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How do I obtain a immigration record

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  • How do I obtain a immigration record

    Does anyone know how to obtain a copy of my boyfriends immigration record? I need to see what immigration saw as to why he was denied his K1 fiance visa.
    My boyfriend has been banned for 10 years.

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    Does anyone know how to obtain a copy of my boyfriends immigration record? I need to see what immigration saw as to why he was denied his K1 fiance visa.
    My boyfriend has been banned for 10 years.


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      only your boyfriend can get his records.. It is a privacy issue.

      If he is banned from entering the USA for 10 years, he can't get K1 visa (or any other) unless the waiver is approved. That's if he is eligible for a waiver in the first place.


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        Why not ask your boyfriend, he would have been told.


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          Is the FOIA helpful for him? I am not sure, however I like to know too.

          Blessings to all


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            bsanchez..what is FIOA? Sorry this whole process is new to me.
            And so where can my boyfriend get his immigration record?? Is there somewhere he needs to apply?


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              start off by retaining a qualified immigration lawyer/expert, he/she should be able to assist you in obtaining the immigration records of your boyfriend. Furthermore whenever a case is approved or denied immigration services always notify the recipient/beneficiary. There is a good chance your boyfriend has the answer to your question(s).
              Good luck


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                I hired 2 lawyers and have paid a pretty penny for un answered questions. Although I am not generalizing all lawyers, for me, I have not had good experiences with them. I have learned more on my own than through them. So I will find another route.
                Unfortunately I am very discouraged with our American process. I am a tax paying and very productive citizen and we are trying to get things done the right way and still denied.
                My other option which is very close to what will becoming reality is. Moving to Mexico. I will start liquidating all my assets and live on the beautiful Baja coast. I have dual citizenship so I have the best of both worlds at my finger tips.


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                  I actually just found this out today. Now this depends which immigration center that is handling your case. In Detroit, you can contact the immigration court, it is an 800 #, there will be some prompts to fowwow and you will need the A#, or Alien registration #--it is an 8 or 9 digit number. When the prompt asks you to enter the number, enter it and it will give you the status of the case...hope this helps...Don't know where you applied, or which court has jurisdiction, but find the number and you may be able to get info that way...


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                    sorry, "follow"


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                      I know exactly why he was denied. Because he tried to cross over illeagly to see me. And if you have never been so in love to understand why one would do that, then I don't expect you to be compassionate in my situation. He is not a fraud. Who are you ? And why you on this disscussion board? Don't you have something better to do? Or are you a lawyer? Talk about crime reports, sweety, don't you live in the us? I live in southern calif and make more $ than you. We still have crime in our pretty little town. Where do you live? Baja might have crime but so does california. Baja has culture, flavor and hmmm ummm spice, baby!!!!


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                        roysgirl: I recently contacted a laywer to help us with our case, she adviced me to request all of the information from my case, so she will know exactly what happened, the form is g-639. The sad thing is that it takes anywhere from 1 to 1 and 1/2 years or so. I am no expert though.



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                          Rosygirl, I think Davdah was just trying to help. Don't be so defensive. I have been so in love to understand your situation. I'm not sure how to advise you, but I understand the being so in love part. You will definitely need an attorney though. But having an attorney does not necessarily mean that you will win your case. Your case may be unwinnable. Research K1 denials in some of the recent court cases to see what decisions have been made and the criteria that has been involved in making these decisions. Sounds like a long uphill (costly) battle. Maybe the Baja thing isn't such a bad just depends on you and what you are prepared to do...Consider wisely.


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                            bsanchez...Thank you!
                            Needhelpfast, Thanks and where can I see K1 denial cases? Again I am new at this process and research. I trying not to be defensive but I am so tired of everyone saying 'just find another man' Not an option...


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                              I am kind of new at this myself, but I am learning as I am going along. Type your keyword "K-1 visa denials, appeal" or "K-1 visa denial" in your google search engine. A lot of info will come up, but go to websites that have the actual summaries posted. Warning, it's alot of reading, and you will probably need an attorney to interpret. My husband's I-485 was denied and I have been doing frantic searches myself. For instance, I thought he needed one type of waiver, but turns out that he needs another type (the I-601). An attorney clarified this for me (today actually). I am kind of in a similar position as you, except we are married and he has to go back to Italy (not as close as you are to Mexico). When I said that I could sympathize, I really can. I am so sadd and feel the same urgency that you do. For me, finding someone else is NOT an option. We are deeply in love with each other and feeling rather desperate for help at this point. Be encouraged though, because there is NO greater force on this earth than love, and no matter where you are, love will prevail. Hope this helps I'm sadd too...


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