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    where is this lady originally from? ? ? ?


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      If you do not have the guts to sue her for fraud, why should the US government care. Sue for fraud or shut up.
      You need a judgment of fraud. Thats the American way !

      ( I bet she's Russia,da?)


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        Originally posted by davdah:
        Hudson, don't come down on the guy. He simply added more details to it later on. Many times people will abreviate things for sake of keeping the story short. I'm sure there is a lot more to it than what was said. This history can't be told in a matter of a few paragraphs. Lets hear him out before making assumptions.

        One thing that I'd like to know. What state is the divorce case in? Even if her lawyer overturns the judgement it may only affect division of assets and support. The status of being divorced can still be done prior to the rest of the affairs being settled. In many states you can have your legal status set to single six months from the date the other party was served. This will insure she is not married to you.

        I would also think that since she lied on the K-1 interview that would help in so far as getting her deported. Mike is right about the fraud issue. By the sound of it you have a case for marital / visa fraud. Even if it does nothing financially it should be included in the divorce complaint. If she is not deported you will have to support her for 10 years. Re-read your I-864 form.
        Yes Davdah, she did lie on the K1 interview. But also look at point number 5, "Her family with held the marriage certificate and I was bound to get her here. Without that marriage certificate, I cannot file spousal visa in USA so I let it go." If the parents are withholding the marriage certificate in order to file the spousal visa, then what is she supposed to do? This indicates that she is young and dependent upon her parents for guidance. So, are we now going to include her parents in this fraud conspiracy or is there something else that he is not telling us? It also indicates that he knew about the spousal visa, but failed to do anything, either because of her parents or because of himself. And then we have the alleged statement about her boyfriend. At first, he stated he heard it alone, now he has "witnesses." That is not adding information, but changing it. Changing the story to fit his modus operandi.

        What we have here is a disgruntled husband who believes she is in debt to him. And I have a feeling the marriage was rocky from the very beginning.
        "Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence." John Adams on Defense of the boston Massacre


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          Originally posted by Lerka Я:

          Oye imbecil, porque siempre contestas en otro idioma...?? Que , acaso tienes miedo de decirlo en ingles o no hablas un carajo de ingles??


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            HelpVictim: I've never heard of a country that wouldn't issue a copy of a marriage certificate to a husband if he requests one.

            It seams that you have a divorce attorney. How about an immigration attorney who should know more about WAVA? and how entering on K1 while being married may influence the outome of the case?

            To get US citizenship based on marriage (3 years PR) one has not only to be married to that same person but also live with that person.


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              First get the judgment for fraud. Don't start writing letters all over the place. Get your ducks lined up. And first get those judgements. DO not be in a big rush to write immigration. They will not do anything for a coule of years anyway. Listen to me: Revenge is a dish best served cold. Get that judgment. Then we talk. You can send me private mesages. Usually Indian women are faithful and not frauds; surprised by this.


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                Did she smell like curry??


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                  Originally posted by HelpVictim:
                  Those days are gone when Indian women were faithful.
                  This is why I only marry Russian mail order brides; them you can trust !


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                    Mail Order Brides are very loyal I heard.

                    You did not answer the best question: Did she smell like curry?


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                      Originally posted by HelpVictim:
                      One would like to believe that. Those days are gone. My divorce attorney is fighting atleast 25 divorce at the moment and all of them are Indian divorce. She said 16 are due to immigration fraud. In the third district court the Indian divorce that are pending, about 80% are due to immigration benefits. It is an Indian mentality that they let things go and move on. I too intend to do the same but no when someone is going to defame my character to further her agenda. I will fight hard for it. Those days are gone when Indian women were faithful.
                      So, would you mind telling us that you did not participate in an arranged marriage, as prescribed in Indian culture. And what about the dowry, the marriage contract, and your parents. I don't think this divorce is due to marriage fraud, but jealously. Whether you are Muslim, Hindi, or Christian, arranged marriages are the norm and divorces are extremely rare, generally filed by the man. And there is a perception of Indian men as being manipulators and wife abandoner. But I won't generalize with you.
                      "Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence." John Adams on Defense of the boston Massacre


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                        Originally posted by davdah:
                        The days are gone for all fidelity. Or maybe we are just now opening our eyes and seeing the truth. Indian, Asian, Rusky, or American. They can all be $2.00 w h o r e s or as faithful as a hound dog.

                        Hudson, if the boyfriend call is true it could be an x-boyfriend was called since things were going bad. Looking to have a place to step to on her part. I'm sure he is not completely innocent. No women is that good an actress unless this guy never had a girlfriend and didn't see anything coming. Not likley. But as they are now it seems she is going to do the VAWA shuffle. Its surprising it can be done without the opportunity to any defense. I do think he should be given the benefit of the doubt as far as how he is explaining it. If he told the entire story up front everyone would have tuned it out after the first couple paragraphs..
                        There is something you should know. 90% of all marriages in an Indian society, whether here in the US or in the home country are arranged by either her parents, his parents, or both. Similarly, divorce is very rare and generally involves either the husband abondoning the wife, that is leaving her in India while stealing the dowry, failure to meet the contractual agreement, or failure to provide adequate dowry to her parents. Women in India, or even here in the US, do not date. If she is traditional Indian women, the story about the boyfriend is simply unbelievable and add that her parents are in on it sounds like a Hollywood, or even Bollywood (Indian version of Hollywood) movie. In other words, it is probably fiction.
                        "Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence." John Adams on Defense of the boston Massacre


