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    Hundreds Use Fake IDs for Food Stamps
    Posted: Dec. 12, 2007

    Raleigh, NC "” A state audit has found that hundreds of people have used bogus Social Security numbers to obtain food stamps.

    From July 2002 to last April, 1,906 people were receiving food stamps from the state Department of Social Services based on invalid Social Security numbers, the audit report stated. Another 1,237 food stamp recipients were using the Social Security numbers of dead people, according to the audit.

    DSS security measures had previously disqualified 5,840 people from the food stamp program after determining they were using phony Social Security numbers, according to the audit.

    DSS officials said they have developed new screens to help validate the Social Security numbers of all food stamp recipients.
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    Homegrown' Attack More Likely in U.S., Chertoff Says (Update1)
    By Jeff Bliss

    Dec. 12 (Bloomberg) -- A ``homegrown'' terrorist is more likely to attack the U.S. than a group from overseas, and the consequences wouldn't be as devastating, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said.

    ``It's much harder in a free country to prevent a single person from getting their hands on a weapon,'' Chertoff told reporters on a conference call. Such an attack, though, probably ``will be less cataclysmic'' than those on Sept. 11, 2001, he said today.

    Chertoff said the U.S. still faces ``a somewhat heightened threat'' because of al-Qaeda's success in reconstituting itself within safe havens in Pakistan, a warning the Bush administration first issued in July. Yet U.S. authorities have had success in deterring overseas militants from getting into the country, he said.

    Chertoff, previewing a speech he gave this afternoon to political and anti-terrorism analysts in Washington, stressed the need for Americans to remain vigilant.

    Homeland Security and law enforcement officials can never guarantee they'll be aware of all terrorists within the country because of the broad access to firearms, bomb-making materials and radical Internet Web sites, Chertoff said.

    ``The price of freedom is a certain amount'' of risk, he said.

    Driver's Licenses

    Chertoff said in 2008 he plans to more vigorously defend his department's program of getting states to issue driver's licenses that are difficult to forge.

    Civil libertarians who question the program must justify ``why I should rejoice in the fact a 16-year-old can get on a computer and make an ID and pretend to be me,'' he said.

    State officials have criticized the Bush administration for not providing more money to help them convert to the new licenses. Chertoff said he would lobby Congress for more money.

    Next year's priorities also include erecting 670 miles of vehicle barriers and fencing on the Southwestern border, he said.

    Chertoff, one of President George W. Bush's lead negotiators on failed legislation creating a temporary worker program, said during his speech, ``I am not prepared to give up on some comprehensive reform'' of U.S. immigration law.

    Last Updated: December 12, 2007 15:14 EST
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      Sheriff's deportation power bid under fire Latino group seeks meeting

      December 14, 2007

      WAUKEGAN -- A group of Latino leaders is urging the Lake County Sheriff's Office to withdraw its application for the federal authority to initiate deportation proceedings against immigrants convicted of serious crimes.

      The Waukegan Leadership Council, which formed in the aftermath of Waukegan's application to the same program this summer, said there is already a process in place to deport serious criminals who are foreign-born. The council's main concern is that deportation powers would erode immigrants' trust of police if local law enforcement is linked to federal immigration enforcement.

      The group sent a letter to Sheriff Mark Curran asking for a meeting because the decision to seek federal 287(g) authority was done without community input, said Porfirio Garcia, president of the Waukegan Leadership Council and owner of ReGar Realty, Inc. in Gurnee.

      "The sheriff didn't ask for public opinion," Garcia said during a news conference Thursday.

      Earlier this month, Curran announced that his office applied for six correctional officers to receive cross designation as Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents under 287(g) and at the time said it was not open to debate. As of Thursday, he had not been personally asked to meet with the Waukegan Leadership Council, Curran said.

      "If it's about debating the benefits of 287(g), they should hold their breath," he said. "I'm not going to take a poll or meet with groups to see if it's OK to uphold the law."

      If the sheriff's application is approved, the six corrections officers at Lake County Jail would be trained to begin deportation proceedings against immigrants convicted of violent crimes, *** offenses and Class X or Class 1 drug felonies. The sheriff's office has partnered with ICE on warrants initiatives in the past.

      "It's nothing that they're not doing already. It's simply assisting them," Curran said.

      "We are not opposed to removing the criminal element from the community," said Waukegan 4th Ward Ald. Tony Figueroa, who is also a board member of the Waukegan Leadership Council.

      But immigrants often fear local law enforcement when they are linked to immigration agents, Figueroa said. "We've already seen this in Waukegan. People are afraid to call police," he said.,...CEPROTEST_S1.article
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        Illinois bends to feds on weeding out illegal workers
        by Frank James

        We reported back in September about a lawsuit the Homeland Security Department filed against Illinois to stop the state from interfering with the use by employers in Illinois of the E-Verify system to check workers' legal status to work in the U.S.

        Homeland Security and the state have reached an agreement that will permit employers in Illinois to use the Internet-linked federal database to check to see if their workers are legally in the U.S. and allowed by law to work.

        Here's a press release from the federal agency.

