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Immigration related abuse ?

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    Now one more question.

    Have you been seeing a therapist about your mental condition? if not. make an appointment like yesterday and continue seeing one and keep documentation of any prescription medicines prescribed and taken. diagnosis of your mental state. severe depression. etc.


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      IT IS SO difficult for me to go to therapists .
      and i don't have money to go anywhere.
      i hadn't work 18 month now.


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        is my testimony enough as kind of credible evidence?


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          iam sure they will look at it and pay attention to it,,but think about it my friend,,u wont say anything againts ur self right?
          so of course ur going to accuse her and all that,,but they dont know if this is true or thats why u will need more evidence


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            <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by coptic dentist:
            IT IS SO difficult for me to go to therapists .
            and i don't have money to go anywhere.
            i hadn't work 18 month now. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

            This response is from your other thread from Mike2007. Pay close attention to last paragraph:

            Battered immigrants filing self-petitions who can establish a "prima facie" case are considered "qualified aliens" for the purpose of eligibility for public benefits . The USCIS reviews each petition initially to determine whether the self-petitioner has addressed each of the requirements listed above and has provided some supporting evidence. This may be in the form of a statement that addresses each requirement. This is called a prima facie determination.

            If the Service makes a prima facie determination, <span class="ev_code_RED">the self-petitioner will receive a Notice of Prima Facie Determination valid for 150 days. The notice may be presented to state and federal agencies that provide public benefits.</span>

            Take this to human services where you live and you should be able to get free mental help. this is a strong supporting document for your case. so do it. money not an excuse here.

            legal aid all the social services you are eligible for. Are you living with friends right now or what?

            Look up and see if state of california has spousal suport. if it does.. apply for spousal support from your spouse. i hope she is working. this will help you with income .


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              thanks everybody. i appreciate your assistance .
              god bless America and everybody else.


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                i went to social services in CA .
                they ask me for social security number .
                i returned back to USCIS ,i gave them the letter of denial and asked them for social security number ,
                but USCIS refuse .
                i was in a closed circle ,


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                  did you present them the notice from uscis the prima facis approval?


                  • #69
                    have u tryed ather ones? church??????


                    • #70
                      yes . i presented them the notice.
                      i have letter of denial from social services in CA .which said that they denied because i didn't gave them social security number.


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                        may i ask a new question please?


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                          go ahead ask as many as u want man


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                            July 30
                            USCIS allowed applicant of I-360 .with abusive spouse is US citizen to apply for I-485 concurrently.
                            i applied for I-485 August and I-765 .but they didnot send me fingerprint nor empoloyment authorization .
                            i called more than one time but no answer
                            what can i do?


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                              to apply for i-485 based on what exactly? i mean in ur case?


                              • #75
                                based on pending I-360 abusive spouse is US citizen


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