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Name Check for KI Fiance Visa

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    Mus -

    WHAT WHAT WHAT! Are you serious? When was your interview? Eight years ago? My fiance has a typical Muslim name too.

    Just keep praying and I am sure everything will work out.


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      In the family immigration categories the actual process doesn't start until the priority date becomes current,mine became so last year so its been 8 months that the real process got underway and I am yet to take the interview(hopefully soon however).
      I am a strong believer in prayers.Not just in these matters but in everyday life.


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        Congrats Mira, I am happy for you.

        My index fingers were also taken, the reason being - a lookout database system (IDENT) matches two flat fingerprints from the right and left index fingers of possibly detained applicants. As of June 2004, there were approximately 1 million aliens in the lookout database. So, you can see where the delays comes in. Delays can further occur within other government agencies (DHS, FBI, CIA etc..).

        Congrats again Mira.


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          THANKS ALL!

          Sammy -

          What are you talking about with you said "Just hope and pray that his ˜name check clearance' won't struck in "ages" during the processing of his AOS as there are still so many aliens who have been waiting for more than 36 months to be cleared in this ˜Name Game' for their AOS despite of having clearance very easily on nonimmigrant visa"

          Are you referring to when we apply for his green card? Who knows maybe it will be faster since he has already got a name check clearance.

          Thanks for the interesting fact about my name

          I saw your profile and it says that you are NY. Can I ask what your situation is? Are you waiting for an immigration issue to go through?


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            Has your fiance been to the US before?



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              Mo -

              No my fiance has never been to the US. This is his first time.


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                Mo -

                Did you hear anything from the embassy?


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                  This is quoted from a recent post on a different immigration forum:

                  "IBIS (Interagency Border Inspection Systems) and FBI name checks

                  IBIS checks provide USCIS with information on any wants and warrants as well as information on known terrorists. These checks are run before adjudicating any petition or application. In case of a "hit" in IBIS, the center checks with the agency that keyed in the original data before adjudicating the application or petition. Before adjudicating adjustment of status applications fingerprint checks are done. The fingerprint checks give criminal histories but not wants or warrants.

                  On the other hand the FBI name check indicates whether a person currently is or has ever been investigated by any of more than a dozen agencies. In case of a "hit" in a name check, the FBI does not tell USCIS what specific information has been found in the FBI database, and USCIS on the other hand must wait for the FBI to resolve the "hit". If the name checks are returned with "no information," USCIS periodically reviews the checks on a set schedule. If the record is listed as "pending", District Offices are not authorized to follow up with the FBI, and they forward a list of these records to USCIS HQ, who then follows up with the FBI. These copies are not retained by the FBI on any check it runs, hence, every time a name check is needed, the foreign national has to go through the same process again.

                  I checked with a person who takes FP for a department *** and it suppose that the problem is when a name is very common even is silly (he said that) because the birth date doesn't match but sometimes does, they will check it manually and is an intern problem of the FBI, even other departments of the goverment has been in problem with the FBI because apparently they don't have enough personnel."


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                    Straight of the Press the FBI has put a hold on all Name Checks till the Katrina / Rita relief is taken care of. So sit back, relax and wait for another 2 years.


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                      Not yet, I will be on my 3rd week of wating on Monday. I will use congressional support (local congressman/woman) if 30 days has passed.


                      Grow up.


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                        Where did you get this?
                        Either substatiate it with a valid,recent link or don't pass around rumours.


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                          Mo -

                          Make sure your parents reach out for congressional support and not you. ...just making sure you know this since this is the US embassy and you parents are in the US.

                          Did you contact the embassy for a status?


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                            Yes, it will be my parents who will contact a local congressman's office. This will happen next week.

                            I emailed the embassy twice in the last couple of weeks, they never responded to me. I think London might have a policy not to comment on the status of a name-check case until the results are back, I am not sure, they are just being quiet about it for me, so far.

                            Ok, another guy I know from another immigration forum, who is also going through Islamabad office, got his name-check cleared today. He too waited for just 5 weeks, just like yours Mira. I think the name-checks are done on embassy-basis at D.C., not on individual basis. Just my opinion.


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                              As far as I think the situation will never change due to the fact that Government and the dhs do not want to complete the process to end this immigration backloge which was created by them.
                              Other wise if you go back prior to 9/11, it was faster then what it is happeing now.
                              One time they used to Approved the petitions, and mail the info to the beneficiry/petitioners and they have to wait until it become current. that process was fast and same case with other cases.
                              This is the mind game they just want to keep every one in trap.
                              Look at the records of Republican Party they just follow the YES Sir, all over the United States. No one has a guts to say no this wrong this right.
                              Moreover if you look at the family tree they are all Immigrants.
                              God Bless America


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                                Hope you get yours done quickly.The embassy should respond either way.
                                About Islamabad,didn't I tell you guys name checks here are done faster than anywhere else.
                                I mentioned a few cases about non-immigrant visas with their checks done in 2/3 weeks and another instance you mentioned done today in 5 weeks.Thats about the average time here.
                                I am trying to track another guy in CR1 who was supposed to go for the interview in Islamabad yesterday but no word yet from him on the forum.Will let you guys know about him too.


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