        Statement by Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff on the E-VERIFY LAWSUIT WITH ILLINOIS

        In September, we filed a lawsuit in federal court to declare invalid an Illinois statute that effectively forbids Illinois employers from enrolling in the department's E-Verify system. The statute was to become effective on January 1, 2008, but in papers filed with the court yesterday, the state agreed not to enforce it until the department's lawsuit against the state is resolved. It also disclosed that the Illinois legislature is considering a bill to address the legal issues raised in the suit.

        The department will communicate with each of the Illinois employers enrolled in E-Verify to let them know that they may continue using E-Verify without fear of a state enforcement action on January 1. The state's decision also allows employers planning to enroll in E-Verify to do so without the threat of state enforcement against them. Illinois employers will now have the ability to verify the legality of their workforce without interruption or fear of reprisal by the state.

        In a motion filed with DHS, the state requested a sixty day stay of the lawsuit so that the Illinois legislature would have an opportunity to consider proposed changes in the Illinois statute. I remain hopeful that Illinois will amend its law so that Illinois employers can continue to utilize this valuable tool without the need for further litigation.

        E-Verify is an online system that allows employers to check whether a worker's name and Social Security number are valid and the individual is authorized to work in our country. It gets consistently good reviews from the employers who use it, and we continue to work to improve the system's protections against fraud. We've upgraded E-Verify with a photo tool that allows employers to compare the photo on a person's driver's license or ID card against federal databases, thus making sure the documents are not fraudulent or stolen. This program is free of charge and has been used by more than 30,000 employers enrolled nationwide, and over 900 employers in Illinois alone. Last year, over 3 million new employees were checked nationwide using this system. Congress has repeatedly acknowledged that rampant document and identity fraud has significantly undermined the existing system for stopping illegal workers from getting jobs, and E-Verify is the best available way for employers to ensure their workforce is legally authorized to work.

        So the program can go forward in Illinois until the lawsuit is disposed of, which may take years. And as the Homeland Security release says, Illinois's legislature may pass a new law that would effectively remove the barrier the state had placed in the way of employers wanting to check their employees' legal status.

        Illinois legislators who supported the state's move to block employers' use of E-Verify had argued, as did immigration advocates, that the database wasn't completely accurate. They said there would be too many instances of false postives, workers with the legal right to work in the U.S., either through U.S. citizenship or because they had the proper visas, being falsely reported as illegal.

        But there is growing pressure, even in states with large immigrant populations, for tougher enforcement of existing immigration laws.

        Illinois's move can be interpreted as an acknowledgement of how the intense desire for enforcement is not only coloring national politics, but changing the dynamics of the debate in statehouses as well.

        It's a lesson New York's Gov. Eliot Spitzer recently learned the hard way after he was forced, following a fierce backlash, to renounce his plan to give illegal immigrants an official state drivers license. That sent a message to lawmakers all over the country, including Illinois.
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          Even before their deaths prompted a series of heated debates about the use of deadly force, detectives at the Department of Public Safety had their eye on Diego Ortiz and Miguel Dejesus.

          The two were shot and killed by Joe Horn, a Pasadena man who thought they were burglarizing his neighbor's home last month.

          According to a DPS memo obtained by 11 News, the department was investigating the use of Puerto Rican birth certificates by Colombians seeking to obtain Texas driver's licenses.

          Both Ortiz and Dejesus had applied for licenses. Dejesus listed his country of origin as Puerto Rico, but both men were Colombian.
          Pasadena resident reportedly shoots suspected thieves

          Should the Pasadena man who shot two alleged thieves be prosecuted?

          Yes, he broke the law when he shot the men.

          No, he did the right thing.

          I don't know.

          View Results

          Apparently, the DPS is investigating hundreds of immigrants who may have used illegal papers to get Texas licenses.

          But that's not all.

          A much wider probe has been launched into an organized syndicate of Colombians who are engaged in illegal weapons sales and home break-ins – just like the one Ortiz and Dejesus were involved in last month in Pasadena.

          That day, Joe Horn and a shotgun stood in the way of the suspected thieves, but in many instances the suspects have gotten away.

          The ATF, ICE and DPS have reportedly formed a task force to bring the crime wave to an end.

          The burglars are said to be very effective at what they do, conducting extensive surveillance on their targets before striking. Some of the suspects are extremely violent.

          The investigations have already led to several arrests.
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            Hola, boss. That's it, you're outta here!
            Thursday, December 13, 2007, 06:30 AM

            The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

            Rep. Tom Price, a Roswell Republican, introduced legislation Wednesday that could generate pink slips for employees across the country who don't speak English.

            Price's "Common Sense English Act" would amend the Civil Rights Act to allow employers to require workers to speak English while on the job.

            Price said that a bill that's likely to find an appreciative audience in Georgia, where immigration legislation ignited a firestorm earlier this year, is necessary to "productivity and success in America."

            "English is the language that unites our society and keeps our economy," Price said in a statement. "Denying employers the right to promote our national language in the workplace only encourages division and creates troublesome misunderstandings."