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                          Originally posted by HelpVictim:
                          2) Hudson - When I said her parents with held the marriage certificate, my ex-wife too was part of it. But since she came here she did not bring that certificate with her. That certificate is still with her parents. And NO she is not young. When she married me she was 25 years old. Again, if I sit here and write word for word everything then it will take hours and hours to document everything. I thought the purpose of these message boards was to be precise and concise to the point. It appears now you might ask me what was she wearing that night, how far was she when I heard this etc. My purpose was stating a material fact. And I am not disgruntled husband. I could care less if she stays in this country and the Govt gives her greencard/citizenship on a golden platter. My only concern here is I don't want her to defame my character and I as a citizen don't get a chance to defend my self.
                          You say one thing, and your actions speak of another. AS I stated, if she does not have evidence for a VAWA claim, then you do not need to worry. USCIS is not going to take just her word or even the words of her friends or relatives, she needs hard evidence, like a police report. But what you are doing is trying to get her deported back to India via the "marriage fraud" route. I understand you won't post the details of everything, but before I go and state she is committing marrage fraud, I want to see hard evidence. The statement about the "boyfriend" is not kosher with societal norms in India. Her age does not matter either. She is dependent upon her parents and probably lived with them. She might have lived outside the home, with a female friend or two, but I do know that any public boyfriend would have ostracized her from society.

                          3) About k1 Packages - Once you file K1 petition as a USC, that is all to it. The rest of the packages are to be filed by beneficiary. She was the one who had a burden to be honest. I have spoken to Immigration Attorney who used to be Immigration Prosecutor before. He said the time when I field K1 and if I was not married at that time then I have done nothing wrong. The burden is on beneficiary then to be truthful. Also, When I was there I tried to go to embassy but they wouldn't let me in unless there was an imminent threat to my life. All they did was give me a phone number to call.
                          But the two of you got married, and from your statement, you already knew the procedures. Having her do the rest of the leg work is typical among Indian males. And I still don't believe her parents withheld the marriage certificate unless you were not able to match the dowry to her parents or unable to fulfill any other part of the marriage contract. And I do believe the marriage ceremony was religious, otherwise, a civil ceremony, under Indian law, would have been given to each of you.

                          4) Again, I do not intend to divulge everything in these message boards only pertinent details at a high-level given the legal suits are pending. I do not want my ex-wife to come to this boards and obtain information before hand on what I intend to do or not.
                          I can respect that you won't divulge the whole scenario, but I won't state she is committing marriage fraud unless I have all the facts. Your ex-wife will have a divorce lawyer of her own. She can go where she wants, when she wants, visit anyone she wants, etc. This is a public forum. And message boards are not allowed under state law in most cases as evidence. Your original question about filing the VAWA claim is simple: if she does not have any hard evidence, she will not file the claim PERIOD. If she does have hard evidence, then she might, depending on what her lawyer says. But I still think you are disgruntled.
                          "Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence." John Adams on Defense of the boston Massacre


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                            Hello Help Victim

                            Sorry to hear of your woes, but the following is not one of them based on info you gave.

                            But the other dilemma I have is that if divorce continues for a while and she gets to 3-year limit, then she can easily file for US Citizenship based on marriage (if divorce is overturned then I am married to her again) and I will not be able to revoke US Citizenship.

                            The lady is not eligible for citizenship based on 3yrs marriage. That date is based on a 3yrs timeframe from the date that the conditional green card was granted. And even still... Couple must be living together in marital bliss and showing evidences of such in order for citizenship to be granted/approved.

                            Now you state that you withdrew the petitions.. but in fact the petitions cannot be withdrawn by you, b/c an APPROVED petiton cannot be withdrawn by USCIS. This conditional card will expire in 2 years, and alien would file to remove conditions based on a waiver to obtain permanent resident card.

                            Once the divorce is settled/on-overturned... then USCIS will act and send a termination letter of the conditional residency. (Hence, why she is going after the VAWA for slam dunk.

                            Document in good format timeframes, evidences on why you think you marriage fraud victim. If you can prove she had boyfriend all along.. etc.
                            It appears that you can prove that she committed fraud/lied to embassy to obtain visa. Specifically request that affidavit of support be cancelled.(not that USCIS will, but ask for it anyway to be on record.) Be sure to reference A# of her in the complaint. Make copy for yourself.. Send one to the Regional USCIS where her approved file was sent. and take one to Local Chigago Office... REQUEST to speak to ICE unit only. Then hand them the complaint.

                            Now you most likely will never hear from USCIS again. You will never hear about what happened to her etc. So dont expect to.

                            Good luck with the rest of your life, and dont let this bad experience ruin your mind for marriage. Just please be more careful in the future of women who lie.


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                              It sounds like you have done excellent researches and have done everything you can. As you see, you are fighting the Nazi feminist laws in our country which are rigged on the side of people committing fraud. I suggest you go to law school like I did and forget this t r a m p. You don't know when or how, but what goes around comes around ad someday this beyotch will get hers !! For now, peace and love dude; I am with you !


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                                Hudson/davdah - I have sent you private message. I rather disclose some pertinent information via message then posting on the board.

                                Believe me, I have no jealousy or I am not being disgruntled. I do have evidence that once looked at it all of your opinions regarding me will settle down. I am a well-educated person and possess dual MBA. I am not that dumb to make any false accusation without any proof because if I make false accusation then the burden of proof relies on me to prove that accusation. So I am only stating the facts that I have evidence for.


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