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      You should buy a dictionary and learn to spell; America is not racist !



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          Now, what's wrong with "nativism", particularly when the issue is ILLEGAL immigration? What is more central to American identity, and the foundation of our entire government and economy, than respect for the law?

          Illegal aliens are certainly looking out for their own interests, regardless of whom they hurt. Why shouldn't WE look out for ours?! If we don't, who will? Our wonderful Senate, which is more concerned about the companies providing campaign contributions? Our President, who needs SOME "success" to point to for his legacy? Come to that, the supreme form of "Nativism" is Mexico's, in its insistence that IT represents ITS citizens illegally within OUR country to look out for THEIR (and Mexico's) interests. Mexico, I might add, considers ITS nation to include even Americans born here of Mexican descent.

          From Wikipedia, on "nativism": Nativism is often leveled as a negative charge for the purposes of political rhetoric. As such, it can sometimes be used hypocritically. For instance, while Mexican President Vicente Fox faults the US for not opening its borders, Mexico simultaneously cracks down harshly on "undocumented migrants" who breach her southern borders from other Central American countries. However, there is little public discussion accusing Mexico of being nativist in immigration policies.


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            Deep inside, all people have certain prejuidices. We might not be even aware of them at times. If one of us has had some bad experiences with people of certain ethnicity, these experiences might be "engrained" in our minds and will ultimately come out in form of thoughts and expressions.
            Since you do not really see people who are posting messages, these people feel free to post how they really feel.

            The work that people do have nothing to do with how they feel inside. Business should always be separated from personal feelings.


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              LONG LIVE ALIBA THE ****FREE !!!


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                iperson: your assumption is wrong - we rarely see an immigration lawyer on this forum


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                  yes - racist fascism is very apparent on this board. They disagree because they do not know what that means or entails. They believe America is a democracy!!(


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                    You forgot to add what America really is these days, an oligarchy, run by a few corporations/industries, for the benefit of those industries. What some are also calling "corporatism". THAT is what the American people object to these days, and what the immigration issue is only a symptom of. Corporations who buy laws, or lack of enforcement of the law, to suit their own interests. And high levels of immigration, particularly illegal immigration, which the employer doesn't have to be responsible for, are in corporations' interests.

                    Comprehensive immigration reform is not against the immigrant, but it certainly is against Americans and especially American workers and taxpayers. To have totally free immigration, we would need to do away with many of the public benefits that attract immigrants, both legal and illegal here: public education, support programs such as Medicaid. As Milton Friedman has said, it's not possible to have both open borders and a welfare state. If we were to do away with these benefits, you'd find that many of the immigrants here would be on their way back home because they couldn't afford to live here, or would die for lack of medical treatment. Or literally starve. Become unemployed? No unemployment insurance. Nor would there be class mobility, because there wouldn't be free education K-12, nor subsidized college education. Of course, the living standards of Americans would decrease as well. And I really would hate to see us turned into the Egypt I remember from 1971, with beggars in the streets, often the elderly and infirm. Or, what my grandparents went through, pre-WWI.


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                      I think that certain people (like the moderator should do their jobs and remove the idiotic posts of Michael and the Liemaster. I am personally going to seek the moderator to do this. That's all! Unmoderated boards get these kinds of posts, and most probably from 10 year olds in this case, given the rethoric they use... Poor kids left with too much time on their hands... Go back to school!


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                        Iperson--No one I've heard, except the President and illegal alien advocates has said anything about mass deportations. They pose it as a straw man, only to knock it down.

                        Just as mass deportations are not feasible, neither is a blanket amnesty. We have the 1986 amnesty as precedent, and we're seeing how well that didn't work at stopping illegal immigration. It actually increased both legal and illegal immigration. Nor, as a practical matter, do we have the resources to do security checks on 12-20 million illegal aliens, even if you buy the "national security" argument. Which is another straw man. We know where many illegals are working, through SS mismatches and IRS. But doing security checks would divert scarce resources from more targeted efforts against terrorism. Nor does Immigration have the capability to process anything like 12-20 million people. And, who's going to pay for added social services these legalized working-poor workers PLUS all the family members they could bring over would need?

                        I do have suggestions, culled from many columns, but apparently you haven't been reading anything which doesn't support your view. Enforcement first, EMPLOYER enforcement, along with improved border control and control over entries/exits. As you say, the border can't be controlled perfectly, which is why INTERNAL enforcement is crucial. Since Congress has lied to us before on this issue, in 1986, and since Bush has neglected it for all of HIS presidency, they need to prove to us they can and will do all of THIS before any discussion of amnestying even a portion of the illegal aliens here.

                        As for that, after internal enforcement has been working awhile, we allow those illegals with U.S. citizen relatives or employers who are willing and able to sponsor them to legalize under something such as 245i. More manageable logistically, and answers the concerns about protecting U.S. citizens, while providing employers with the workers they claim are so valuable. Anyone else is out of here.


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                          ALIBA, Liemaster and Michael.
                          We are on to you and your failed attempts to kill this forum. You'd better hide your tracks better next time. What you are doing is not going to cost much to you of course but your boss is going to hurt when his name is in the news! what you are doing is illegally trying to kill efforts by honest law abiding citizens and aliens to decipher the law. Given who you work for it's going to be bad!


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                            Please don't lump me with LieMaster/Michael.

                            I am a law-abiding American citizen by birth. And I'm aware that many who use this board are not law-abiding, i.e. are here illegally. Even some of those here legally might be considered to be "aiding and abetting". So watch it--you start making threats, and they have more to lose than I do (I work on contract and my "boss" is me). THAT really will kill this board.


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                              The ones who should be blocked from the forum are those who advocate breaking of our laws. This is a forum sponsored by a law office, after all.

                              The closed mind here is yours, Iperson. You're the ones calling illegal aliens "dirt bags" and making nasty claims about my motivations.

                              They are NOT "only poorer" because they can't officially work. If that were the reason, then why didn't they succeed in their home country, where THEY can officially work? They are poor here for the same reason they were poor in their home countries--lack of education, lack of skills, and too many of them. And if you believe in "simple Darwinism", then we'll just let them continue on as they have been, without providing education or healthcare for them or their kids. It didn't work for them where they came from, and it will work even less for them here, because we're a long way from the days when you could get by with less than a high school, much less a college education.

                              But, you're such a "do gooder" that you're willing to see them remain in poverty (see Robert Samuelson's column in the May 17 Washington Post about how poorly Hispanics in the US are doing).


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