also .... We all could have personal issues in one or other way and ... some people got hurt over some issues through ILW .... But please try to resolve it staying in limit with manners and respect to each others .... All these games have gone so far .... I could care less coz I cant visit this board like I did before and I m not updated with current new issues or talks .... But I just request you guys that even if someone got hurt in past coz of some wrong attacks or other personal concerns .... Let it go .... And just write under original Ids.... I guess u guys can again become friends ...that's all I got to tell .... Anyway good luck to you all.... Pasha


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        People should know that I don't read other people's replies on this thread, nor I care. I would greatly appreciate if people could stay away from giving any advise here, at least to me since I don't need any advise, especially when I know what I am doing, and when it appears that this matter will be ended up in the hand of law enforcement and in Criminal and Civil courts if it keeps continue. It becomes more important when nobody came forward before with their advices to swissnut, except one, when Swissnut offended someone without any evidences, so there is no need to give any advise or mediate the matter now. When people chose to be mute, or to keem them away from commenting anything for whatever reason, then they should not give their advises now. This matter should be between the persons whom she offended, and it is not about those people who have become dear friend to her since they cannot realize (obviously) how bably she had hurted someone with her acts, or maybe they are not as sensitive as others, which is good for them. But then please don't comment on someone's sensitivity of getting offended since I already told here that some people are more sensitive than others to let the matter go.

        I just wish them to realize that if some other person would have done this thing then it would have been ok, but a person like her will do such a thing, is hard to swallow since she was being helped most by the person whom she accused, and it hurts when she did all this just because of her lover, and especially when the person whom she accused had been so nice and generous to her and he had done nothing bad to her ever except helping and wishing her. Not need to mention who did to whom first. And keep this also in mind that I don't say a word against someone unless someone offends me first. Again, this matter is between Swissnut and the persons whom she offended, and should be between that way.


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          " the hand of law enforcement and in Criminal and Civil courts" !


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            You might as well tear up that law degree!

            The only threats are yours towards me. Could you be referring to the VAWA of June 2002? Read it again and while you are at it, you might want to check your incoming and outgoing phone and email records, too! Wondering if you might suffer from dyslexia?


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              Will you three knock it off?

              I read every single word of this whole
              god d-amned thread, BEFORE EDITS, and nobody threatened ANYONE.

              I want you all to cut out this nonsense. Lay down your arms, cease and desist! Bringing law enforcement into this is f-ucking rediculous.
              Sweet Madame Belu


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                Whats a DBA????


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                  Doing (monkey) Business As.....


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