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    Hi Mo -

    Thanks again for the information.

    The embassy did not charge my fiance any money for finger prints. They did take an electronic print of his two index fingers.

    What did they do with you?

    Where in the states will you be living after you get your visa? I am in Maryland. Which is right next to Washington D.C.


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      Hi Mira,

      My parents live in Ohio, but I want to continue my studies in Boston. I don't think the fingerprint take so much time, it's just the name-checks do which go through SAO (Security Advisory Opinion).

      So, these are the steps:

      - Embassies send fingerprints to NVC via pouch mail, which could take upto 8 weeks.

      - NVC then forwards the prints to FBI (24 hours process).

      - FBI sends results back to the consular office (within 2-3 days).

      - Whether the print results came back positive or negative, name-checks are initiated through various government agencies (3 - 6 weeks).

      - At this stage, upto 14 weeks could lapse. And if the name checks still show a hit, delays could extend upto 10 weeks for clearance. Bringing the total wait time to 24 weeks or 6 months.

      Unfortunately, this is by far the most pointless process I have ever seen.

      Good luck


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        Hi Mo:

        Yes, I agree this is the most pointless process.

        My fiance and I are heading into week 6 starting Monday. Maybe we should hear something really soon. I will keep you posted.

        If everything works out for us in 6 weeks then everything should work out for you also in 6 weeks since the both you have the same first name.


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          Thanks Mira,

          I called the London embassy today, I was told AR cases are normally resolved within 2 months. So, I just have to count down to 60 days.(55 to go).

          Good luck


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            You guys are doing a great job with plenty of input on the name check and I guess with all these posts it has gone a long way in educating people about the painful delays in name check clearance.Something everyone is now affected with.
            However one point remains unanswered.
            When NVC completes its admin review,completes the processing and then forwards the case file to the US embassy or consulate.When exactly does the consulate send the name for clearance?
            Is it before the interview or after?
            I guess it will help clear the confusion for many.


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              This is how the background checks work (also known as SAO - Security Advisory Opinion).

              After NVC forwards case to the post, the embassy will invite the applicant for an interview. At the interview, the consular officer conducts a CLASS name check on the applicant, and if he/she are not able to conclusively determine whether an FBI file matches a visa applicant because the extracts lack sufficient biographical information, a security clearance is requested from Washington D.C. (FBI). The reason being, the extracts on the CLASS system do not contain complete details on the applicant; such as if there were charges and dispositions of cases, which are necessary to determine if the applicant might be ineligible for a visa.

              Also, the consular officer takes fingerprints of the applicant who have a potential match in the Index for positive identification in the FBI records; if there is a match, they can then ascertain whether the information contained in the criminal record would make the applicant ineligible for a visa. Fingerprinted applicants must wait an estimated 4 to 8 weeks for a response from Washington, D.C., before adjudication can proceed.

              The real headache is (according to FBI and State officials), the processing delays are due to inefficiencies in the way the fingerprints are sent to the FBI for processing.

              I hope that explains your question.

              - mo


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                Your explanation suggests that the consulate conducts a CLASS check on certain individuals not everyone.Secondly fingerprints are taken of those whom they think might match the FBI database.
                As far as I know,fingerprints must be taken of each and every individual immigrant or non-immigrant regardless of visa categories.

                So your response gives us hope that we might, just might, be one of the luckiest few who may be exempted from CLASS check.Am I right?
                This asumption of mine took root from the instance my friend and his family faced recently in Islamabad when they applied for a non-immigrant visa.
                Their passports were stamped with visas within 2 days of the interview.I guess little or no check was done.
                what do you think?


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                  I agree, consular posts carry out special clearances depending on the applicant's nationality and specific circumstances (type of visa). So, not everyone goes through this process.

                  However, as you suggested, U.S. law requires consular posts to collect biometric identifiers from all visa applicants. The procedure is code-named "BioVisa", and posts will not issue any visa (whether immigrant or nonimmigrant) without fingerprint check. So again, it's not just who the post thinks might match the FBI database, but everyone who travels to the US using a visa (via a US embassy) fingerprints' MUST be taken.

                  Regarding your friend's case, I am not sure what type of non-immigrant visa he applied for, and the specific circumstances his clearance required. I can't think of any reason without that information. The only thing I can think of is, if he applied for a student visa, or was a frequent traveller to the US, it might quicker to do background checks. More information about his case would be needed to understand his fast security clearance.

