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19 year old detained by ICE over 7 months is fighting her case,please help her!

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  • SunDevilUSA
    Immigrant_Alien: If you're illegally in America, then you're NOT an immigrant alien - you're an illegal alien. Immigrants are people who obey America's laws and respect its sovereignty.

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  • immigrant_alien
    Please help me too, please...please...please...I am begging you all USC to help me...crying so bad . It will be amazing if you folks can help all illegal aliens in US, hmmm let me think... nahhhhh...I don't think so. Beside that there wont be no SOM (King of the grints), S12, 4Now, Davdah, Beverly, and no other ILW ICE. . Oops, almost forgot, Sundevil too.

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  • SunDevilUSA

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  • 4now
    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Theone:
    The more logical request would be for early deportation so that they can return home and be re-united with their parents.

    I would be prepared to support that. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>


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  • Theone
    The more logical request would be for early deportation so that they can return home and be re-united with their parents.

    I would be prepared to support that.

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  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest replied
    and why is it that illegal dirtbags only start being interest in "becoming legal" once they have scammed their way into AMerica? Why can't they obey ALL of our rules from the beginning? (hint: because they are irresponsible hyopcritical dirtbags)

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  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest replied
    my email went something like this:

    "Dear ICE officials: please rid the US of A of these visa cheats. They have not played by the rules, they refuse to obey our laws, we need to put AMerican children ahead of these not shed a single tear for these scum because they have been scamming benefits from hard working, law-abiding US citizen taxpayers, so enough is enough. Ship all of these whining cheats back to their own country tomorrow"


    A concerned citizen

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  • catcaro
    i completely family and i fought our case for 6 years and its not easy, every single immigrant wants to be legal, why wouldnt they? it juz doesnt make sence..its juz not as easy, maybe if there was a reform or something...

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  • catcaro
    well the thing is that her information is all over the newspapers, myspace and all her info is there including the A#..the pppl that made the whole deal wrote juz puttin the word out to suport.

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  • pearl
    People, have some mercy. This is the perfect example, why we need to fix our broken laws. This child had been here all her life and she is as American or maybe more then u guys as any US citizen. That's why we need CIR, so people who have been here long enough and have proven to be a good moral and citizen, they should be given a chance. And MOHAN, for your kind information, from last 20 years there has been no program or reform acted thru which people can legalize themselves. Thats why everyone is whinning. These republicans have been dragging all the immigration issues. It's really easy to critisize someone when u are not it their shoes. Trust me people do want to legalize themselves and I believe they already have been punished for so many years without being out of status. For God sake, this is not the end of the world, we are talking about the future of the kids, who only know America as their own country. We need to get DREAM ACT APPROVED SOON.SO, CALLMMMMM DOWN. And I Believe these kids will be more valuable and asset to this country's future then u and anyone who only crtisize and not stand for Truth and humane act. All deserves atleast one chance. Don't u think.

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  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest replied
    you and your irresponsible family broke our laws, ignored our rules and no amount of tears (phony ones, at that) can change that simple fact...

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  • mike_2007
    to catcaro iam so sorry for that but i have to tell u something . i know there are alot of good people on this forum but i think you should have not posted the A# . and this is only my openion .

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  • susie
    I understand just how upsetting it must be for this girl and her brothers, but at the end of the day they are illegal and breaking the law.

    Once they become 18 years of age they occur illegal presence in their own right.

    Why can't they just be deported now and then they will be reunited with their family !

    Until the law is changed they , like the rest of us have to obey the law.

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  • mohan
    Immigration does not work on emotions. the whole issue is based upon the emotions. I understand the situation of being incarcernated in USCIS detention center.
    Order of supervision does not worked the way you are asking. there are strict guidelines to be followed, its not in immigration officers hand to release without fullfilling the law requirements. Immigration officers are bound to follow the 8 C.F.R. they will be following the section 241.5. first of all alien will be detained till they have any case pending. And no one can issue them a "Post order custody Review", while case is pending. you both brother and sister have case pending.
    Once the case is decided then ther will be 90 days period starts in which USCIS try to deport you guys and you guys has to comply with full co-operation of obtaining travel document, as well the other requirements mentioned in section 241.5. if USCIS cannot deport you in 90 days and you are not danger to the community, comply with the requirement of full co-operation, never had fight in detention etc. have someone who can give you shelter if you released from Detention etc then only Orderof supervision will be issued.
    I can understand that you have appeal pending with circuit court, that you were chiled when you were brought into this country and now you are become an adult.
    You base for fight will be" child cannot make their own Domain" he/she must be on parents piggy ride" if you have these argument and supported by the cases then you can win.
    In detention, you guys have access to the Law library. do yourself a favour and learn the cases similar to you so you can know what should be done in your case.,Yoga is useful to calm yourself down because emotion runs very high in detention. but LAw is the one who can help you while in dention.
    Regardless of 7 months or year or years. POCR will not start unless you stop filing motions/appeals. Its not immigrations fault that you bewcome 19 years old in this country and never tried to get legalized, nor your people thought about it.