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              Quick Links"24"FSM Research - Illegal Aliens and our National SecurityDonate - It's fast and easy!Latest FSM PollAre College Students at Risk in The "War on Terror"?FSM BlogSchool Bus Safety - FSM on FOXNewsMust ReadsAbout FSMEnfactlopediaGotta Know! 2006 Voters GuideProductsContact Congressional Rep.
              Published: January 16, 2007

              To discourage illegal aliens from being in the United States we should adopt policies and procedures that discourage them from coming while simultaneously making it more difficult for them to stay. Read in this 17th installment of the FSM series on the horrors of illegal immigration what such policies could be...and call your Congressional representatives to let them know your feelings.

              What To Do About Illegal Aliens – Part II
              By The Editors
              To discourage illegal aliens from being in the United States we should adopt policies and procedures that discourage them from coming while simultaneously making it more difficult for them to stay. Some of these actions could include:

              We need to recognize that the battle against potential domestic terrorism and the illegal alien invasion can not be won without having immediate and trusted verification of whether someone is in the US legally. Trusted identification is also required to by employers. The most common method of identification, the driver's license, is too unreliable to be used nationally as many states do not require proof of citizenship. To see how secure your state's license is see Coalition for a Secure Driver's License. As previously noted in the Traffic Accidents section, illegal aliens flock to states with minimal documentation requirements to get driver's licenses.
              The US Border Patrol has stated that the Matricula Card is Worthless as an ID. As Lars Larson and others have proved, anybody can get a Maticular Consular ID Card:

              State Agencies and the Mexican Government want to make available to the illegal alien (Mexican citizen) these Matricula Consular cards which are non-verifiable as to the identity of the individual. Bin Laden could get one and then use it to get a U.S. driver's license and drive the streets of America casing the next hit.

              Like it or not, times have changed and 9/11 changed everything. In any case, currently our Social Security number is a de-facto national ID number but the card is too easy to counterfeit and the number is too hard to verify. Thus, we need an easily verifiable, non-counterfeitable SSN card, including picture and biometric data, and legislation that makes it mandatory for doing work and receiving benefits in the USA. We also need to be able to provide employers with a quick means for verifying the validity of a SSN card.

              At this point it is worth noting that the Use of fake documents by illegal workers is on the rise so "the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services office has started a program to help identify illegal workers. Under the Pilot Employment Verification Program, participating employers put a worker's reported name and Social Security number onto an Internet site to make sure the data match and the number is legitimate. It's free and voluntary and has been available to employers in all 50 states since December 2004. Still, only 12,000 of the United States' 12 million employers take part, according to industry officials, and the program has its weaknesses."

              We also need immediately to shut down the counterfeit document rings in the US such as the one operated by the Castorena-Leija Sanchez Organization which has revenue estimated to be in the $300 million range, annually, which is a LOT of false ID papers.

              If MasterCard can provide immediate and trusted verification, what is the problem?

              We need to increase the penalties for hiring illegal aliens and enforce the existing laws. While everyone knows that certain industries routinely hire illegal aliens, incredibly few employers are ever prosecuted. As noted by CNN anchor Lou Dobbs, since 2001, out of five and a half million employers in the U.S., only 318 have been fined for hiring illegal aliens. In 2004, only three employers were fined. Perhaps the success of the Swift Company raid will change this.
              As noted in Illegal immigrants steal identities to get jobs, "Of 231 million Wage and Tax Statements (W2s) filed by employers during tax year 2004, 8 million did not match. (This figure is not exclusive to identity fraud. It also includes numbers that did not match for different reasons, such as name changes). Californians owned 29 percent of those mismatches, the greatest number of any state. "It is identity fraud," said Beth Givens, director of Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, a San Diego-based nonprofit organization that helps consumers with privacy rights issues."

              Employers need to be held accountable for verifying Social Security numbers and immigration status before hiring and be put on notice that hiring illegal aliens is simply not acceptable. Even when the largest company in the United States, Wal-Mart, was found to be knowingly hiring illegal alien cleaning crews and paying them a lower wage, they did not get fined. Employers who are egregiously violating the law need to be vigorously prosecuted and fined to put the "fear of God" into other employers who are violating existing laws. We did it with Martha Stewart and Enron executives who violated the law and ripped off shareholders, why not employers who are violating the law, taking advantage of illegal aliens, denying employment at a fair wage to citizens, and passing the bill for subsidized illegal workers to taxpayers?

              Welfare programs are for citizens and certain designated legal immigrants. If one can not prove that one is legally entitled to welfare, it should not be given. While seemingly harsh, it is also unjust to put the burden on the taxpayers. Let the many illegal immigrant supporters pick up the tab through private and charitable giving until the illegal aliens return home. The liberal and often abused social programs designed to help American citizens, which are now being provided to illegal aliens, are both drawing them here and keeping them here.
              It is a requirement for citizenship to be able to read, speak and understand English. The only non-English speaking people in the country should be either tourists or legal immigrants. Both of those groups will have proper documentation and when a legal immigrant doesn't have his papers, he is the only "undocumented immigrant" in the US. Everybody else is a tourist, citizen or an illegal alien.
              To keep the US from being Balkanized by different languages, English should be declared the official language of the United States and all government communications should be exclusively in English. It is especially egregious to be printing voting instructions and ballots in anything but English as only citizens are allowed to vote and reading and understanding English is a requirement for citizenship and thus voting. The 1965 Voting Act should be immediately amended, deleting the foreign language provisions.

