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    My husband and I had our INS interview yesterday. We are applying for a Green Card for my husband. The interviewertold us that he 'needs more time to look over everything.' All of our papers are in order, we had photos, cards from our wedding, guest book, bank and credit card statements. We even had a lawyer look everything over first. We are really nervous. How long does it take to hear back from them?


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    Here is the link to processing times.Just choose your service center then find the form you filed (was it 485?) in the left column and you'll see the current processing dates for such forms:
    And if you have a receipt number you can check status of your case online (the same link, on its left side).
    And as far as I know USCIS officer is not supposed to tell you right away if your case if approved or not, it's normal procedure that they need more time to look through all your papers. Good luck.


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      We do nothave a reciept. We were so busy trying to get everything (right, smile, keep calm,) that we even signed a paper, only later to discover that my husband and I both have no idea what it was for. We even forgot to ask the officers name. Yikes. Does anyone have any personal experience with this? Any advice?


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        My husband and I signed something at the interview too. And we don't remember what was it for. Actually we didn't even ask what was it about. The right low corner of the document was places in small carton paper with small window in it where the signature needed to be placed.
        At the end of the interview the officer gave us a letter with A number on it saying: 'Your application for status of permanent resident has been retained for processing. You will be notified when further action has been taken in your case. If you change address, marital, or employment status notify this office, referring to the above file number. To avoid delay in the processing of your application, please do not call or write to inquire about the current status of your case.'
        Then she put her signature on it and wrote-Pending FBI results. It was in 2004. She told us that if in 90 days we won't receive anything from them, then we need to call. That was all she said at the end of teh interview. We heard from them in about 100 days.
        But for processing dates you should look at the link I sent to you earlier.


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          how long did it take for you to hear from them?


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            sorry, i did not catch the 100 day part. FBI results? how long did it take till you had a green card in your hands?


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              in 3 months we received I-797 Notice of Action (welcome to the USA letter) that said that we would receive a green card within next three weeks. And it came in the mail pretty soon after the Notice. So, it looks like it took us about 4 months to get a green card.
              By the way in CA to get a new one with removed conditions takes about 2-3 months according to the officer I talked to last week.
              Times vary depending on your location.


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                Were you applying for the conditional Green Card or the 10-year one?


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                  The conditional Green Card. It was our first interview. They didn't give us a letter or a number. Is this normal?


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                    Nika help, were you papers filed in CA? I have a pending case and its been about 6 months due to security clearance, and I have been following up on my case on line but nothing has changed since aug 2006. Anyone have any thoughts?


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