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    Thank you for all your replies and suggestions, they have not gone unnoticed. I sent my reschedule request yesterday with a valid reason, proof of reason attached. I sent it priority mail, return receipt. My attorney has started on the paperwork for divorce of bed and board and we have located his address. I just hope one weeks notice will be enough for them to reschedule, I also hope they open the envelope and it don't just sit on a desk. I kept a copy of it and my receipt in case. Thanks again...


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      Keep us updated please!


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        Hello ircroxy,

        One week notice should be enough I guess as long as you have evidences / return receipt that you did notify them ... u should be ok... good that you guys found his address ... did u collect all those stuff whats been said before ?

        If you get divorce before they give you another date for interview ... u can file for good faith marriage waiver ended in divorce ...]

        Otherwise you will have to file battered spouse waiver ....

        Good luck ... Pasha


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          we have some evidences. Pictures of his g'friend. Or one of them. A copy of an online dating service application/membership in his name (email addy and nickname). Old phone bills (from when we lived together with their numbers on them). The shelter is providing me with documentation we were there. Have to contact police yet. Between working 80 - 90 hrs a week and my daughters baby, I'm finding time hard to come by, but I will get it all done. In my state I still have 6 months before divorce can be filed/granted/applied (whatever you do).
          Yes, I do have evidence that I notified them, a copy of the letter they sent me with the reason in the box they provided, my receipt of sending it, date stamped and also am getting a return receipt.
          Thanks for your replies and I will keep you all posted. I'm in for a ***py ride.


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            *LOL* them stars are for a b-u-m-p-y ride


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              I would also suggest that you contact your local congressmen to help you reschedule the interview. You already sent a request to INS and now call your congressmen and they have INS caseworkers who will help expedite the process of rescheduling or at least making sure that you needed reschedule.
              Its a very good way!


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                Thank you wish for your reply. My experience with the senators office is, I contacted them in march for a status update inquiry, they got back to me *after* I received my interview date this month, so they're not any quicker for me. I don't wish the interview to be expedited, I'll wait my turn in line I know they got the request because I tracked my priority mail online and it shows who signed for it and when. I just need the time to get all evidences together.


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                  The best advice I could give you is to get everything possible on paper. The INS/BCIS loooves paper, especially official papers. Get police reports, doctors letters, letters from the shelter, records of meetings with your lawyer and the divorce papers in preparation, records of your searching for the husband, the reports showing he has filed for bankruptcy & defaulted on loans, any evidence of his drug use, everything you can possibly get your hands on and the more official, the better.


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                    I concur - get all the evidence that you can muster...



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                      Hi Ircroxy:
                      First I want to say that I am very sorry to hear what is happening to you. But you should be glead. THERE IS SOME GREAT PEOPLE HERE WITH GREAT ADVISE. GOOD JOB GUY'S. For 4now. I have to say I am sorry. I thought wrong about you. It seems you realy know what you are talking about. This discussion also helps me. GREAT! THANK YOU EVERYONE!

                      Ircroxy. My advise also. Get a lawyer ASAP + file for divorce. Get all evidence as the people here said.

                      GOOD LUCK!


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                        Thank you everyone for your replies. I will certainly keep you updated with any new correspondence and/or occurances with this issue. I received my return receipt in the mail today, signed by a USICS employee...just in case
                        Plaudin, I have to be seperated a year before a divorce can be filed/granted..but am filing for divorce of bed and board. Hope that is sufficient for now anyway. I do have an attorney for the divorce, am still searching for one for immigration purposes.

                        Thanks again


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