              As noted by
              Steven Malanga in How Unskilled Immigrants Hurt Our Economy:

              "If America is ever to make immigration work for our economy again, it must reject policies shaped by advocacy groups trying to turn immigration into the next civil rights cause or by a tiny minority of businesses seeking cheap labor subsidized by the taxpayers. Instead, we must look to other developed nations that have focused on luring workers who have skills that are in demand and who have the best chance of assimilating. Australia, for instance, gives preferences to workers grouped into four skilled categories: managers, professionals, associates of professionals, and skilled laborers. Using a straightforward "points calculator" to determine who gets in, Australia favors immigrants between the ages of 18 and 45 who speak English, have a post–high school degree or training in a trade, and have at least six months' work experience as everything from laboratory technicians to architects and surveyors to information-technology workers. Such an immigration policy goes far beyond America's employment-based immigration categories, like the H1-B visas, which account for about 10 percent of our legal immigration and essentially serve the needs of a few Silicon Valley industries."

              Since the airwaves are owned by the people and licensed and regulated by the federal government, all broadcasts requiring a FCC license should have a restriction that a minimum of 50% of all programming and broadcasting during the hours of 7AM to 7PM must be in English. The penalties for violation should be proportional to the non-compliance and serious and/or repeated violations should result in loss of license.
              Schools should be mandated to teach all classes in English. Non-English speakers would have 1 year of comprehensive English immersion classes before being mainstreamed and summer school for ESL students would be mandatory. It is far better to set kids back a year than simply to pass them through not being able to speak properly or to read English and ultimately end up being many years behind.
              State laws should be changed where any traffic stop that involves a driver who can not speak English, who is not a documented tourist or legal immigrant, will result in the driver being arrested and the car impounded. This can be implemented immediately on Federal Highways. A driver who can not speak English can not read and understand the rules of the road and is therefore a potential deadly menace to other citizens, as documented earlier in this series.
              On arrest and impounding, the driver's license and the car's registration and insurance should be investigated thoroughly. If the license is counterfeit, the driver will be charged with a felony and jailed. If the car's papers are fraudulent, the car is to be seized. If the car has a free and clear title it should be sold at auction. If the title is held by a loan company, a fine equivalent to 75% collateral, based on blue book fair market value, should be levied, and, when paid, the car should be returned to the lien holder. If the fine is not paid the car should be sold at auction. Similar penalties could be implemented for DUIs committed on Federal highways, regardless of citizenship.

              There is an epidemic of lawbreakers, legal citizens and illegal aliens, driving without valid licenses, registration, and insurance. Since fraudulent out-of-state documentation is often used, a national database should be established to provide law enforcement with immediate verification of all three. Any driver convicted of driving without insurance will be required to prepay a year's worth of insurance and any subsequent cancellation or non-payment of insurance will result in the car being impounded. Driving a car on public roads is a privilege that comes with responsibilities.
              The penalty for breaking immigration laws, Title 8 Section 1325 of the U.S. Code, and being in the US illegally should be made a felony. While it is highly unlikely the US will actually deport hardly any of the existing 10+ million illegal aliens, making illegal presence in the country a felony makes it a whole lot easier to deport certain undesirable illegal aliens as well as newer illegal aliens. It also denies citizenship and all its inherent privileges to lawbreakers who enter the country illegally. The only thing worse than accommodating illegal aliens is giving illegal aliens voting rights which is the main privilege of citizenship.
              We need to change the 14th Amendment or at least officially define the current interpretation so that children of illegal aliens who are born in the United States are not US citizens and not anchor babies. The social cost of allowing this practice is an enormous burden on taxpayers. In any case, the Federalist Blog notes: Alien Birthright Citizenship: A Fable That Lives Through Ignorance. The US Visa Policy should also be changed to prohibit the entry of obviously pregnant women until the nationality birth provisions of the 14th Amendment are clarified.
              The current family-preference visa program must be immediately amended. As previously noted, a significant portion of legal immigration and the population explosion is a direct result of family preferences. The current visa allowances should be changed to allow only spouses and minor children of U.S. citizens and should exclude any adult siblings and parents. Family unification is always an option in the original country.
              As a nation, we also need to tell Mexican President Fox and incoming President elect Felipe Calderon to mind their own business, take care of their own poor, criminals, and gangs and quit assisting them to come here. To see how outrageous the situation currently is see Guide for the Mexican Migrant.
              It is worthwhile to note that most legal immigrants have restrictions placed on them so that they are not a burden on society and there are responsibilities placed on them before they can become citizens. It is worse than asinine to give amnesty to millions of illegal aliens just because they happen to be here, and then pay them to stay here, when there are millions of potential aspirants to citizenship who are following the law on the waiting list. If we require legal immigrants to jump through all the hoops, should anything less be required of illegal aliens to "earn" citizenship?

              The question Americans need to be asking themselves and our politicians is exactly what kind of immigrants do we want in the United States? Do we want educated, hard working, law-abiding people who aspire to become Americans, or do we want uneducated illegal aliens who, for the most part, are a major economic burden on society, with many having strong anti-American attitudes, and many among them also criminals who are killing, murdering, molesting, and raping the citizens of this country?

