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Immigration related abuse ?

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    ok these evidence to proof a bona fide marriage,,but i was asking u u have any evidence for the abuse part?


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      court order say my case is dismissed and stop the protective order of my wife .
      i explained in my detailed testimony what i suffered from when my wife made false claim .and how i was emotionally bused by false claim.
      -i read that there is a kind of abuse called immigration related abuse , it mean that if the abusive US citizen try to control or threaten the spouse to INS . and my wife already did that and they have the evidence in their office.
      is my information true?


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        i dont know what u mean by is my information true.. but as i said previously ..the abuse can be mentally's not always police reports and all that,,of course it all helpes ur case,, so she withdraw ur i-130? if she withdraw the i-130 i dont think there is anything u can do about it..but u can file the VAWA ,,this will be ur obtion ..but u will need more evidence to proof ur case.. i mean the abuse ,, and u didnt answer that question...did she told them that u merry her for the green card only? he doesn't live with me doesn't mean fraud,,it happenes all time,,but did she said fraud or no?


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          Dear coptic

          you have only made this hard on yourself here becuase you have made too many threads with information all over the place . this is why it is difficult for u to get your answers

          Please dont do this .. stop making all these threads and you may make some progress.

          I will review all your posts and try to make a recommendation for u.

          Some quick questions while I go dig and read your posts.

          was there a 485 filed for adj of status based on the marriage to usc? or did she only ever file a i-130?

          I need a timelines .

          . dates marriage

          when she got her citizenship

          when you got tourist visa

          when you came to usa.

          when she filed i-130

          before i go read.. right now it looks like you came here on fraud using tourist visa. but give me timelines and details.. while i am reading your case.


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            she didn't said a fraud .
            i applied for I-360 . last June.
            i received Prime Facie case determination .
            what do you think about my case?


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              did you read my post

              i need answeres to those questions


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                was there a 485 filed for adj of status based on the marriage to usc? yes
                or did she only ever file a i-130?

                I need a timelines .

                . dates marriage married OCT 2005 in Egypt.

                when she got her citizenship she got citizenship September 2006

                when you got tourist visa i get my visa Mai 2006

                when you came to usa. i came to US June 2006

                when she filed i-130 she filed it Nov 2006


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                  wow ,,i think u even got lucky to get the tourist visa lol ....


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                    i applied for national board dental examination .
                    they send me test appointment in CA July 2006 .
                    so i got my visa


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                      dont take me wrong .. i just thought u told them u want to visit ur fiance or something


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                        bcoz usually if u mention wife or fiance...then say good bye for the visa


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                          at that time i was married .


                          • #28
                            u were married? actually this should make it worse ,,u got lucky man


                            • #29
                              at that time i didn't mention wife


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                                did they ask you questions if you had relatives in the usa or anything you may have lied about when asked?


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