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  • catcaro
    &gt; Sarjina Emy is a 19 year old teenager who has been detained at the
    &gt; Broward Transitional Center for over seven months. Her brothers, Shamsul
    &gt; Sana and Mahbubul Rumi are also in the same detention center in Broward
    &gt; County. They are fighting their deportation even though they have lived
    &gt; here since they were young children. Sarjina came to this country when
    &gt; she was four years old. Their parent have already been deported. The
    &gt; family's lawyer Dr. Petia Knowles has a case pending in Federal Court to
    &gt; keep Sarjina and her brothers here, but is asking ICE (Immigration and
    &gt; Customs Enforcement) to release them to their friends and family while
    &gt; their cases are pending. This vigil is to ensure that ICE knows how much
    &gt; Florida cares about Sarjina's family.
    &gt; Message from Sarjina Emy
    &gt; "My name is Sarjina Emy, I am 19 years old and being detained by
    &gt; immigration at the Broward Transitional Center. Both of my brothers are
    &gt; here. My father was here before they deported him. They separated us
    &gt; from our mother and put her in a different jail before they deported her
    &gt; too. I have been here since I was four years old
    &gt; Before all this happened to me I had a good life, good people around me,
    &gt; and a good family, We never did anything to hurt anyone. But now I feel
    &gt; we have lost everything. My family is torn apart. I haven't seen my mom
    &gt; in 7 months, since the day they took us and split us up. I can only see
    &gt; my brothers for an hour and a half every week, even though they are in
    &gt; the same facility. I spent my birthday and every holiday in jail
    &gt; (Broward Transitional Center). I try to do what ever I can to keep it
    &gt; together here. In the morning I teach yoga, aerobics, and exercise to
    &gt; the other girls here. I get a long with everyone, even some of the
    &gt; officials. They sometime nickname me "Trouble" because I always stand up
    &gt; for my self. But I swear I am struggling... mentally, physically, and
    &gt; emotionally...every which way.
    &gt; When I graduated from high school I was 17. I though I would get an
    &gt; early start. I wanted to be a doctor. Now I just want to be free.
    &gt; Sometime I feel like there is no such thing as justice. They took
    &gt; everything from brother won't even be able to see his first child
    &gt; be born. For what??? Because my parents brought here when I was 4
    &gt; years-old.
    &gt; Any support would help. Put the word out...make phone calls. There are so
    &gt; many people here like me. So many many girls that have been
    &gt; here their whole lives and are being sent back to countries they don't
    &gt; even know. We just want to be heard. It is so hard to take it here. It
    &gt; feels like noone can hear us or feel what we are feeling. Please,
    &gt; what you can to help"
    Please call/fax ICE and Senator Mel Martinez today!!!

    Who to call/fax:
    ICE Field Office Director Michael Rozos
    Phone: 305-762-3350, Fax: 305 762-3750

    Supervisory Deport Officer Neil Acri,
    Phone:954-545-6060 (press 1 then ask for Officer Acri, if you don't get
    him leave a voicemail)
    Fax: 954 972 1836

    What to tell them (in your own words)
    "We ask that you release Sarjina Emy (A 73181997) and her brothers
    Shamsul Rana (A73181999) and Mahbubul Rumy (A 73181998) from custody.
    You should either give them parole or an order of supervision. The
    family has a Petition in Federal Court, and you have the power to
    release them while their case is pending. Our immigration system should
    not be destroying families like this."

    Remember to be firm but polite. If you are sending a fax, put it on
    organizational letterhead if possible. If you have time please contact
    Senator Mel Martinez as well. We need our elected officials to take a stand!

    Who to call/fax:
    Mel Martinez Orlando Office
    Phone: (407) 254-2573
    Fax: (407) 423-0941
    Ask to speak with the immigration caseworker

    What to tell them:
    "Please support Sarjina Emy and her brothers Shamsul Rana and Mahbubul.
    They are all detained young people who should be at home with their
    families while their immigration case is pending. Please give them a
    letter of support and intervene on their behalf with ICE. ICE has the
    power to release them while their case is pending and your voice will help."

    Let us fight for our families!!!

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