              With all the talk over the lives of American service personnel lost in fighting the war on terror, illegal aliens kill far more Americans every year than the total lost to date in Iraq and Afghanistan.

              What price are YOU willing to pay in American lives so that illegal immigration can continue?

              C'mon America...this is YOUR problem and only YOU can clean it up. Your elected officials will not do this unless you tell them to. Go here to register your complaint. Your thoughts matter.

              Exclusive: FSM Research Archive
              Illegal Aliens and our National Security

              Brought to you by the research staff and editors of

              If you are a reporter or producer who is interested in receiving more information about this article, please email your request to

              © 2003-2007 All Rights Reserved

              Click here to support Family Security Matters
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                Anchor Babies

                By Allan Wall

       | April 26, 2001

                I am an American citizen who lives and works (legally) in Mexico. On July 8th, 1999, my son David was born here in Mexico (and is doing fine, thank you). Although he was born in Mexico, my son is a natural-born American citizen, and has an American birth certificate to prove it. That birth certificate is just as valid as if he had been born in the U.S.A.

                In order to obtain that birth certificate for David, I had to take the little baby 370 miles to the U.S. consulate in Monterrey, Mexico. I had to turn in a lot of paperwork to process the application. I had to provide documentation to prove that I myself was an American citizen who had lived in the U.S. for at least 5 years. I had to pay for copies of documents and for official photographs. And the burden of proof was on me to prove that I was an American.

                I share this not to complain. I understand that my situation is special , and that I have to play by the rules. (And the consulate service was excellent.) What bothers me is that while I have to play by the rules, another class of people does not have to play by the rules. These people do not have to prove they are American citizens - in fact, they are not. They do not have to prove they lived in the U.S. for at least 5 years. They do not have to pay for any paperwork to be processed. In short, this class of people is granted a number of privileges that I, an American citizen, am not entitled to.

                To what privileged class of people do I refer? I refer to the illegal aliens in the U.S.A.. An illegal alien can cross the border, have a baby five minutes later, and that baby is automatically declared a citizen of the U.S.A. Automatically! The illegal aliens don't have to go through any of the things that I did. They are exempt from all that. They are, in fact, rewarded for disobeying U.S. law by having their children granted automatic citizenship. In addition, the happy family is entitled to welfare benefits. And, illegal alien parents who have children born in the U.S. are seldom deported . That's why their children are called "anchor babies" - they anchor their families securely in the U.S.A.

                You might ask me, "Well, why didn't you arrange to have your baby be born in the U.S.A.?" I certainly would have preferred that , but it's not so easy. You see, in my present situation, living and working in Mexico, I couldn't afford it, and I don't have U.S. medical insurance. The illegal aliens, like myself, can't afford it either and don't have medical insurance either. But not to worry - my government pays for them, and their children are automatically declared citizens. A lowly American citizen such as myself, however, is not entitled to the taxpayer-supported privileges of the illegal aliens.

                How big is the anchor baby phenomenon? It has been estimated that about 165,000 anchor babies are born (and automatically granted citizenship) each year. It might actually be higher. The exact figure is uncertain because all hospitals and physicians receiving federal funds are forbidden from inquiring as their patients' legal status. In other words, the U.S. taxpayer is financing medical care for illegal aliens, and those providing such care can't even ask if patients are legal or not! The state of California has a particularly liberal program to reward illegal aliens which includes free pre-natal care and delivery, and it's no surprise that 60% of babies born in LA community hospitals are born to illegals. In 1994, a majority of California who went to the polls voted to end such nonsense. But the will of the people was placed under a judge's restraining order until a later state government, at the behest of the president of Mexico struck it down. So the gravy train rolls on!

                Of course the birth of an anchor baby is only the beginning. As the child grows he or she is entitled to a multitude of other taxpayer-funded programs. Since most anchor babies are classified as "minorities", they can expect to enjoy legal preference over "non-Hispanic white males" under today's "civil rights" regime. Upon reaching adulthood, the citizen anchor baby is eligible to import relatives from the home country through America's nepotistic chain migration system , in which the principal qualification for a prespective legal immigrant is having relatives already in the U.S. When you look at the vast cornucopia of benefits, you have to conclude that the U.S.A. offers powerful incentives for illegal immigration. For those who disobey U.S. law and their children, America is certainly the land of opportunity!

                Why does the U.S. have such an insane policy? Most countries of the world do not! The United Kingdom and Australia formerly had similar policies, but changed them when they were subject to the same abuses which the U.S.A. still endures.

                Present U.S. anchor baby "policy" is an abuse of the 14th Amendment. This amendment was ratified in 1868 to protect the civil rights of native-born black Americans, who had recently been freed from slavery and whose rights were being denied. The amendment states that "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States...." The clear, original intent of the 14th Amendment was spelled out in 1866 by Senator Jacob Howard, co-author of its citizenship clause, who wrote "Every person born within the limits of the United States, and subject to their jurisdiction, is by virtue of natural law and national law a citizen of the United States. This will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers accredited to the Government of the United States, but will include every other class of persons." Clearly the original intent of the 14th Amendment was not to encourage foreigners to defy U.S. law at taxpayer expense. Sadly the amendment is now being employed to do just that.

