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Immigration related abuse ?

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  • Immigration related abuse ?

    did anybody know what is the meaning of Immigration related abuse ?

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    did anybody know what is the meaning of Immigration related abuse ?


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      "¢ Threaten or humiliate you?
      "¢ Blame you for everything that goes wrong?
      "¢ Keep you from seeing your family and friends?
      "¢ Act extremely jealous or possessive?
      "¢ Insist on knowing where you've been at all times?
      "¢ Threaten to take away your children if you leave or
      call the police?
      "¢ Demand or coerce you to have ***?
      "¢ Degrade you for your spiritual beliefs?
      "¢ Push, shove, slap or punch you?
      "¢ Strangle, choke, or pin you down?
      "¢ Make all financial decisions for you?
      "¢ Threaten to call immigration authorities
      all these are immigration related abuse


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        and plus the abuse can be mentally also


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          so if US citizen spouse withdrew I-130 for his or her spouse .i will be kind of abuse.
          is it true?
          is the spouse of US citizen qualified for I-360 self petition?


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            a what ? i didnt get it ,,u know i thought u were asking about the VAWA case ? give more details plz


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              you are so helpful man .me and all members appreciate your assistance


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                it is the same situation .my wife withdrew petition I-130.
                she went to USCIS office and she wrote a declaration .
                is it a kind of immigration related abuse ?


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                  ur welcome man,,, but just tell me little more about u got married in the u.s? she filed the i-130 and i-485 in the u.s and then she withdraw it? and why did she withdraw it? i cannt answer that question if u dont give details ?


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                    i dont get it ,,,where r u now ? lol sorry i just got confused


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                      i seen u have 2 or 3 threads but i just dont get the whole picture yet ,,,,just tell me ur story my friend .. i mean the i-130 it's either ur outside the country or ur in and she filed the i-130 and the i-485 ? so which one is it? and why did she withdraw it? what was the reason did she claim marriage fraud?


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                        i married my wife in Egypt at this time she had a green card .
                        after marriage , she came to apply for citizenship
                        i came with tourist visa.
                        after i came to US .
                        my wife and her three brothers , start humiliated me .they treated me like slave .
                        they used to ignore me and made me down .
                        they didn't respect me .when i objected them ,they threatened me to call the cops.
                        i felt human enslaved.
                        i was beaten by my wife and her three brothers .i tried to cll the cops ,
                        when the cops came , my wife and her three brothers testified a against me . at that time i wasn't able to speak English
                        the cops arrested me .
                        the police report said that he didn't hear any arguing no physical injury for her.
                        i don't know why they arrested me.
                        i went to trial court , the judge dismiss my case. and they stop her restraining order.
                        all of this time , i was terrorized by my wife and her family .all time they threatened me especially when she had restraining order.
                        i decided to escape and live with my wife away from her brothers city but she refused
                        she punished me by withdrew I-360.


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                          withdraw the i-360? u mean the i-130 right? so after she did what she did..she run away with u? wow she filed an i-130 and then she withdraw it right? and for what reason.. what did she told the immigration? did she calim fraud?


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                            do u have any evidence to support ur claim?


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                              she said the immigration that her and me not live together any more.
                              my evidence is
                              -order from the court that my domestic violence case was denied and the restraning order is terminated
                              -copy of marriage certification from Egypt
                              - CD s of my wedding ceremony and about 500 people was there.
                              - photo of my wedding ceremony
                              -letters was sent to me and me wife to the same address in US .
                              - letters from witness
                              -police clearance report.

                              they sent me notice said ( establishment of prima facie case)
                              but i am worried about it


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