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    I came in US with a B-2 tourist visa. Both my passport and my visa has expired on 2002. I've been here for nearly 10 years now and I'm near my early 20's. I would really like to be legaly in U.S without going thru the marriage. Is there anyway I can get my greencard and become a legal permanent resident? Please help

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    Do not lose hope.
    Find a someone or a company to sponsor you.
    Also, talk to a lawyer.
    That's all i can say, I am not an expert either.
    Good luck!


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      Hope !
      I`m sorry to say but only marrage to US citizen can give you a green card. You are not eligible to apply thru any employment since you are out of status. Good luck !


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        To that rude and arrogant person aka "Someone12". Whining? Excuse me? Dont people come on this site to ask questions and get help? AND YOU KNOW WHAT, if you're readin this ****, you can **** my **** *****. I never met anybody as rude as you **** ****er. Maybe you should find something esle to do instead of judging other people and tellin them what to do and what not do. You cant make me leave here *****.. this aint your coutry


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          If this country doesn't belong to its citizen, then kindly explain to whose does the United States of America belong to?


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            If you've been here for 10 years you must have been very young when you arrived. Did your family enter with you?
            The above is simply an opinion. Your mileage may vary. For immigration issues, please consult an immigration attorney.


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              someone 12, who are you do you work are even have a live people like you is lonely,sad have no live please come off this site go get a man or if you have he must be cheating because no man want a b***t like you please leave people alone if you can't give people good advice don't answer to your guestion let the system take care of them not you.please don't even answer because you are waste of time even to your family and friend am sorry no friend if you couldnot be here judging people, people don't like you someone12


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                I came here by myself with a distance relative and yes I did came here when I was too young to even understand anything and yes my family did screwed me over in a way. Someone 12, You really need to get a life. It's sad how you're on this site tryin' to critizie about other people. I'm not gonna waste my time on you so stay out of this bietch. Thanks "nav" as well =)


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