                And, as an American living in Mexico, I can assure the reader that the U.S. policy of automatic birth citizenship is well-known here, and is taken advantage of by many Mexicans. You can also rest assured that it provides another incentive to illegal immigration. After all, if you can just get across the border, the baby - and for all practical purposes the parents - are legal. Such an incentive can even prove deadly - cadavers of pregnant women are among those who die crossing the U.S. - Mexico border.

                The anchor baby fiasco must be stopped. It rewards illegal immigrants and encourages more illegal immigration. It costs law-abiding taxpayers a bundle. It makes it harder to control the border, reform immigration and rein in the runaway welfare state. And, as I found in my personal experience, it cheapens American citizenship and mocks those who play by the rules.

                Allan E. Wall is an American citizen who has lived and worked in Mexico since 1991. Presently employed as an English instructor and administrator, Allan has legal permission from the Mexican government to live and work in Mexico under the rubric of an FM-2 migration document (No. 312448) for which he had to pay $1,816.00 pesos for renewal this past year. Allan would be glad to receive questions or comments (pro or con), at
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                  Why would anybody in their right mind get knocked up a 3rd time knowing they are about to be deported? BREEDMARE ALERT:

                  For illegal immigrants: Don't ask, don't tell
                  If you're in this country illegally, and you want to do the right thing by applying for legal status, here's some advice from an immigration lawyer: Don't; don't ask the government for legal status; don't tell them you're here.

                  That's from Jose Hernandez, an immigration lawyer, who says he often tells illegal immigrants, "There is nothing I can do for you. Do not even look for answers. There's nothing that can be done for you."

                  The story we've been reporting for "360?" is a sad one. It started 17 years ago, when a 14-year-old Mexican girl named Maria Christina Garcia ran away from home. She tells me she was running from an abusive father.

                  Garcia crossed the border into California in the back seat of a friend's car at San Ysidro. She found work at a Taco Bell, and later a Target, and then at a large hospital. She gave birth to two sons -- both American citizens, now enrolled in good public schools in Orange County -- and kept a tidy apartment in a nice neighborhood.

                  But she made one very big mistake: She believed a storefront immigration consultant could help her get legal status. She paid this consultant $8,000.

                  Prosecutors now say the whole thing was a fraud, a nasty fraud, because in addition to taking her money, the immigration consultants told the U.S. government all about Maria Christina. She's about to be deported. The government told her she has just over a month left in this country.

                  She was the victim of an immigration fraud scam so common that her current lawyer rolls his eyes when he describes it. "What they tell them is: 'In 90 days, I can get you a work authorization, and within about a year, year-and-a-half, you will be able to get your green card.'"

                  As Hernandez tells it, the immigration consultant first applies for asylum in Maria's name. That application is quickly denied, because illegal immigrants from Mexico are generally not eligible for asylum.

                  The case is then turned over to an immigration court, which begins deportation proceedings. Because that sometimes takes a long time, and because the U.S. government believes in due process, an immigrant in deportation proceedings can be eligible for a temporary work permit.

                  This is what Maria got, and immigrants fight for these permits because they can use them, legally, to get a drivers license and a valid Social Security card.

                  At that point, says Hernandez, "Most of these immigrants think, 'We're on the right path. We're actually getting what we were promised.' Little do they know that in about a year and a half, they're actually going to be removed."

                  Maria's time is almost up. She's due to be deported in June, and it is very hard to get the government to change its mind about a deportation.

                  She's an emotional wreck. She has two American-born sons who are citizens. She is expecting a third child in July. She has health insurance and a doctor in California, and has neither in Mexico, where she will likely give birth.

                  She's thinking of leaving her children in California - their father lives here. They are well aware of what's going on -- her older son, 11-year-old Ivan, often refuses to go to school. He thinks the police might be coming for his mother, and he wants to be home to protect her.

                  "It may not be fair, but unfortunately, that's the law," said Jorge Guzman, who fights immigration fraud at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

                  What happened to the people who allegedly defrauded Maria? Not much. The operators of La Guadalupana Immigration Services in Santa Ana, California, were charged with numerous counts of business fraud in state court in California, but the operators have disappeared. Authorities believe they left the country after ripping off 2,000 or more illegal immigrants.
                  Posted By Peter Viles, CNN Correspondent: 11:16 AM ET
                  78 Comments | Add a Comment
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                  • #10
                    Originally posted by davdah:
                    Why didn't this Maria go to an attorney to begin with? She probably did and was told a year and half ago that she can't stay. So why another baby? Ok Governor Arnold, how much more do you want from me for these 3?

                    Lets make a deal. Just send the bill for the anchor babies to la raza and all their supporters.
                    The original scheme of breeding till they drop was devised to guilt us into sympathy while using their unwanted tools to shield them from deportation. Now they realize frantic non-stop breeding, just like the race card no longer serves their original purpose.

                    I think we should cut off all financial aid to Messyhole and any other cesspool who refuses to take their illegal alien breedmares and maggots back.