                  - mo


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                    My friend who is a banker in Islamabad received a 5-year non-immigrant visa alongwith his wife and two teen age kids.He received the stamped passports just two days after the interview.

                    Let me quote two other instances this summer in Islamabad.In both the cases they received non-immigrant visas stamped within 4 weeks of their interviews.


                    • #40

                      Again, I am not sure if your friend was a frequent traveller to the US, and if he was, he might not have been subject to extreme security clearance (NCIC, CONDOR, MANTIS, etc).

                      As far as the Islamabad post, according to the DOS, a VISAS MANTIS telegram must be submitted for all Pakistani nationals coming to the US with non-immigrant visa, and for purposes whose activities in the United States may support Pakistan's nuclear program, including those within the following categories:

                      1 - Applicants who intend to procure commodities or technology on behalf of Pakistan's nuclear program, to receive education or training in support of that program's activities, or who are known to be actively engaged in that program.

                      2 - Applicants currently affiliated with, or funded by, the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission [PAEC], the Khan Research Laboratory, or other facilities or organizations with known connections to Pakistan's nuclear weapons program who intend to pursue studies or training in any field.

                      3 - Applicants who wish to pursue studies or training in nuclear engineering or in specific aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle, such as reprocessing, plutonium fuel fabrication, isotope separation, or heavy water production.

                      4 - Applicants who wish to visit U. S. Department of Energy laboratories, except in conjunction with IAEA-sponsored courses or programs related to medicine or agriculture.

                      The Department's response is required prior to visa issuance anyways for most (if not all) pakistanis. So, who knows, it all depends on information within applicant's visa file when consular officer(s) reviews it. Although VISA MANTIS checks are currently taking 2-3 weeks tops, if cleared with no problems.

                      Did you friend(s) have muslim names by any chance?


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                        Mire and Mus,

                        Do any of you know how you or your spouse's fingerprints were taken at the embassy? was it just the 2 index fingers, or all 10 fingers?

                        Apparently 2 different systems are involved for different purposes, depending on what set of fingerprints were taken. This also effects the length of time for security clearance.



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                          MO & MUS -

                          GUESS WHAT!!! MY FIANCE GOT HIS VISA TODAY!!!! The embassy called him and told him that his name check was done and to come and get his visa. So he did as instructed. He went to the embassy at 7:30 AM drop off his passport and picked it up with the VISA stamped at 4:00 PM. No other questions were asked!

                          I am so excited! I am flying to India next week for a vacation and to bring him back with me.

                          The name clearance took us 5 weeks exactly.

                          Here is what I found out. DON'T CALL THE DOS, they don't know ANYTHING!!! Their system is only updated to the point of when you went to your interview and thats it. The embassy contacted me via e-mail to tell me that my fiance can come get his visa. I called DOS for a status the same day I got the e-mail from the embassy and DOS told me that the case is still PENDING!!! I was like are you sure? I asked the rep if she had any updates in the system and she said no all she can see is that his interview was August 18, 2005.

                          I would advice everyone to contact the embassy for a status. Don't contact DOS because their system is not updated and all they can tell you is that the case is PENDING. What if you paperwork is lost? Then what? So it is better to keep in touch with the embassy.

                          My fiance only had to get his 2 index fingers taken.

                          I am so excited! I hope everything works out for the rest of you. Feel free to ask me any questions.

                          Wish you all the best.


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                            Congrats !!
                            I just hope and pray al goes well for me,I mean the name check thing doesn't take long.
                            Good to know your fiance's check took 5 weeks thats about how long it is taking in Pakistan as well.
                            My advise to those who are yet to go through this,don't read too many posts with people talking about 18 months and 36 months.They discourage and dishearten you with such stories.


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                              Hi Mus -

                              THANKS! Yes all the other post that I read really scared the **** out of me. The only thing that can help is prayers and be proactive in finding out the status on your case.

                              Mus- whats the deal with you? Are and married or engaged to a US citizen? How long have you been waiting and what embassey did you interview at?


                              • #45
                                My visa category is actually F1(unmarried son of US citizen) and like others I too am a Muslim male but am mentally prepared to wait for another 4-6 weeks after the interview if need be.I am used to waiting,I guess My dad filed a petition for me in 1997 so its been 8 years down the line.


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