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  • 601 waiver

    can anyone share their experiences regarding a 601 interview was last week..I-130 was approved but i was told i need to file waiver along with extreme hardship letter. thank you

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    can anyone share their experiences regarding a 601 interview was last week..I-130 was approved but i was told i need to file waiver along with extreme hardship letter. thank you


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      Hi Annette, try doing a google search for hardship letter or go to

      they have lots of letters posted on this forum and specialise in the 601 waiver.

      Good Luck


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        Be sure to bring:

        (a) 25 pounds of bonbons
        (b) 50 bags of potatoe chips
        (c) all the size 18 clothes you can find
        (d) check your IQ at the door...

        these cows offer little in the way of substantive advice...instead, what you will read goes something like this:

        "...hang in there, I know god has a will be reunited soon.." that helpful??
        Or, they will try to steer you towards their favorite shill...L Scott, an immigration attorney who will sock you for thousands of $$$ just to say 'hello' -- so please,,,go over to (aka twitteringcows.cud)and bring your only have your money to lose.


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          l. scott is a great immigration attorney who helped alot of ppl .. thats no problim,there is no free of charge immigration attorney.. u must pay thousands of dollars in order to get a professional service .


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            she is one of the very few attorney's in the country who Guarantee ur monry back on ur i-601 waiver if it doesn't get proof ...only if there is no criminal record involved .. so i dont really think she charge thousands of dollars just to say hi someone12


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              how would you know? You aren't an immigration attorney ...why not call her up and ask her how much she charges to fill out six pieces of paper and write a 4 page letter? Go ahead.
              It won't be $149.95.


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                ur just trying to make it seems like it's worthless to hire an attorney,,and thats why the uscis have lost thousads of times in the federal court and lost thousands of appeals and thousands of cancellation of removal etc.... bcoz they'r all idiots and they just charge money to say hello


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                  no it wont be $149 ... iam sure it will be alot more,,,, but who will fill it up better someone12? l.scott or u?


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                    I used to work for an immigration attorney...I have seen the baloney...they have NO power nor authority over UCIS...none. They don't 'lose' cases by the thousands...the problem is the lack of political willpower to deport every illegal. All immigration attorneys can really do is write letters, trying to mask the true facts....anybody can fill out simple forms (well, perhaps you can't)...for I-130 would take the average trailer dweller about an hour or so to immigration attorney might charge up to $2000 to do the same "work." Filling out an I-601 takes about 15 minutes...writing the phony hardship letters .. about 90 minutes...making some copies of phony doctor's reports, another 30 minutes some stapling,etc...maybe 3-4 hours tops of any kind of 'work'..and for this, attorneys (like Scott) charge $5000-6000? Well, if you really don't like money, then have some immigration attorney separate you from your cash.


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                      well ..1- a good i-601 file should be at least 100 pages ,,and i dont think this will take u 30 min to write like u claimed .. 2- ur telling me that l.scott and u have the same knowledge? and i dont care if u have worked with an immigration attorney or not,,that doesn't make u an attorney and doesn't mean that u know what he's doing... ppl who work for attorney's doesn't get involved on the cases and they cann't give any answers either... it sounds like u worked for a loser ,,and thats why ur saying all this .. bcoz i'm sure , if u have worked with someone like l.scott or carl SHUSTERMAN then u wont be saying all this .. there is some losers attorney's .. but there is some great lawyers who can make things happen..


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