                    As for LaRaza, let's hope the next POTUS and congress will ban any future blackmail payments to the RACE.
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                    • #11
                      More than 100 law enforcement officers fanned out across Oklahoma City and Altus Thursday, arresting 25 Hispanic gang members and their affiliates on a variety of drug trafficking charges.

                      In addition to drug trafficking, gang members may have been involved in passing counterfeit money a couple years ago at "nightclubs in Bricktown," documents reveal.

                      Thursday's law enforcement sweep originally was scheduled for Tuesday, but was delayed for two days because of problems created by the ice storm, John C. Richter, U.S. Attorney in Oklahoma City, said at a news conference Friday.

                      Several federal, state and local law enforcement agencies participated in the sweep, which began at 6:30 a.m. Thursday.

                      "We will continue to coordinate our efforts and to use all available law enforcement tools to incapacitate and dismantle violent gangs and drug trafficking organizations," Richter said.

                      Authorities Friday said they still were attempting to serve arrest warrants against two other individuals "” Adrian Ismael Soltero, 32, and Julie Trejo, 18, both of southwest Oklahoma City. Anyone with knowledge of their whereabouts should contact the FBI at 290-7770, said Gary Johnson, FBI spokesman. Callers can remain anonymous, he said.

                      What is the target?
                      The two-year investigation targeted members of the Southside Locos, East Side Vario Segundo, Grand Barrio Centrale and 98 Main Street Mafia Crip gangs who were allegedly involved in the distribution of large amounts of cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana in Oklahoma City and southwestern Oklahoma.

                      Nineteen of the individuals are charged with federal drug trafficking crimes that would carry penalties upon conviction of either 5 to 40 years or 10 to life in prison. The others are charged with state drug crimes.

                      Thursday's arrests are part of a continuing federal, state and local crackdown on gang activity in Oklahoma that began two years ago and so far has resulted in about 300 arrests, Oklahoma City Police Chief Bill Citty said. The criminal allegations released Friday consisted of a variety of drug trafficking charges, but sworn affidavits indicated some of the arrested individuals may also have violated counterfeiting laws.

                      Secret Service to investigate
                      In January 2006, a confidential witness reported that he was handed a $100 bill by one of the drug suspects and was told that another suspect had just finished making the bill and had "dropped off some samples."

                      "The confidential witness said there had been a lot of counterfeit money passed in the nightclubs in Bricktown," an FBI agent said in a sworn affidavit. "The confidential witness also overheard conversations about the currency being printed to finance a major purchase of drugs from subjects in Mexico."

                      The $100 bill was turned over to the United States Secret Service for further investigation.

                      Richter declined to elaborate on the status of the counterfeiting investigation, but noted that Thursday's arrests were part of a continuing long-term investigation of gang activity.

                      While the recent arrests focused on Hispanic gangs, they were not linked to a new state law designed to crack down on illegal immigration, authorities said.

                      During initial booking procedures, all but one of the individuals arrested appeared to be U.S. citizens, officials said.

                      Richter praised the FBI, Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control, Oklahoma City Police Department, Oklahoma County sheriff's office, a southwestern and central Oklahoma drug task force, the Internal Revenue Service, the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency and district attorneys John Wampler and David Prater for their assistance in the investigation.

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                      • #12
                        Man gets deported after traffic stop
                        News-Times Staff
                        Article Last Updated: 12/15/2007 04:19:24 AM EST

                        DANBURY, CT -- A local man will be deported after a traffic stop Friday, when police learned he was wanted by immigration officials.

                        Robson Nunes Da Cruz, 26, of West Wooster Street, was stopped about 10:30 a.m. because there was snow on his car, obscuring the vehicle's rear lights, police said. The car wasn't registered and Da Cruz didn't have a driver's license, according to police.

                        He was cited for driving an unregistered motor vehicle and operating without a license, and a computer check determined there was an oustanding deportation warrant for him, police said.

                        Da Cruz was held at police headquarters briefly until he was picked up by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, according to police.
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                          Poll shows most Americans oppose taxpayer benefits for illegal aliens

                          Chad Groening OneNewsNow.comDecember 14, 2007 illegal aliens sneaking over fence

                          A North Carolina-based immigration political action committee says a recent poll shows a vast majority of Americans are tired of being told they must foot the bill for illegal alien benefits.

                          The poll, published by American Pulse, surveyed nearly 4,100 people and found that most Americans are opposed to any benefits for what the poll describes as "undocumented immigrants." According to the survey, more than four out of five do not think the government should give a driver's license, business license, or housing assistance to illegal aliens -- and similar majorities (roughly three-fourths) feel the same way about educational benefits and job training.

                          William Gheen, president of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC), says the mainstream media has failed to report that such high percentages of Americans want no part in taxpayer benefits for illegal aliens.

                          "It's a poll which the mainstream media is not covering that shows that 77 percent of Americans wanted no taxpayer[-provided educational] benefits whatsoever for illegal aliens, and 81 to 83 percent wanted no licenses for illegal aliens. A very significant poll -- but of course, the traditional media ignored [it]," he says.

                          Gheen says the will of the vast majority of Americans has no meaning to policymakers. "Eighty percent of Americans feel a certain way and it's not happening for them. That means that the American population is being enslaved," he continues. "Illegal immigration [is] rampant across the country and American taxpayers [are] getting stuck with the bills. And someone else is calling the shots and telling us how it's going to be."

