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Need clarification on filing I-751 before final divorce. Please HELP

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    My divorce was finalized 8 days after they receive the application, my I750 got denied. I also file a reopen motion after I got the notice which the divorce date is finalized, but got dismissed too.

    Alyssanfisa, were you able to get your application done? please advice.



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      AndyYew, I have not seen Alyssanfisa here since this posting back in July last year, not sure if she will read this, in case you are waiting for a response.

      There are other threads similar to this you may find some answers or advice if no one replies here

      All the best
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        Hi Andy,

        When I sent in my application last year in July, I treated it as if I was divorced already and provided all the paperwork up to the point of the final divorce. In the cover letter, I also explained that the court is taking its time and there is nothing I can do and I will mail in my final divorce as soon as I get this. Once I did ( I think in September), I requested a copy from the court (I live in NYC and my divorce was in Oregon, so it was somewhat difficult) and once I got it I sent it in saying that is additional documentation. Everything was in order, no other requests and I got my green card in February of this year. I wonder if it was because you didn't have OTHER sufficient documentation. If you are more specific I could help out more because believe me I know how painful of a process that had been for me.

        P.S. sprint_girl07 - keep the faith I am here if anyone needs help.


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          hey girl, congrats..I have not been here in a long time and I just saw this old post being as i figured lets look.

          You got your greencard,finally.

          But I kinda miss,that you did not thank me here personally.
          Reading what you done and sent,are all the stuff and advices I gave you.
          So where is my thank you kiss? ? ? ;-) haha

          Anyway, congrats sweetie!!!


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            Hey HBKHBK,
            Yes, you are right, I should have thanked you personally and maybe even sent you flowers. LOL Just kidding but yeah seriously, thank you. This forum was a great support when I really needed. It was such a stressful time. Thanks!



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