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  • becoming a U.S. citizen

    hey guys I will be filing for citizenshop. What documents do I need? I also want to sponsor mom or get her the visa (not sure what is the procedure) my brother.
    thanks for your help and information

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    hey guys I will be filing for citizenshop. What documents do I need? I also want to sponsor mom or get her the visa (not sure what is the procedure) my brother.
    thanks for your help and information


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      You could start by going here:

      One question - did you enter legally?


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        yep I did- studied highschool, college, worked and all what a good citizen should do.


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          after you become a USC you can petition for your mom which will be considered immediate relative


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            so i can only do after i become a U.S. citizen then? what form do i use to petition my mom?
            Also what U.S. history book do i purchase to study for the test?
            thank you


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              Yes, you have to be a USC to petition for your mom. Go to and look for education resources or click here


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                i see- if i study those civic questions i should be good to go i take it.
                I hear people say its easy. Once I file my application in April then I wait for them to send me a notice on where I should take the test? many thanks


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                  once i become a U.S. citizen what is the waiting time once I file from mom to come? How about my brother? where would i find this info?
                  thank you again


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                    U can petition anyone once you are a US citizen,all your siblings, mom and dad.Thats it!

                    If you lived here that long and u went to school.
                    My friend u do not need to purchase a book for the citizenship test lol.
                    Honestly,they'll ask you few questions,thats it.
                    U need to know the basic stuff.Which I am sure you do...
                    who is the president,who the is the gov of your state,or major...senator,about the flag maybe etc.
                    Once they realize and notice you speak english perfectly and write easily etc...the question are short and easy...

                    PS: I have never heard a story where someone failed the test lol,and if someone does fail,they do not belong here.


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                      Thank you both JF and HB!!! One last thing- where do I find out how long it takes once I petition for my mom, brother, and cousin how long do each member take?
                      I know mom will be giving less time than my brother and cousin.
                      thank you


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                        for your cousin you CANNOT petition. go to the visa bulletin at regarding your bro at the 4th preference, for your mom, usually takes less than a yr, since she is considered immediate relative, hard to tell about processing times, they change regularly.


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                          o i see- I am preocupied with my brother's wait in obtaining the visa could be 15-22 years?. He studies in the U.S. too. For mom someone told me that the wait is not as long like you said.
                          thank you for your help.


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                            Recently, they changed the rules regarding the petition. It used to be that you were able to file the petition directly to Consulate. But since a couple months ago, you are required to file the petition to USCIS service center that covers your area.

                            Once the processing is done by the service center, the petition is then relayed to NVC and then over to consulate. The added extra steps and the toughened background security checks add quite a bit of additional time. In fact, some people get stuck in security checks for several years. Expect your waiting time for your mom's petition to be over a year. Maybe year and a half.

                            As for your brother, depending on his nationality, the wait time is 11-23 years + processing time.


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                              templar my bro is brazilian. can you give me the time website that i could find the waiting time? thanks for the info as well.
                              wow- that really is a long long time.


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