                          The American Pulse poll also asked respondents about the qualities they would like to see in candidates running for federal office. Topping that list were honesty (81.4 percent); a willingness to tell the truth, even if it hurts the candidate's position (77.6 percent); and a willingness to stand for what they believe in, even if it is not in line with the position of the candidate's political party (77.1 percent).

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                          • #14
                            Posted: Sat Dec 15, 2007 12:00 pm Post subject: Indian Givers or Liars?


                            I always hear our "pals" from south of the border complaining that America stole their land? Here is a bit of history that I guess our Mexican friends forgot about. When you sell something to someone that is not stealing. When you try to take it back without paying it is commonly referred to as theft.


                            The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was the peace treaty that ended the Mexican-American War (1846–1848).

                            The treaty provided for the Mexican Cession, in which Mexico ceded 1.36 million km² (525,000 square miles) to the United States in exchange for USD$15 million.

                            The United States also agreed to take over $3.25 million in debts Mexico owed to American citizens. The cession included parts of the modern-day U.S. states of Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Wyoming, as well as the whole of California, Nevada, and Utah.

                            The remaining parts of what are today the states of Arizona and New Mexico were later ceded under the 1853 Gadsden Purchase.

                            The treaty was signed by Nicholas P. Trist on behalf of the United States and three plenipotentiary representatives of Mexico on February 2, 1848, at the Villa of Guadalupe (today Gustavo A. Madero, D.F.), slightly north of Mexico City.

                            It was subsequently ratified by the United States Senate on March 10 and by the Mexican government on May 19; the countries' ratifications were duly exchanged on May 30, 1848, at the city of Santiago de Querétaro.
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                              This is America. When ordering, please speak English."

                              By Michelle Malkin "¢ December 15, 2007 10:06 AM

                              More than a year and a half ago, I wrote about the persecution of Joey Vento in Philadelphia (see here and here). He's the grandson of Italian-born immigrants who owns Geno's–the world-famous cheesesteak joint. He's a staunch assimilationist who hung a sign up telling customers:

                              "This is America. When ordering, please speak English."

                              The loons on the open-borders, anti-assimilationist Philadelphia City Council and the Human Relations Commission went on the attack. And that attack is still going.

                              The Philadelphia Daily News reports on a six-hour Human Relations Commission public hearing yesterday on charges that Vento is guilty of discrimination. Un-freaking-believable:

                              The commission, which enforces civil-rights laws and mediates inter-group disputes, distributes pamphlets that ask, "Are you a victim of discrimination?" - in seven languages.

                              Vento earns most of his cash selling one thing - cheesesteaks - and he wants you to order in one language. "This is America. When ordering, please speak English." That's what the sign says at Vento's South Philly sandwich shop on 9th Street and Passyunk Avenue.

                              But is there anything wrong with "The Sign"? Specifically, does it violate the city's Fair Practices Ordinance by discriminating against immigrants and non-English speakers who frequent Vento's business?

                              That question wasn't answered yesterday at the Arch Street Meeting House, where a three-person panel heard more than six hours of testimony from witnesses for the HRC, which wants the sign removed, and Vento, who refuses to comply.

                              A ruling won't come for at least a couple of months, said Joseph Centeno, who chaired yesterday's hearing panel. The panel will make a recommendation to the full commission, but the parties have about 60 days to file post-hearing briefs.

                              Vento, sporting a black leather jacket and lots of bling, showed up yesterday ready for battle, with his Atlanta-based legal team and dozens of supporters at his side. The sign, he said, posted more than two years ago, is designed to make a political statement and keep the line moving at the world-famous Geno's Steaks.

                              When Vento was called to testify, the 68-year-old grandson of Italian immigrants started paraphrasing Theodore Roosevelt so quickly that the court reporter had to ask him to slow down. "To be an American, you have to be American and nothing else. For if you say you're something else, then you're not a true American," Vento said, drawing on the words of the 26th president.

                              "I'm an American of Italian descent," he said. "I'm not an Italian-American."

                              More than 100 people attended the hearing, which had a trial-like atmosphere and ran so late that the staff of the historic meeting house wanted to close the place down.

                              There were pro-immigration groups, Vento loyalists and even some tears from one of his attorneys during the closing arguments - all over a 4-inch-by-9-inch ***per sticker that asks customers to order their food in English.

                              Fortunately, business is booming at Geno's. If you're in the area, drop by and show some more support.


                              Contact info for the Philadelphia Human Relations Commission is here.

                              Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations
                              34 South 11th Street, 6th Floor
                              Philadelphia PA 19107

                              phone:: 215-686-4670
                              Fax: 215-686-4684

                              W. Nick Taliaferro
                              Executive Director

                              Rev. James S. Allen, Sr., Chairperson
                              Burt Siegal, Vice Chairperson
                              Crystal Barnett
                              Joseph J. Centeno, Esquire
                              Roxanne E. Covington, Esquire
                              Rabbi William, I. Kuhn
                              Juan Ortiz, Jr.
                              Haorold L. Rush

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