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Immigration related abuse ?

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    Ok coptic

    there are some must haves in this scenario that will be expected if you wish to get an approval.

    You must start that therapy for mental depression. if you do not have an injury, then then where is the abuse. Back up your claims and get an assesment. return to social services. actually you may need to have an episode of breakdown like symptoms to get them to take you onboard for treatment without the soc. sec number. u get my drift.

    when the wife threatened to withdraw the papers. whhat was her reason that she told you. is it because you wounld not do something or just because. Document the number of times she threatend you with taking away your papers until she actually did do it.

    did you take pictures of the bite mark.. there should still be a scar or any pictures of your injuries.

    your testimony will be unchallenged. so whatever you want to say will go. as in the brothers help her beat you up and copy the paperwork that was dismissed by the judge.

    Your emphasis shuold be holding over you the "papers" with threats, the severe emotional depression that you are in. (documented by therapist) the physical abuse that you suffered and hopefully affadavits supporting this .

    Describe the controlling that she did and how she used the papers to controll you.if you ever wanted to become a hollywood writer.. now is your chance. it wont be verified.

    Lastly, It will be a hardship for you to leave the usa because your father is here lliving and is medically ill. and needs your help to help support him and take care of him.

    So follow up with the doctor and get meds prescribed.

    If your VAWA does not get approved. you have an advanced degree and there will be other options for you.

    Good Luck and best wishes.

    please do not start any other threads other than this one if you have any more questions.


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      god bless you.
      i appreciate your assistance.


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          MIKE r u there?


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            yes iam here


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              do you know ,what can i do to get my employment authorization as soon as possible?


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                you are welcome. and please come back to the board and let us know how you made out . ok

                and dont bring up the misrepresenation on the visa to anybody. but be prepared down the road for some questions about it when you apply for citizenship.

                I hope you succeed. you seem very happy here and one last question.

                can i get a discount on zoom when you open your practice


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                  you will get it free.
                  i love USA and people in USA
                  god protect USA from enemies.


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                    lol ...i pulled the 4 wesdom teeth in one day man, they charge me $3500 ,,i was dying lol ... how much do u charge for the root canal?


                    • Mike i dont have work authorization in US .
                      but i have some friends .they charge for 400$


                      • 4 wisdom extraction should be done under general anesthesia


                        • 4 wisdoms extraction in one visist is indicated in very rarely cases
                          Dentist in US don't care a bout patient condition.
                          they only care about how much the insurance will pay .


                          • well i went to western dental and that idiot pulled them all in one day and my face was like the bulldog lol .. i almost died that day ,,and he did it at the office ,not at the hospital


                            • now r u ok ?


                              • R u live in CA ?


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